SB2378 EngrossedLRB100 17922 AWJ 33106 b

1    AN ACT concerning local government.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 5. The Police and Community Relations Improvement
5Act is amended by adding Section 1-30 as follows:
6    (50 ILCS 727/1-30 new)
7    Sec. 1-30. Internal review of officer-involved shootings.
8    (a) As used in this Section, "officer-involved shooting"
9means any instance when a law enforcement officer discharges
10his or her firearm causing injury or death to a person or
11persons during the performance of his or her official duties or
12in the line of duty.
13    (b) Each law enforcement agency shall adopt a written
14policy for the internal review of officer-involved shootings.
15The written policy adopted by the law enforcement agency must
16include the following:
17        (1) Each law enforcement officer shall immediately
18    report any officer-involved shooting to the appropriate
19    supervising officer.
20        (2) Each law enforcement agency shall conduct a
21    thorough review of the circumstances of the
22    officer-involved shooting.
23    (c) Each written policy under this Section shall be



SB2378 Engrossed- 2 -LRB100 17922 AWJ 33106 b

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