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Full Text of SB1592  100th General Assembly


Sen. Don Harmon

Filed: 3/24/2017





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 1592, AS AMENDED,
3as follows:
4in Section 5, Sec. 6B-5, by replacing the second paragraph of
5subsection (h) with the following:
6    ""I, ...., do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I am a
7citizen of the United States, that I am a legal voter and
8resident of the County of ...., that I will support the
9Constitution of the United States and of the State of Illinois,
10and the laws passed in pursuance thereof, to the best of my
11ability, and that I will faithfully and honestly discharge the
12duties of the office of election commissioner.""; and
13in Section 5, Sec. 6B-20, in the sentence starting with
14"Thereupon, all functions,", by replacing "office county" with
15"office of the county"; and



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1in Section 5, Sec. 6B-45, in the sentence starting with "The
2chairman of the board", by replacing "commissions" with
3"commissioners"; and
4in Section 5, Sec. 6B-55, in the sentence starting with "The
5election commissioners shall meet", by replacing "board the
6purpose of the hearing" with "board for the purpose of
7hearing"; and
8in Section 5, Sec. 6B-60, in the sentence starting with "The
9county board", by replacing "commissions" with