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Full Text of SB1592  100th General Assembly


Sen. Don Harmon

Filed: 3/13/2017





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 1592 as follows:
3on page 2, immediately below line 19, by inserting the
5    "(d) The provisions of this Article 6B are not available to
6a county if, prior to January 1, 2017, a city, village, or
7incorporated town located within the county has established a
8board of election commissioners pursuant to Article 6 of this
9Code and that board of election commissioners of the city,
10village, or incorporated town has not been superseded by a
11county board of election commissioners in the portion of the
12city, village, or incorporated town located within the county
13under Article 6A of this Code."; and
14by replacing line 20 on page 2 through line 23 on page 4 with
15the following:



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1    (10 ILCS 5/6B-5 new)
2    Sec. 6B-5. County board of election commissioners within
3the office of the county clerk.
4    (a) There is created a county board of election
5commissioners within the office of the county clerk, which
6shall consist of 5 members, all of whom shall be residents of
7that county. The county clerk shall serve ex officio as an
8election commissioner, with vote, and as chairman of the county
9board of election commissioners.
10    (b) The chairman of the county board shall appoint the
11remaining 4 commissioners. Two of those commissioners shall be
12affiliated with the political party that received the highest
13statewide vote total in the last gubernatorial election. The
14remaining 2 commissioners shall be affiliated with the
15political party that received the second highest statewide vote
16total in the last gubernatorial general election.
17Commissioners appointed by the chairman of the county board
18shall be persons who have extensive knowledge of the election
19process of the State and county.
20    (c) When selecting commissioners from a political party
21other than his own, the chairman of the county board shall
22select the commissioners from a list of suggestions submitted
23to him by (i) any county elected officials affiliated with that
24political party or (ii) any member of the General Assembly
25representing part or all of the county and affiliated with that
26political party. Each official meeting the requirements of



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1items (i) or (ii) of this subsection (c) may submit up to 2
2written nominations to the chairman of the county board per
3open commissioner seat.
4    (d) For the initial appointments to a board of election
5commissioners within the office of the county clerk, 2
6commissioners, one each from each political party, shall be
7appointed to serve a 2-year term, and 2 commissioners shall be
8appointed to serve a 4-year term. Successor members shall serve
9for terms of 4 years.
10    (e) The chairman of the county board shall provide public
11notice of a vacancy on the county board of election
12commissioners within the office of the county clerk before
13appointing a replacement.
14    (f) Appointments to fill vacancies on the county board of
15election commissioners within the office of the county clerk
16shall be consistent with the manner of the original
18    (g) No appointed election commissioner may hold, accept, or
19seek election or appointment to any other public or political
20office during the term to which he or she was appointed an
21election commissioner.
22    (h) Each appointed election commissioner, before taking
23his or her seat on the board, shall take an oath of office,
24which in substance shall be in the following form:
25    "I, .... do solemnly swear, (or affirm) that I am a citizen
26of the United States, and that I am a legal voter and resident



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1of the County of .... That I will support the Constitution of
2the United States and of the State of Illinois, and the laws
3passed in pursuance thereof, to the best of my ability, and
4will faithfully and honestly discharge the duties of the office
5of election commissioner."
6    The oath, when subscribed and sworn to, shall be filed in
7the office of the county clerk of the county and be there
8preserved. Such appointed election commissioner shall also,
9before taking such oath, give an official bond in the sum of
10$10,000.00 with two securities, to be approved by the county
11clerk, conditioned for the faithful and honest performance of
12his or her duties and the preservation of the property of his
13or her office."; and
14on page 5, line 7, after "clerk", by inserting "in an amount
15not to exceed 25% of the salary of any county board member".