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2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives wish to recognize the life and accomplishments
4of Bishop Larry Darnell Trotter; and
5    WHEREAS, Bishop Trotter was born and raised in Chicago, one
6of four children of Dorothy E. Trotter; during his teenage
7years, he was a sought after musician and minister of music; he
8organized gospel choirs and served as a youth pastor in Chicago
9area churches; and
10    WHEREAS, In 1976, Bishop Trotter was licensed and ordained
11both by Baptist and Church of God in Christ leadership; in
121981, he began to pastor the Sweet Holy Spirit Church; for 35
13years, he has served as senior pastor of Chicago's historic
14Sweet Holy Spirit Church; under his leadership, the ministry
15has grown from 22 members in 1981 to well over 7,000 in 2016;
17    WHEREAS, Bishop Trotter serves as the Chairman of Coalition
18of Bishop and Apostles for Global United Fellowship; he served
19as one of the founding fathers of the Full Gospel Baptist
20Church Fellowship, four years as presiding Prelate of United
21Covenant Churches of Christ, and currently serves as an
22overseer and spiritual advisor for several reformations,



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1fellowships, and apostolic networks; and
2    WHEREAS, Bishop Trotter records gospel albums with his
3choir and has performed with them across the United States and
4on six continents; he has held seats on the Mayor's Advisory
5Council and the Judicial Board of the First Municipality Court
6of Illinois; he received an invitation to attend the Oxford
7Roundtable in England; he is the religious editor for Gospel
8Today Magazine, the Chairman of Clergy Speaks
9Interdenominational, and a board member of the African American
10College of Bishops; and
11    WHEREAS, Bishop Trotter has studied at The Moody Bible
12Institute, The Luther School of Theology, and The Southern
13Seminar; he is the recipient of several honorary degrees,
14including three honorary doctorates; he has received numerous
15community, political, social, and theological awards and
16accolades; he is a certified chef and trained at The Chicago
17School of Culinary Arts; and
18    WHEREAS, Bishop Trotter was instrumental in the election of
19the first African American Mayor of Chicago, Mayor Harold
20Washington, and the first African American President of the
21United States of America, President Barack Obama; and
22    WHEREAS, Bishop Trotter has authored and published six



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1books; he has recorded nine award-winning gospel projects on
2both Scott Records and his own label, Utopia Music Group; and
3    WHEREAS, Bishop Trotter has ministered in nearly all of the
4United States and over 18 countries worldwide; he has preached
5to over 30,000 people in the New Orleans Superdome and to over
6two million people in Nigeria; he has led mission trips to
7Ethiopia, Finland, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Greece, and India; and
8    WHEREAS, Bishop Trotter has organized assistance for the
9people of Haiti, those devastated by Hurricane Katrina, and
10people in his community in need of food and clothing; he
11organized the C.A.R.E. Center for outreach ministries to serve
12Chicagoans and has also coordinated medical missions trips to
13assist with the AIDS epidemic in Africa, establishing three
14HIV/AIDS clinics there; and
15    WHEREAS, Bishop Trotter is a father of five, Laurice
16Trotter, Javon Trotter, Brandi Trotter, Larry Trotter II, and
17Lakheem Trotter; and a grandfather of two, Jolie and Joi;
18therefore, be it
21recognize the life and accomplishments of Bishop Larry Darnell
22Trotter, and thank him for his commitment to making the world a



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1better place; and be it further
2    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
3presented to Bishop Trotter as an expression of our esteem and