Sen. Antonio Muņoz

Filed: 5/22/2018





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 4897 as follows:
3on page 22, line 10, after the period, by inserting "If the
4State Commission provides prior approval, a class 1 brewer may
5annually transfer up to 930,000 gallons of beer manufactured by
6that class 1 brewer to the premises of a licensed class 1
7brewer wholly owned and operated by the same licensee."; and
8on page 22, immediately below line 25, by inserting the
10    "A class 2 brewer may transfer beer to a brew pub wholly
11owned and operated by the class 2 brewer subject to the
12following limitations and restrictions: (i) the transfer shall
13not annually exceed more than 31,000 gallons; (ii) the annual
14amount transferred shall reduce the brew pub's annual permitted
15production limit; (iii) all beer transferred shall be subject
16to Article VIII of this Act; (iv) a written record shall be



10000HB4897sam002- 2 -LRB100 18877 RPS 40553 a

1maintained by the brewer and brew pub specifying the amount,
2date of delivery, and receipt of the product by the brew pub;
3and (v) the brew pub shall be located no farther than 80 miles
4from the class 2 brewer's licensed location.
5    A class 2 brewer shall, prior to transferring beer to a
6brew pub wholly owned by the class 2 brewer, furnish a written
7notice to the State Commission of intent to transfer beer
8setting forth the name and address of the brew pub and shall
9annually submit to the State Commission a verified report
10identifying the total gallons of beer transferred to the brew
11pub wholly owned by the class 2 brewer.".