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Full Text of HB4795  100th General Assembly


Rep. Tom Demmer

Filed: 4/20/2018





10000HB4795ham001LRB100 16079 KTG 38573 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 4795 on page 2, by
3replacing line 15 with "lives. to"; and
4on page 3, line 12, after "health" by inserting "and medical
5treatment"; and
6on page 4, immediately below line 2, by inserting the
8    ""Designated program" means a category of service
9authorized by an intervention license issued by the Department
10for delivery of all services as described in Article 40 in this
11Act."; and
12on page 6, by replacing line 10 through line 3 on page 7 with
13the following:
14    ""Recovery" means a process of change through which
15individuals improve their health and wellness, live a



10000HB4795ham001- 2 -LRB100 16079 KTG 38573 a

1self-directed life, and reach their full potential.
2    "Recovery support" means services designed to support
3individual recovery from a substance use disorder that may be
4delivered pre-treatment, during treatment, or post treatment.
5These services may be delivered in a wide variety of settings
6for the purpose of supporting the individual in meeting his or
7her recovery support goals."; and
8on page 7, by replacing lines 6 through 10 with the following:
9    ""Substance use disorder" means a spectrum of persistent
10and recurring problematic behavior that encompasses 10
11separate classes of drugs: alcohol; caffeine; cannabis;
12hallucinogens; inhalants; opioids; sedatives, hypnotics and
13anxiolytics; stimulants; and tobacco; and other unknown
14substances leading to clinically significant impairment or
15distress."; and
16on page 7, immediately below line 15, by inserting the
18    ""Withdrawal management" means services designed to manage
19intoxication or withdrawal episodes (previously referred to as
20detoxification), interrupt the momentum of habitual,
21compulsive substance use and begin the initial engagement in
22medically necessary substance use disorder treatment.
23Withdrawal management allows patients to safely withdraw from
24substances in a controlled medically-structured environment.";



10000HB4795ham001- 3 -LRB100 16079 KTG 38573 a

2on page 36, by replacing lines 11 and 12 with the following:
3        "(6) Promulgate regulations to identify and
4    disseminate best practice guidelines that can be utilized
5    by provide appropriate standards for publicly and
6    privately"; and
7on page 37, line 9, by replacing "License treatment Designate
8and license" with "Designate and license"; and
9on page 37, by replacing lines 17 through 21 with the
11        "(10) Identify and disseminate evidence-based best
12    practice guidelines as maintained in administrative rule
13    that can be utilized to determine a substance use disorder
14    diagnosis. Designate medical examination and other
15    programs for determining alcoholism and other drug abuse
16    and dependency."; and
17on page 38, by replacing lines 8 through 10 with the following:
18    "covered service and to use evidence-based best practice
19    criteria as maintained in administrative rule and as
20    required in Public Act 99-0480 in determining the necessity
21    for such services and continued stay. alcoholism and"; and



10000HB4795ham001- 4 -LRB100 16079 KTG 38573 a

1on page 55, line 3, by replacing "may shall" with "shall"; and
2on page 59, line 19, by replacing "President" with "Chief
3Executive Officer President"; and
4on page 62, line 8, by replacing "(c), (d), (e), and (f)" with
5"(a) and (b) (c), (d), (e), and (f)"; and
6on page 63, line 18, by replacing "and" with "or"; and
7on page 65, line 19, after "Education,", by inserting
8"Designated Program,"; and
9on page 68, by deleting lines 22 through 25; and
10on page 70, by replacing lines 4 and 5 with "category of
11service."; and
12on page 74, by replacing line 9 with "Medicaid reimbursement,
13and to identify evidence-based best practice criteria that can
14be utilized for"; and
15on page 77, by replacing lines 4 through 6 with "religion.";
17on page 82, line 15, by replacing "290dd-3 and 290ee-3 and 42



10000HB4795ham001- 5 -LRB100 16079 KTG 38573 a

1C.F.R. Part 2" with "290dd-2 290dd-3 and 290ee-3 and 42 C.F.R.
2Part 2, or any successor federal statute or regulation."; and
3on page 87, line 26, by replacing "service providers that
4provide" with "licensed service providers that deliver
5provide"; and
6on page 88, by replacing lines 1 through 12 with "treatment and
7intervention services. The Department shall post on its website
8a licensed provider directory updated at least quarterly.
9services to pregnant women, mothers, and their children in this
10State. The Department shall disseminate an updated directory as
11often as is necessary to the list of medical and social service
12providers compiled under subsection (b) of this Section. The
13Department shall obtain the specific consent of each provider
14of services before publishing, distributing, verbally making
15information available for purposes of referral or otherwise
16using or publicizing the availability of services from a
17provider. The Department may make information concerning
18availability of services available to recipients, but may not
19require recipients to use specific sources of care."; and
20on page 94, by replacing lines 8 through 10 with "of a program
21holding a valid intervention license for designated program
22services issued a licensed program designated by the
23Department, referred to in this Article as "designated



10000HB4795ham001- 6 -LRB100 16079 KTG 38573 a

1program", unless:"; and
2on page 95, line 7, by deleting "treatment"; and
3on page 95, line 8, by replacing "designated" with
4"designated"; and
5on page 96, by replacing lines 17 through 18 with "for services
6treatment by a designated program. The court shall further
7advise the"; and
8on page 96, line 22, by deleting "treatment"; and
9on page 96, line 23, by replacing "designated" with
10"designated"; and
11on page 97, by replacing lines 1 through 2 with the following:
12        "(2) During during probation he or she may be treated
13    at the discretion of the designated program."; and
14on page 97, lines 4, 7, and 11, by replacing "treatment
15designated" each time it appears with "designated"; and
16on page 97, by replacing lines 17 through 18 with "order an
17assessment examination by a designated program to determine
18whether he or she suffers from"; and



10000HB4795ham001- 7 -LRB100 16079 KTG 38573 a

1on page 97, line 20, by deleting "treatment"; and
2on page 97, line 21, by replacing "designated" with
3"designated"; and
4on page 98, lines 4 and 17, by replacing "treatment designated"
5each time it appears with "designated"; and
6on page 99, by replacing lines 2 through 6 with "individual
7from the probation officer and designated program as the court
8finds necessary. Case management services, as defined in this
9Act and as further described by rule, shall also be delivered
10by the designated program. No individual may be placed under
11treatment supervision unless a designated program accepts him
12or her for treatment."; and
13on page 99, lines 8, 9, and 11, by replacing "treatment
14designated" each time it appears with "designated"; and
15on page 100, lines 6 and 9, by replacing "treatment designated"
16each time it appears with "designated"; and
17on page 100, by replacing lines 12 through 14 with "releasee
18may be placed under the supervision of a designated program for
19treatment unless the designated program accepts him or her for



10000HB4795ham001- 8 -LRB100 16079 KTG 38573 a

1treatment. The designated"; and
2on page 106, line 19, after "probation", by inserting ",
3Department Designated Programs,"; and
4on page 433, line 3, by replacing "treatment designated" with
5"designated"; and
6on page 434, line 23, by replacing "treatment designated" with