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August 20, 2018


To the Honorable Members of

The Illinois House of Representatives,

100th General Assembly:


Today, I return House Bill 3418 with specific recommendations for change.


This legislation establishes Urban Agricultural Zones, empowering local governments to encourage the expansion of urban farming and livestock activities. This legislation allows local governments to establish Urban Agricultural Zones to offer some protections from particularly onerous regulations while allowing entities that supply services like water and power to offer farmers and partner organizations in these zones discounted rates and fees. This legislation will spur new types of business growth while encouraging local control over granting incentives to urban farmers, local growers and agricultural producers.


This legislation also utilizes property tax abatements as a tool to incentivize growing activity, which would continue a problematic pattern of shifting property taxes to other taxpayers who may or may not directly benefit from the creation of these Urban Agricultural Zones.  Abatements like this simply redistribute property taxes, when homeowners are already struggling under the immense weight of their own tax burdens.


Therefore, pursuant to Section 9(e) of Article IV of the Illinois Constitution of 1970, I hereby return House Bill 3418, entitled “AN ACT concerning local government,” with the following recommendations for change:


By deleting page 1, line 21 through page 10, line 15; and

On page 16, by deleting lines 6 through 23; and

On page 16, by replacing line 24 with: “A municipality may authorize an entity providing water,”.

With these changes, House Bill 3418 will have my approval. I respectfully request your concurrence.






Bruce Rauner