Rep. Marcus C. Evans, Jr.

Filed: 5/18/2015





09900SB1919ham001LRB099 11078 HLH 34940 a


2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 1919 on page 13,
3line 14, by replacing "retailers" with "licensed retailers";
5on page 13, line 16, by replacing "retailer" with "licensed
6retailer"; and
7on page 13, line 19, by replacing "retailer" with "licensed
8retailer"; and
9on page 15, by replacing lines 22 through 24 with the
11"maintained by the retailer. The Department shall adopt rules
12regarding the eligibility for a waiver, revocation of a waiver,
13and requirements and standards for maintenance and
14accessibility of records located at a central location
15out-of-State pursuant to a waiver provided under this



09900SB1919ham001- 2 -LRB099 11078 HLH 34940 a

1Section."; and
2on page 25, by replacing line 9 with the following:
3"distributor sells little cigars or other tobacco products only
4to licensed retailers that are"; and
5on page 25, line 11, by replacing "retailer" with "licensed
6retailer"; and
7on page 25, line 12, by replacing "cigarettes" with "little
8cigars or other tobacco products"; and
9on page 25, by replacing line 14 with the following:
10"packages of little cigars or has or will pay the tax on the
11other tobacco products sold to the licensed retailers. The
12distributor"; and
13on page 26, by replacing lines 9 through 11 with the following:
14"Department shall adopt rules regarding the eligibility for a
15waiver, revocation of a waiver, and requirements and standards
16for maintenance and accessibility of records located at a
17central location out-of-State pursuant to a waiver provided
18under this Section.".