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Full Text of HB3110  99th General Assembly


Rep. Lou Lang

Filed: 3/10/2015





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 3110 immediately
3above the enacting clause, by inserting the following:
4    "WHEREAS, Illinois law provides low-income disabled
5individuals and senior citizens access to public transit at no
6cost; and
7    WHEREAS, Use of these services has increased dramatically
8in recent years, with over 29,600,000 rides provided in 2013;
10    WHEREAS, Illinois provides funding to the Regional
11Transportation Authority to cover a portion of the cost of
12those rides; and
13    WHEREAS, The budget of the Regional Transportation
14Authority called for a State reimbursement for those rides of



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1$34,070,000 annually in each fiscal year from 2015 through
22018; however, the State only budgeted $17,570,000 in
3reimbursements for fiscal year 2015; and
4    WHEREAS, A budget gap of this size could threaten vital
5transportation services; and
6    WHEREAS, Airlines have engaged in controversial fuel
7purchasing practices that cost the Regional Transportation
8Authority an estimated $18,500,000 in revenue in 2013, in
9addition to costing Cook County and the City of Chicago
10combined $34,200,000 in 2013; and
11    WHEREAS, It is the intent of the General Assembly to
12specify that, with respect to the imposition of any tax on fuel
13or petroleum products used by aircraft, regardless of whether
14the tax is imposed on the sale, the business of selling, the
15purchase, or the use of those products, the location of the
16sale, business of selling, purchase, or use shall be deemed to
17be the place where the fuel or petroleum products are delivered
18to the aircraft; and
19    WHEREAS, The State of California enacted legislation to
20prevent airlines from using a similar practice in that state;



09900HB3110ham001- 3 -LRB099 07428 HLH 31980 a

1    WHEREAS, The Regional Transportation Authority is
2encouraged to use any additional revenue from this amendatory
3Act of the 99th General Assembly to fund no-cost transit
4services for low-income disabled individuals and senior
5citizens; therefore;".