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Full Text of HB2755  99th General Assembly


Sen. Mattie Hunter

Filed: 5/6/2015





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 2755 as follows:
3on page 30, by replacing lines 18 and 19 with "the
4administrator, the DD Facility Advisory Board established
5under Section 2-204 of the ID/DD Community Care Act, the
6residents'"; and
7on page 48, line 10, by replacing "MC/DD" with "DD"; and
8on page 48, line 11, by replacing "this Act" with "the ID/DD
9Community Care Act"; and
10by deleting line 12 on page 48 through line 18 on page 50; and
11on page 116, line 16, by replacing "this Act" with "the ID/DD
12Community Care Act"; and



09900HB2755sam001- 2 -LRB099 08043 RPS 34229 a

1by replacing line 10 on page 292 through line 4 on page 293
2with the following:
3    "(3.5) Skilled and intermediate care facilities licensed
4under the ID/DD Community Care Act or the MC/DD Act. (A) No
5permit or exemption is required for a facility licensed under
6the ID/DD Community Care Act or the MC/DD Act prior to the
7reduction of the number of beds at a facility. If there is a
8total reduction of beds at a facility licensed under the ID/DD
9Community Care Act or the MC/DD Act, this is a discontinuation
10or closure of the facility. If a facility licensed under the
11ID/DD Community Care Act or the MC/DD Act reduces the number of
12beds or discontinues the facility, that facility must notify
13the Board as provided in Section 14.1 of this Act."; and
14on page 560, line 11, after "Act", by inserting "and MC/DD
15facilities licensed under the MC/DD Act"; and
16by deleting line 18 on page 560 through line 1 on page 561.