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2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois Senate are saddened to
3learn of the death of Rev. Lloyd E. Jackson, Sr., who passed
4away on September 26, 2013; and
5    WHEREAS, Lloyd Jackson, Sr. was born on March 6, 1942 in
6Chicago; his parents were William, Sr. and Helen Jackson and he
7was raised by his adoptive mother, Mary Oliver; he married
8Sylvia Ann Bowman on June 5, 1964 in Dallas, Texas; and
9    WHEREAS, Lloyd Jackson, Sr. attended Forrestville
10Elementary School and DuSable High School, where he graduated
11in June of 1960; he later attended Bishop College in Dallas,
12Texas, where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in social
13studies; he subsequently continued his education at Roosevelt
14University and DePaul University; and
15    WHEREAS, Lloyd Jackson, Sr. was called and accepted the
16ministry in 1954; he was ordained as a Baptist minister on
17October 8, 1970; after his ordination, he was called to pastor
18at Faith Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago in 1971;
19after 7 years of service at Faith Temple, he returned to
20Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church, where he served faithfully
21until he was called to the Greater Northside Missionary Baptist
22Church in Decatur in October of 1990; on April 7, 1994, he



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1organized the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Decatur,
2where he served until his passing; and
3    WHEREAS, Lloyd Jackson, Sr. taught in the Public Schools of
4Chicago for 27 years; he retired from MacArthur High School in
5Decatur in May of 2005 after many years of service; he also
6taught African American Studies at Richland Community College
7and taught at Eisenhower High School and Dennis Elementary
8School; after retiring, he returned to District #61 and served
9as a substitute teacher for 5 years; and
10    WHEREAS, Lloyd Jackson, Sr. was a member of the Alpha Phi
11Alpha Fraternity for many years; and
12    WHEREAS, Lloyd Jackson, Sr. was preceded in death by his
13parents and his children, Mary and Lloyd Jackson, Jr.; and
14    WHEREAS, Lloyd Jackson, Sr. is survived by his wife, Sylvia
15Ann (Baby) Jackson; his sons, Eric V. (Marla) Jackson and
16Oliver J. Jackson; his daughter, Margaret R. (Rev. Alfonso)
17Hodges; his brothers, William (Yvonne) Jackson, Sr. and Otis
18Von Jackson; his 16 grandchildren; his 10 great-grandchildren;
19and his special loved ones, including Deacon Henry (Muriel)
20Bowman, Sr. and many others; therefore, be it



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1ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we, along with his
2family and friends, mourn the passing of Rev. Lloyd E. Jackson,
3Sr.; and be it further
4    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
5presented to the family of Lloyd Jackson, Sr. as an expression
6of our sympathy.