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Full Text of SB1639  98th General Assembly


Rep. Michael J. Zalewski

Filed: 5/22/2013





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 1639, AS AMENDED,
3in Section 5, Sec. 3.15, by replacing subsections (m) and (n)
4with the following:
5    "(m) If a pet shop offers its own warranty on a pet, a
6customer may choose to waive the remedies provided under
7subsection (f) of this Section in favor of choosing the
8warranty provided by the pet shop. If a customer waives the
9rights provided by subsection (f), the only remedies available
10to the customer are those provided by the pet shop's warranty.
11For the statement to be an effective waiver of the customer's
12right to refund or exchange the animal under subsection (f),
13the pet shop must provide, in writing, a statement of the
14remedy under subsection (f) that the customer is waiving as
15well as a written copy of the pet shop's warranty. For the
16statement to be an effective waiver of the customer's right to
17refund or exchange the animal under subsection (f), it shall be
18substantially similar to the following language:



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1        "I have agreed to accept the warranty provided by the
2    pet shop in lieu of the remedies under subsection (f) of
3    Section 3.15 of the Animal Welfare Act. I have received a
4    copy of the pet shop's warranty and a statement of the
5    remedies provided under subsection (f) of Section 3.15 of
6    the Animal Welfare Act. This is a waiver pursuant to
7    subsection (m) of Section 3.15 of the Animal Welfare Act
8    whereby I, the customer, relinquish any and all right to
9    return the animal for congenital and hereditary disorders
10    provided by subsection (f) of Section 3.15 of the Animal
11    Welfare Act. I agree that my exclusive remedy is the
12    warranty provided by the pet shop at the time of sale.".