HR1516LRB096 24461 GRL 44209 r


2    WHEREAS, William B. "Bill" Black is retiring in December of
32010 after serving the residents of East Central Illinois for
4nearly 24 years in the Illinois House of Representatives; and
5    WHEREAS, Representative Black was first elected to the
6Illinois General Assembly to serve the 105th District in
7November of 1986 after being appointed to fill a vacancy in
8February of that year; in November of 2008, he was elected to
9his 12th term in the 104th District; and
10    WHEREAS, Representative Black is a native of Danville,
11where his family has owned and operated a small business for
12more than 60 years; and
13    WHEREAS, Representative Black served his hometown as an
14administrator at Danville Community College and as an organizer
15of the Danville Area Economic Development Corporation; and
16    WHEREAS, Representative Black has had a long and
17distinguished career serving his local community; he served on
18the Vermilion County Board as a member and chairman; he served
19as President of the Danville Jaycees and Danville South Rotary;
20he has also served on the Danville Area Convention and Visitors
21Bureau, the Vermilion County Chapter of the American Red Cross,



HR1516- 2 -LRB096 24461 GRL 44209 r

1and the St. Elizabeth Hospital Mental Health Advisory Board;
3    WHEREAS, Representative Black joined the late Senator
4Harry "Babe" Woodyard in the General Assembly to create a
5formidable team and a strong voice for central Illinois
6communities; his accomplishments include a law that improved
7before and after school daycare for Illinois families and a
8measure that protects the habitats of Illinois wildlife; and
9    WHEREAS, Representative Black was named Republican Floor
10Leader and Assistant Republican Leader in 1991 and Deputy
11Republican Leader in 2002; and
12    WHEREAS, Representative Black is recognized as one of the
13most gifted orators in the General Assembly and is known for
14stating his positions strongly and clearly, but often with a
15touch of humor to lighten up a contentious debate; and
16    WHEREAS, Representative Black is respected by colleagues
17on both sides of the aisle as a statesman who puts the needs of
18his district above all other concerns; and
19    WHEREAS, Representative Black, a former educator, has
20consistently fought to improve educational opportunities from
21pre-school to college and beyond; he was the sponsor of



HR1516- 3 -LRB096 24461 GRL 44209 r

1legislation to provide school districts more flexibility to
2consolidate or to modify their school calendars and to
3eliminate costly tuition waivers imposed on the University of
4Illinois and other State universities; and
5    WHEREAS, Representative Black has championed other issues
6important to families in his district, including protecting the
7funding for roads and other needed infrastructure
8improvements, helping low income families and seniors keep warm
9in the winter by removing the sales tax on natural gas,
10creating jobs through the creation of Job Renewal Zones,
11cracking down on drunk and distracted drivers that pose a
12deadly hazard on our roads, and protecting the rights of
13adoptive parents; and
14    WHEREAS, Representative Black successfully worked to keep
15our State parks and recreational areas open for the education
16and enjoyment of our families and worked with colleagues across
17the State and Chicago city leaders to stop the infamous phantom
18Chicago parking tickets; and
19    WHEREAS, Representative Black's good humor is infectious,
20and House Republican members and staff can always count on
21Representative Black to make them laugh on long session days by
22ambushing them with squirt guns, silly string, and other toys,
23or by relaying a funny story or joke; and



HR1516- 4 -LRB096 24461 GRL 44209 r

1    WHEREAS, Representative Black has received many honors for
2his service to his local communities, including several
3Outstanding Legislator Awards from various Illinois
4associations; he was also named one of the ten Outstanding
5State Legislators in the country in 1991; and
6    WHEREAS, Representative Bill Black is married to the former
7Sharon MacArthur; together, they have 2 grown children, Debra
8and Doug, and 6 grandchildren; therefore, be it
11congratulate our friend and colleague, Representative William
12B. "Bill" Black, on his retirement from the Illinois House of
13Representatives and wish him the best in his future endeavors;
14and be it further
15    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
16presented to State Representative William B. "Bill" Black as a
17symbol of our respect and esteem.