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Full Text of HB2448  96th General Assembly


Rep. David E. Miller

Filed: 3/24/2009





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2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 2448 by replacing
3 everything after the enacting clause with the following:
4     "Section 5. The School Code is amended by adding Section
5 10-29 as follows:
6     (105 ILCS 5/10-29 new)
7     Sec. 10-29. Remote educational programs.
8     (a) For purposes of this Section, "remote educational
9 program" means an educational program delivered to students in
10 the home or other location outside of a school building that
11 meets all of the following criteria:
12         (1) A student may participate in the program only after
13     the school district determines, pursuant to adopted school
14     board policy, that a remote educational program will best
15     serve the student's individual learning needs. The adopted
16     school board policy shall include, but not be limited to,



09600HB2448ham001 - 2 - LRB096 10847 NHT 23751 a

1     all of the following:
2             (A) Criteria for determining that a remote
3         educational program will best serve a student's
4         individual learning needs.
5             (B) Any limitations on the number of students or
6         grade levels that may participate in a remote
7         educational program.
8             (C) A description of the process that the school
9         district will use to approve participation in the
10         remote educational program.
11             (D) A description of the process the school
12         district will use to develop and approve a written
13         remote educational plan that meets the requirements of
14         subdivision (5) of this subsection (a).
15             (E) A description of the system the school district
16         will establish to calculate the number of clock hours a
17         student is participating in instruction in accordance
18         with the remote educational program.
19             (F) A description of the process for renewing a
20         remote educational program at the expiration of its
21         term.
22             (G) Such other terms and provisions as the school
23         district deems necessary to provide for the
24         establishment and delivery of a remote educational
25         program.
26         (2) The school district has determined that the remote



09600HB2448ham001 - 3 - LRB096 10847 NHT 23751 a

1     educational program's curriculum is aligned to State
2     learning standards and that the program offers instruction
3     and educational experiences consistent with those given to
4     students at the same grade level in the district.
5         (3) The remote educational program is delivered by
6     instructors that meet the following qualifications:
7             (A) they are certificated under Article 21 of this
8         Code;
9             (B) they meet applicable highly qualified criteria
10         under the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001; and
11             (C) they have responsibility for all of the
12         following elements of the program: planning
13         instruction, diagnosing learning needs, prescribing
14         content delivery through class activities, assessing
15         learning, reporting outcomes to administrators and
16         parents and guardians, and evaluating the effects of
17         instruction.
18         (4) During that period of the calendar year included
19     within the regular school term of the school district, the
20     remote educational program may be offered only on days of
21     pupil attendance or institute days included within the
22     school district's calendar established pursuant to Section
23     10-19 of this Code. Outside of the regular school term of
24     the district, the remote educational program may be offered
25     as part of any summer school program authorized by this
26     Code.



09600HB2448ham001 - 4 - LRB096 10847 NHT 23751 a

1         (5) Each student participating in the remote
2     educational program must have a written remote educational
3     plan that includes, but is not limited to, all of the
4     following:
5             (A) Specific achievement goals for the student
6         aligned to State learning standards.
7             (B) A description of all assessments that will be
8         used to measure student progress, which description
9         shall indicate the assessments that will be
10         administered at an attendance center within the school
11         district.
12             (C) A description of the progress reports that will
13         be provided to the student's parents and the school
14         district.
15             (D) Expectations, processes, and schedules for
16         interaction between a teacher and student.
17             (E) A description of the specific responsibilities
18         of the student's family and the school district with
19         respect to equipment, materials, phone and Internet
20         service, and any other requirements applicable to the
21         home or other location outside of a school building
22         necessary for the delivery of the remote educational
23         program.
24             (F) If applicable, a description of how the remote
25         educational program will be delivered in a manner
26         consistent with the student's individualized



09600HB2448ham001 - 5 - LRB096 10847 NHT 23751 a

1         educational program or plan under Section 504 of the
2         federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973.
3             (G) A description of the procedures and
4         opportunities for participation in academic and
5         extra-curricular activities and programs within the
6         school district.
7             (H) The identification of a parent, guardian, or
8         other responsible adult who will provide direct
9         supervision of the program. The plan must include an
10         acknowledgment by the parent, guardian, or other
11         responsible adult that he or she may engage only in
12         non-teaching duties not requiring instructional
13         judgment or the evaluation of a student. The plan shall
14         designate the parent, guardian, or other responsible
15         adult as non-teaching personnel or volunteer personnel
16         under subsection (a) of Section 10-22.34 of this Code.
17             (I) The identification of a school district
18         administrator who will oversee the remote educational
19         program on behalf of the school district and who may be
20         contacted by the student's parents with respect to any
21         issues or concerns with the program.
22             (J) The term of the student's participation in the
23         remote educational program, which may not extend for
24         longer than 12 months, unless the term is renewed by
25         the district in accordance with subdivision (7) of this
26         subsection (a).



09600HB2448ham001 - 6 - LRB096 10847 NHT 23751 a

1             (K) A description of the specific location or
2         locations in which the program will be delivered. If
3         the remote educational program is to be delivered to a
4         student in any location other than the student's home,
5         the plan must include a written determination by the
6         school district that the location will provide a
7         learning environment appropriate for the delivery of
8         the program.
9             (L) Certification by the school district that the
10         plan meets all other requirements of this Section.
11         (6) Students participating in a remote educational
12     program must be enrolled in a school district attendance
13     center pursuant to the school district's enrollment policy
14     or policies. A student participating in a remote
15     educational program must be tested as part of all
16     assessments administered by the school district pursuant
17     to Section 2-3.64 of this Code at the attendance center in
18     which the student is enrolled and in accordance with the
19     attendance center's assessment policies and schedule. The
20     student must be included within all adequate yearly
21     progress and other accountability determinations for the
22     school district and attendance center under State and
23     federal law.
24         (7) The term of a student's participation in a remote
25     educational program may not extend for longer than 12
26     months, unless the term is renewed by the school district.



09600HB2448ham001 - 7 - LRB096 10847 NHT 23751 a

1     The district may only renew a student's participation in a
2     remote educational program following an evaluation of the
3     student's progress in the program, a determination that the
4     student's continuation in the program will best serve the
5     student's individual learning needs, and an amendment to
6     the student's written remote educational plan addressing
7     any changes for the upcoming term of the program.
8     (b) A school district may, by resolution of its school
9 board, establish a remote educational program.
10     (c) Days of attendance by students in a remote educational
11 program meeting the requirements of this Section may be claimed
12 by the school district and shall be counted as school work for
13 general State aid purposes in accordance with and subject to
14 the limitations of Section 18-8.05 of this Code.
15     (d) The impact of remote educational programs on wages,
16 hours, and terms and conditions of employment of educational
17 employees within the school district shall be subject to local
18 collective bargaining agreements.
19     (e) The use of a home or other location outside of a school
20 building for a remote educational program shall not cause the
21 home or other location to be deemed a public school facility.
22     Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
23 becoming law.".