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Full Text of HB1188  96th General Assembly


Sen. Donne E. Trotter

Filed: 1/12/2010





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2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 1188, AS AMENDED,
3 with reference to page and line numbers of Senate Amendment No.
4 3, on page 5, by replacing lines 15 through 19 with the
5 following:
6     "Cemetery worker" means an individual, including an
7 independent contractor or third-party vendor, who performs any
8 work at the cemetery that is customarily performed by one or
9 more cemetery employees, including openings and closings of
10 vaults and graves, stone settings, inurnments, interments,
11 entombments, administrative work, handling of any official
12 burial records, the preparation of foundations for memorials,
13 and routine cemetery maintenance. This definition does not
14 include uncompensated, volunteer workers."; and
15 on page 15, line 20, by replacing "employed by" with "working
16 for"; and



09600HB1188sam003 - 2 - LRB096 08565 AMC 33114 a

1 on page 16, lines 5 and 9, by replacing "employment" each time
2 it appears with "work"; and
3 on page 25, line 12, after the period, by inserting "A cemetery
4 authority, however, shall not transmit copies of Worker's
5 Statements until the cemetery authority receives a license
6 under this Act."; and
7 on page 26, line 13, by replacing "implement" with "adopt"; and
8 on page 26, line 14, after "Ethics", by inserting "by rule";
9 and
10 on page 51, line 10, by replacing "cemetery manager" with
11 "cemetery authority, except for a cemetery authority that is
12 operating as a religious cemetery or public cemetery, which
13 shall include in the contract described in Section 20-10 the
14 name, address, and telephone number of the cemetery manager";
15 and
16 on page 104, by replacing lines 20 and 21 with the following:
17         "(i) All trade secrets and commercial or financial";
18     and
19 on page 115, by replacing lines 5 and 6 with the following:
20         "(i) All trade secrets and commercial or financial".