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2     WHEREAS, The Supportive Living Program has proven to be one
3 of the most successful models for affordable assisted living in
4 the country, and offers seniors and persons with disabilities
5 care, compassion, comfort, and cost in an environment that
6 helps promote independence and wellness; and
7     WHEREAS, There are 147 Supportive Living facilities with
8 over 11,000 apartments operating or soon to be operating
9 throughout Illinois; and
10     WHEREAS, Supportive Living is the largest federal Medicaid
11 home and community-based assisted living waiver program in the
12 country with 11,500 persons that can be served annually; and
13     WHEREAS, Supportive Living has been lauded by the residents
14 and their families for the high quality of life and services
15 provided; and
16     WHEREAS, These services, such as medication supervision,
17 personal care, homemaking, laundry, and a 24 hour staff to meet
18 resident's scheduled and unscheduled needs, promote an active,
19 independent lifestyle for residents; and
20     WHEREAS, Research has shown that there are positive health



SR0565 - 2 - LRB095 18688 KXB 45364 r

1 benefits associated with socialization, keeping active, and
2 having one's health status monitored to provide early detection
3 and treatment; and
4     WHEREAS, By combining apartment style housing with these
5 services, residents can live independently and take part in
6 decision making where personal choice, dignity, privacy and
7 individuality are emphasized; and
8     WHEREAS, Supportive Living is cost-effective for the State
9 as rates are lower for residents of supportive living
10 facilities who might otherwise reside in nursing facilities;
11 therefore, be it
13 ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we proclaim and
14 recognize April 28 through May 2, 2008, as Supportive Living
15 Week in the State of Illinois, and encourage seniors and
16 persons with disabilities to take advantage of the supportive
17 living program whenever possible.