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Full Text of SJR0101  95th General Assembly



SJ0101SAM002 LRB095 21510 MJR 51525 a


2     AMENDMENT NO. ___. Amend Senate Joint Resolution 101 on
3 page 2, line 3, by replacing "of long-term liabilities" with
4 "regarding the safety and security of facilities and materials
5 in the immediate term and on an ongoing basis and questions
6 regarding long-term liabilities"; and
7 on page 2, line 15, by replacing "9" with "11"; and
8 on page 2, line 15, by deleting "appointed"; and
9 by replacing line 21 on page 2 through line 4 on page 3 with the
10 following:
11 "chosen by the Attorney General, the Director of the Illinois
12 Environmental Protection Agency, or his or her designee, the
13 Director of the Illinois Power Agency, or his or her designee,
14 the Director of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, or
15 his or her designee, and selected jointly by the



SJ0101SAM002 - 2 - LRB095 21510 MJR 51525 a

1 co-chairpersons one member from the business community, one
2 member from the environmental community, and one member with
3 homeland security experience in a government agency; and be it
4 further"; and
5 on page 3, by replacing lines 16 and 17 with the following:
6         "(3) the re-processing of spent nuclear fuel;
7         (4) critical security issues, including, but not
8     limited to, facility security requirements, personnel
9     security requirements, the complementary and overlapping
10     requirements imposed by the federal Department of Homeland
11     Security, the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and
12     other agencies, key metrics, and audit programs to ensure
13     ongoing security compliance; and
14         (5) the existing moratorium on new nuclear power".