SJ0075 LRB095 14427 RAS 40332 r


2     WHEREAS, The components of international education include
3 the following:
4         (1) programs that teach foreign languages, increase
5     international awareness, address global economic and
6     political issues, and provide substantive learning about
7     other countries and cultures;
8         (2) the exchange of U.S. and international students and
9     scholars participating in study abroad programs and
10     serving as cultural ambassadors between countries and
11     cultures; and
12         (3) multi-national and cross-cultural collaborations
13     in research, which lead to new knowledge and advancements
14     in science and breakthroughs in technology, business, and
15     the arts; and
16     WHEREAS, The State's economic development and workforce
17 are intrinsically linked to international issues, as Illinois
18 is one of the largest export states in the nation; and
19     WHEREAS, Global business and finance, foreign trade, and
20 tourism are key sectors of the Illinois economy; and
21     WHEREAS, It is vital that the State of Illinois recognizes
22 how international education programs contribute to our State's



SJ0075 - 2 - LRB095 14427 RAS 40332 r

1 preparedness and future competitive advantage in these arenas;
2 and
3     WHEREAS, Higher education should ensure that Illinois
4 graduates have the knowledge and cross-cultural skills
5 necessary to function effectively in the global workforce; and
6     WHEREAS, higher education in Illinois should emphasize
7 academic programs with an international focus, including area
8 studies, foreign language instruction, and study abroad
9 opportunities; and
10     WHEREAS, Illinois institutions of higher education welcome
11 international students and scholars and recognize that these
12 students increase campus diversity, enable more enriching
13 learning environments, contribute their talents and
14 perspectives, strengthen our campuses, and enhance students'
15 awareness and understanding of others; and
16     WHEREAS, Illinois higher education should aim to educate
17 graduates to be internationally aware and have competencies to
18 address global challenges in business, economics, environment,
19 politics, and social welfare; and
20     WHEREAS, The United States' national security, economic
21 interests, competitiveness, and future capacity for



SJ0075 - 3 - LRB095 14427 RAS 40332 r

1 leadership, as well as the same interests of the State, depend
2 significantly on our ability to provide students and future
3 leaders with the best education possible; and
4     WHEREAS, Illinois has played a significant role in the
5 establishment of the national Paul Simon Study Abroad Act [U.S.
6 H.R. 1469 S.991] to create a more globally informed American
7 citizenry by increasing funding and opportunity for Americans
8 to study abroad; and
9     WHEREAS, The U.S. Department of Education and the U.S.
10 Department of State have sponsored International Education
11 Week to increase national awareness of the importance of
12 international education; Illinois institutions should proudly
13 participate in these annual events and increase access to and
14 expand study abroad opportunities for students in diverse
15 academic fields and from all economic backgrounds; therefore,
16 be it
19 CONCURRING HEREIN, that the State of Illinois recognizes that
20 international education is an essential component of higher
21 education and that international education programs help
22 ensure that students are prepared to meet the challenges of a
23 global society; and be it further



SJ0075 - 4 - LRB095 14427 RAS 40332 r

1     RESOLVED, That we encourage and recommend that students,
2 faculty, administrators, and policy makers promote
3 international education as part of the curricular and
4 extracurricular life at Illinois colleges and universities,
5 and that the State supports international educational
6 endeavors which contribute to the global awareness of community
7 members, business leaders, educators, public officials, and
8 all of the residents of Illinois; and be it further
9     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
10 delivered to Symon G. Ogeto, Illinois State Whip for NAFSA -
11 The Association of International Educators.