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Full Text of SB2656  95th General Assembly


Sen. William Delgado

Filed: 4/9/2008





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2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 2656 by replacing
3 everything after the enacting clause with the following:
4     "Section 5. The Department of Human Services Act is amended
5 by adding Section 10-60 as follows:
6     (20 ILCS 1305/10-60 new)
7     Sec. 10-60. Mental Health Work Group.
8     (a) The Department's Division of Mental Health under the
9 leadership of Secretary and as the State Mental Health
10 Authority, in an effort to develop and establish a
11 comprehensive state mental health plan for Illinois, to
12 coordinate all policy making in mental health, and to provide
13 oversight and assume monitoring responsibility for all mental
14 health programs and initiatives funded by the state and federal
15 agencies, shall convene and lead a Work Group composed of
16 directors of state agencies and principal stakeholders in the



09500SB2656sam001 - 2 - LRB095 05409 DRJ 49215 a

1 public mental health system, including but not limited to:
2         (1) The Department of Human Services in the program
3     areas of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, Community Health
4     and Prevention, Developmental Disabilities, Human Capital
5     Development, and Rehabilitation Services.
6         (2) The Department of Healthcare and Family Services.
7         (3) The Department of Corrections.
8         (4) The Department of Juvenile Justice.
9         (5) The Department of Children and Family Services.
10         (6) The Department of Public Health.
11         (7) The Department on Aging.
12         (8) The State Board of Education.
13     The Work Group shall also include representatives of other
14 agencies and commissions of State government, including:
15         (9) The Illinois Housing Authority.
16         (10) The Illinois Violence Prevention Authority.
17         (11) The Criminal Justice Information Authority.
18     The Work Group shall also include adult consumers of mental
19 health services and parents of youth with serious emotional
20 disturbance.
21     The Work Group shall also include clinical practitioners,
22 academics, advocacy groups, and other stakeholders as deemed
23 appropriate by the mental health authority.
24     (b) The Department's Division of Mental Health, as the
25 State Mental Health Authority, shall have timely access to all
26 data, service reports, surveys, and other relevant data



09500SB2656sam001 - 3 - LRB095 05409 DRJ 49215 a

1 maintained by any State agency purchasing or providing mental
2 health services. This access is deemed necessary by the State
3 Mental Health Authority to report on the status of the mental
4 health service system in Illinois.
5     (c) The Work Group is charged with designing Illinois'
6 mental health system to be more efficient and effective as well
7 as reduce redundancies in the delivery of services to persons
8 with mental illnesses in the following ways:
9         (1) Conducting a thorough statewide needs assessment
10     and reporting on the current status of the mental health
11     system using data from all state agencies.
12         (2) Developing a comprehensive State mental health
13     plan.
14         (3) Identifying and implementing policy,
15     organizational, and financing changes required to
16     effectively carry out the State plan.
17         (4) Coordinating policy actions with other State
18     agencies and on all federal initiatives.
19         (5) Incorporating a children's mental health plan into
20     all planning activities.
21         (6) Establishing cross-departmental management teams
22     to address specific policy areas, address specific
23     transformation planning objectives, and implement and
24     monitor policy decisions. Specific focus shall be given to
25     cross-departmental management of the long-term care system
26     as the State moves to rebalancing services, shifting



09500SB2656sam001 - 4 - LRB095 05409 DRJ 49215 a

1     resources to the community based settings.
2     (d) The Work Group shall coordinate its policy and planning
3 activities with other State-federal initiative planning and
4 leadership groups.
5     (e) The "Illinois Comprehensive State Mental Health Plan"
6 shall include but need not be limited to the following:
7         (1) A review and analysis of all laws, rules and
8     regulations, and programs and policies of the State of
9     Illinois and of the departments, commissions, boards,
10     agencies, and offices in the executive branch thereof,
11     which pertain to mental health care services and supports.
12     The analysis shall identify barriers to access and make
13     recommendations that will enable the residents of Illinois
14     who require assistance to access needed mental health care
15     services.
16         (2) The development of proposals for administrative
17     restructuring of existing and future programs, policies,
18     and procedures to improve the mental health care delivery
19     system, including non-medical services such as
20     transportation, housing, education, and vocational
21     assistance, that are necessary for recovery and productive
22     community-based living for persons with mental illnesses,
23     which are achievable within resources available to the
24     State.
25         (3) An analysis of programmatic, procedural, and
26     fiscal impacts of any policies or practices recommended for



09500SB2656sam001 - 5 - LRB095 05409 DRJ 49215 a

1     adoption.
2         (4) Exploration of and recommendations as to methods to
3     secure sufficient funding, develop and manage cross-agency
4     (braided) funding, and administer and monitor all such
5     funding under the Division of Mental Health, as the State
6     Mental Health Authority, to provide community-based
7     services for persons needing mental health care services.
8         (5) Recommendations on strategies to educate the
9     public regarding identification of mental health care
10     needs, effective treatments for mental illness, and
11     methods of accessing services.
12     (f) In conducting the assessment of the current system,
13 developing the Comprehensive State Mental Health Plan, and
14 executing other work of the group, the Work Group shall:
15         (1) Review and incorporate all relevant work in
16     progress or which has been completed by State departments,
17     various statewide task forces, councils, commissions, and
18     other bodies that have convened to address related mental
19     health care issues.
20         (2) Consider all existing studies, reports, and
21     settlement agreements related to the Illinois system of
22     mental health services and supports.
23         (3) Obtain input from a broad range of stakeholders,
24     including consumers, their family members, advocates, and
25     private providers of services.
26         (4) Use consultation from nationally recognized



09500SB2656sam001 - 6 - LRB095 05409 DRJ 49215 a

1     experts and officials in other states in order to identify
2     promising or proven practices that are consumer-centered,
3     research-based, cost-effective, and applicable to
4     improving accessibility, capacity, quality, and financing
5     across all mental health care services and supports which
6     may be adaptable in Illinois.
7     (g) Upon approval of the Illinois Comprehensive State
8 Mental Health Plan, the Work Group shall continue to meet
9 quarterly to review progress in the implementation of the plan
10 and shall revise the plan as needed based on lessons learned,
11 stakeholder input, and advancements in best practices for the
12 delivery of mental health care services.
13     (h) All departments, commissions, boards, offices,
14 entities, agencies, and officers of the State of Illinois, or
15 any political subdivision thereof, are authorized and directed
16 to cooperate with the implementation of this amendatory Act of
17 the 95th General Assembly.".