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Full Text of SB0005  95th General Assembly


Sen. Carol Ronen

Filed: 5/8/2007





09500SB0005sam002 LRB095 08883 DRJ 35794 a


2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 5, AS AMENDED, with
3 reference to page and line numbers of Senate Amendment No. 1,
4 by replacing lines 20 through 23 on page 111, all of pages 112
5 through 117, and lines 1 through 6 on page 118 with the
6 following:

9     Section 30-1. Short title. This Article may be cited as the
10 Community Health Provider Targeted Expansion Act. All
11 references in this Article to "this Act" mean this Article.
12     Section 30-5. Definitions. In this Act:
13     "Community health provider site" means a site where a
14 community health provider provides or will provide primary
15 health care services (and, if applicable, specialty health care



09500SB0005sam002 - 2 - LRB095 08883 DRJ 35794 a

1 services) to targeted populations.
2     "Department" means the Department of Public Health.
3     "Medically underserved area" means an urban or rural area
4 designated by the Secretary of the United States Department of
5 Health and Human Services as an area with a shortage of
6 personal health services or as otherwise designated by the
7 Department of Public Health.
8     "Medically underserved population" means (i) the
9 population of an urban or rural area designated by the
10 Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human
11 Services as an area with a shortage of personal health services
12 or (ii) a population group designated by the Secretary as
13 having a shortage of those services or as otherwise designated
14 by the Department of Public Health.
15     "Primary health care services" means the following:
16         (1) Basic health services consisting of the following:
17             (A) Health services related to family medicine,
18         internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, or
19         gynecology that are furnished by physicians and, if
20         appropriate, physician assistants, nurse
21         practitioners, and nurse midwives.
22             (B) Diagnostic laboratory and radiologic services.
23             (C) Preventive health services, including the
24         following:
25                 (i) Prenatal and perinatal services.
26                 (ii) Screenings for breast and cervical



09500SB0005sam002 - 3 - LRB095 08883 DRJ 35794 a

1             cancer.
2                 (iii) Well-child services.
3                 (iv) Immunizations against vaccine-preventable
4             diseases.
5                 (v) Screenings for elevated blood lead levels,
6             communicable diseases, and cholesterol.
7                 (vi) Pediatric eye, ear, and dental screenings
8             to determine the need for vision and hearing
9             correction and dental care.
10                 (vii) Voluntary family planning services.
11                 (viii) Preventive dental services.
12             (D) Emergency medical services.
13             (E) Pharmaceutical services as appropriate for
14         particular health centers.
15         (2) Referrals to providers of medical services and
16     other health-related services (including addiction
17     treatment and mental health services).
18         (3) Patient case management services (including
19     counseling, referral, and follow-up services) and other
20     services designed to assist health provider patients in
21     establishing eligibility for and gaining access to
22     federal, State, and local programs that provide or
23     financially support the provision of medical, social,
24     educational, or other related services.
25         (4) Services that enable individuals to use the
26     services of the health provider (including outreach and



09500SB0005sam002 - 4 - LRB095 08883 DRJ 35794 a

1     transportation services and, if a substantial number of the
2     individuals in the population are of limited
3     English-speaking ability, the services of appropriate
4     personnel fluent in the language spoken by a predominant
5     number of those individuals).
6         (5) Education of patients and the general population
7     served by the health provider regarding the availability
8     and proper use of health services.
9         (6) Additional health services consisting of services
10     that are appropriate to meet the health needs of the
11     population served by the health provider involved and that
12     may include the following:
13             (A) Environmental health services, including the
14         following:
15                 (i) Detection and alleviation of unhealthful
16             conditions associated with water supply.
17                 (ii) Sewage treatment.
18                 (iii) Solid waste disposal.
19                 (iv) Detection and alleviation of rodent and
20             parasite infestation.
21                 (v) Field sanitation.
22                 (vi) Housing.
23                 (vii) Other environmental factors related to
24             health.
25             (B) Special occupation-related health services for
26         migratory and seasonal agricultural workers, including



09500SB0005sam002 - 5 - LRB095 08883 DRJ 35794 a

1         the following:
2                 (i) Screening for and control of infectious
3             diseases, including parasitic diseases.
4                 (ii) Injury prevention programs, which may
5             include prevention of exposure to unsafe levels of
6             agricultural chemicals, including pesticides.
7     "Specialty health care services" means health care
8 services, other than primary health care services, provided by
9 such specialists, as the Department may determine by rule.
10 "Specialty health care services" may include, without
11 limitation, dental services, mental health services,
12 behavioral health services, and optometry services.
13     "Targeted populations" means one or more of the following:
14 the medically underserved population, persons in a medically
15 underserved area, the uninsured population of this State and
16 persons enrolled in a means-tested healthcare program
17 administered by the Department of Healthcare and Family
18 Services.
19     "Uninsured population" means persons who do not own private
20 health care insurance, are not part of a group insurance plan,
21 and are not enrolled in any State or federal
22 government-sponsored means-tested healthcare program.
23     Section 30-10. Grants.
24     (a) The Department shall establish a community health
25 provider targeted expansion grant program and may make grants



09500SB0005sam002 - 6 - LRB095 08883 DRJ 35794 a

1 subject to appropriations. The grants shall be for the purpose
2 of (i) establishing new community health provider sites, (ii)
3 expanding primary health care services at existing community
4 health provider sites, or (iii) adding or expanding specialty
5 health care services at existing community health center sites,
6 in each case to serve one or more of the targeted populations
7 in this State. The Department may use up to 5% of the
8 appropriation for this program for administration of the
9 program.
10     (b) Grants under this Section shall be for a period not to
11 exceed 3 years. The Department may make new grants whenever the
12 total amount appropriated for grants is sufficient to fund both
13 the new grants and the grants already in effect.
14     (c) The Department shall consult with the Department of
15 Healthcare and Family Services and the Department of Human
16 Services to identify geographic areas of the State in need of
17 primary health services and specialty care services for one or
18 more targeted populations. The Department may target grants in
19 accordance with those identified needs, with respect to
20 geographic areas, categories of services or targeted
21 populations.
22     Section 30-15. Use of grant moneys. In accordance with
23 grant agreements respecting grants awarded under this Act, a
24 recipient of a grant may use the grant moneys to do any one or
25 more of the following:



09500SB0005sam002 - 7 - LRB095 08883 DRJ 35794 a

1         (1) Purchase equipment.
2         (2) Acquire a new physical location for the purpose of
3     delivering primary health care services or specialty
4     health care services.
5         (3) Hire and train staff.
6         (4) Develop new practice networks.
7         (5) Purchase services or products that shall
8     facilitate the provision of health care services at a
9     community health center site.
10     Section 30-20. Reporting. Within 60 days after the first
11 and second years of a grant under this Act, the grant recipient
12 must submit a progress report to the Department demonstrating
13 that the recipient is meeting the goals and objectives stated
14 in the grant, that grant moneys are being used for appropriate
15 purposes, and that residents of the community are being served
16 by the targeted expansions established with grant moneys.
17 Within 60 days after the final year of a grant under this Act,
18 the grant recipient must submit a final report to the
19 Department demonstrating that the recipient has met the goals
20 and objectives stated in the grant, that grant moneys were used
21 for appropriate purposes, and that residents of the community
22 are being served by the targeted expansions established with
23 grant moneys.
24     Section 30-25. Rules. The Department shall adopt rules it



09500SB0005sam002 - 8 - LRB095 08883 DRJ 35794 a

1 deems necessary for the efficient administration of this Act.".