State Government Administration Committee

Filed: 3/12/2008





09500HB4553ham001 LRB095 18293 WGH 47834 a


2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 4553 on page 2, by
3 inserting after line 19 the following:
4     "Section 20. No authority to make or promulgate rules.
5 Notwithstanding any other rulemaking authority that may exist,
6 neither the Governor nor any agency or agency head under the
7 jurisdiction of the Governor has any authority to make or
8 promulgate rules to implement or enforce the provisions of this
9 Act. If, however, the Governor believes that rules are
10 necessary to implement or enforce the provisions of this Act,
11 the Governor may suggest rules to the General Assembly by
12 filing them with the Clerk of the House and Secretary of the
13 Senate and by requesting that the General Assembly authorize
14 such rulemaking by law, enact those suggested rules into law,
15 or take any other appropriate action in the General Assembly's
16 discretion. Nothing contained in this Act shall be interpreted
17 to grant rulemaking authority under any other Illinois statute



09500HB4553ham001 - 2 - LRB095 18293 WGH 47834 a

1 where such authority is not otherwise explicitly given. For the
2 purposes of this Act, "rules" is given the meaning contained in
3 Section 1-70 of the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act, and
4 "agency" and "agency head" are given the meanings contained in
5 Sections 1-20 and 1-25 of the Illinois Administrative Procedure
6 Act to the extent that such definitions apply to agencies or
7 agency heads under the jurisdiction of the Governor.".