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1     AN ACT concerning education.
2     Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3 represented in the General Assembly:
4     Section 1. Short title. This Act may be cited as the
5 Illinois Health Policy Center Act.
6     Section 5. Legislative intent. Illinois legislators and
7 other governmental officials are charged with an increasingly
8 complex task of creating and implementing laws and regulations
9 to advance the health and health care of the people of
10 Illinois. The challenge has grown because of escalating costs
11 of health care that take an increasingly large share of State
12 resources and because of the increasingly complex nature of
13 treating illnesses that makes monitoring and ensuring quality
14 more difficult.
15     As Illinois' statewide public institution of higher
16 learning, with the nation's largest medical school, and
17 graduate programs in health and public policy, health services
18 research, pharmacy, public administration, and health
19 economics, the University of Illinois has the breadth and depth
20 of expertise as well as a mission to serve as an authoritative
21 and objective information resource to the legislative branches
22 of government and to State agencies.



HB3286 Re-Enrolled - 2 - LRB095 06739 NHT 26853 b

1     Section 10. Center created; goals.
2     (a) The Illinois Health Policy Center is created within the
3 University of Illinois, to be sponsored by the University of
4 Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine and the University of
5 Illinois Institute of Government and Public Affairs. In
6 implementing this Act, the University shall also consult with
7 and seek the participation of all other public universities in
8 Illinois.
9     (b) The goals of the Illinois Health Policy Center are:
10         (1) To support legislators and other government
11     officials in developing and implementing health policy to
12     address critical issues facing the State of Illinois.
13         (2) To focus on identifying "best practices"
14     appropriate for Illinois through careful and objective
15     review of the latest scientific research and through
16     comparative analyses of other states' policies.
17     Section 15. Center's duties. The Illinois Health Policy
18 Center shall do the following:
19         (1) Respond to requests from State government
20     officials and agencies requiring analytical support and
21     guidance in matters related to the development and
22     implementation of health policy.
23         (2) Provide data collection, data analysis, program
24     planning, program implementation, and program evaluation.
25         (3) Identify critical issues in health policy in need



HB3286 Re-Enrolled - 3 - LRB095 06739 NHT 26853 b

1     of timely action.
2         (4) Produce timely and objective information to help
3     guide policy development and implementation.
4         (5) Operate a phone line and interactive website
5     available to legislative staff or other policymakers
6     seeking rapid and timely information.
7         (6) Pursue a research agenda that focuses on State
8     health care policy.
9     Section 20. Advisory Panel.
10     (a) The Illinois Health Policy Center Advisory Panel is
11 created. The Advisory Panel shall consist of 13 members as
12 follows:
13         (1) Four legislators, appointed one each by the
14     President of the Senate, the Minority Leader of the Senate,
15     the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the
16     Minority Leader of the House of Representatives.
17         (2) One representative of each of the following groups,
18     appointed by consensus of the President of the Senate, the
19     Minority Leader of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of
20     Representatives, and the Minority Leader of the House of
21     Representatives upon the recommendations of those 4
22     legislative leaders: hospitals; medical societies; managed
23     care companies; and insurance companies.
24         (3) One representative of patient advocacy groups,
25     appointed by the Governor.



HB3286 Re-Enrolled - 4 - LRB095 06739 NHT 26853 b

1         (4) The Director of the Department of Human Services,
2     or his designee.
3         (5) The Director of the Department of Healthcare and
4     Family Services, or his designee.
5         (6) The Director of the Department of Public Health, or
6     his designee.
7         (7) One additional member, appointed by the Governor.
8     (b) The Advisory Panel shall provide advice and oversight
9 concerning the creation and operation of the Illinois Health
10 Policy Center.
11     (c) The Illinois Health Policy Center shall submit a report
12 each calendar year to the Governor and the General Assembly.
13 The report shall contain:
14         (1) An itemized list of the source and amount of funds
15     of the Illinois Health Policy Center.
16         (2) An itemized list of expenditures made by the
17     Illinois Health Policy Center.
18         (3) A summary of research activities undertaken since
19     the submission of the preceding report.
20         (4) A description of advocacy activities undertaken
21     since the submission of the preceding report.