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Full Text of HB1557  95th General Assembly


Rep. Edward J. Acevedo

Filed: 4/25/2007





09500HB1557ham002 LRB095 06782 RLC 35278 a


2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 1557, AS AMENDED, by
3 replacing clause (v) of paragraph (2) of Sec. 3-6-3 of Section
4 5 with the following:
5             "(v) that a person serving a sentence for
6         gunrunning, narcotics racketeering, controlled
7         substance trafficking, methamphetamine trafficking,
8         drug-induced homicide, aggravated
9         methamphetamine-related child endangerment, money
10         laundering pursuant to clause (c) (4) or (5) of Section
11         29B-1 of the Criminal Code of 1961, or a Class X felony
12         conviction for delivery of a controlled substance,
13         possession of a controlled substance with intent to
14         manufacture or deliver, calculated criminal drug
15         conspiracy, criminal drug conspiracy, street gang
16         criminal drug conspiracy, participation in
17         methamphetamine manufacturing, aggravated
18         participation in methamphetamine manufacturing,



09500HB1557ham002 - 2 - LRB095 06782 RLC 35278 a

1         delivery of methamphetamine, possession with intent to
2         deliver methamphetamine, aggravated delivery of
3         methamphetamine, aggravated possession with intent to
4         deliver methamphetamine, methamphetamine conspiracy
5         when the substance containing the controlled substance
6         or methamphetamine is 100 grams or more shall receive
7         no more than 7.5 days good conduct credit for each
8         month of his or her sentence of imprisonment.".