Sen. William R. Haine

Filed: 5/18/2005





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2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 930 by replacing
3 everything after the enacting clause with the following:
4     "Section 5. The Illinois Plumbing License Law is amended by
5 changing Sections 18 and 37 as follows:
6     (225 ILCS 320/18)  (from Ch. 111, par. 1117)
7     Sec. 18. Local regulation; Department standards.
8     (1) It is hereby declared to be the policy of this State
9 that each city, town, village, township or county with a water
10 supply system or sewage disposal system or both should so soon
11 after the enactment of this Act as practicable, with the advice
12 of the State Department of Public Health, provide by ordinance,
13 bylaws or rules and regulations for the materials,
14 construction, alteration, and inspection of all plumbing
15 placed in or in connection with any building in any such city,
16 town, village, township, or county and to provide for and
17 appoint a competent Plumbing Inspector or more as required. The
18 Department may by rule establish voluntary standards for the
19 content and conduct of local plumbing regulation and inspection
20 programs and may evaluate and certify local programs that are
21 in compliance with the voluntary standards. The Department may
22 by rule establish voluntary education, training, and
23 experience standards for Plumbing Inspectors and may certify
24 Plumbing Inspectors who are in compliance with the voluntary



09400HB0930sam002 - 2 - LRB094 07288 RAS 46800 a

1 standards. Nothing contained in this Act shall prohibit any
2 city, town, village, township or county from providing for a
3 Plumbing Inspector or from requiring permits for the
4 installation and repair of plumbing and collecting a fee
5 therefor, but a city, town, village, township, or county that
6 requires a permit for installation and repair of plumbing may
7 not issue that permit without verification that the applicant
8 has a valid plumbing license or that the applicant is the owner
9 occupant of a single family residence that is the subject of
10 the permit. For the purpose of this Section, the term
11 "occupant" has the same meaning as in subsection (2) of Section
12 3 of this Act. No person shall be appointed as a Plumbing
13 Inspector who is not a licensed plumber under this Act,
14 including persons employed as Plumbing Inspectors in home rule
15 units.
16     (2) The Department of Public Health shall conduct inquiry
17 in any city, town, village, township, or county or at any other
18 place in the State when reasonably necessary in the judgment of
19 the Director of the Department of Public Health to safeguard
20 the health of any person or persons in this State, on account
21 of piping or appurtenant appliances within any building, or
22 outside, when such piping and appliances are for the use of
23 plumbing as defined in this Act and for the use of carrying
24 sewage or waste within or from any building.
25     The Department of Public Health may conduct such inquiries
26 in any city, town, village, township or county in this State by
27 directing the Plumbing Inspector thereof to aid in or conduct
28 such inquiry or investigation in behalf of the Department of
29 Public Health or the Department of Public Health may designate
30 some other person or persons to conduct such investigation.
31 (Source: P.A. 90-714, eff. 8-7-98.)
32     (225 ILCS 320/37)  (from Ch. 111, par. 1135)
33     Sec. 37. Each governmental unit which is authorized to



09400HB0930sam002 - 3 - LRB094 07288 RAS 46800 a

1 adopt and has adopted any ordinance or resolution regulating
2 plumbing may provide for its administration and enforcement by
3 requiring permits for any plumbing system installation, the
4 inspection of plumbing system installations by inspectors who
5 are licensed as plumbers in accordance with the Illinois
6 Plumbing License Law, and the issue of certificates of approval
7 or compliance which shall be evidence that a plumbing system
8 has been installed in compliance with the Code of standards so
9 adopted.
10     A letter of intent shall be included with all plumbing
11 permit applications. The letter shall be written on the
12 licensed plumber of record's business stationery and shall
13 include the license holder's signature and, if the license
14 holder is incorporated, the license holder's corporate seal. If
15 the license holder is not incorporated, the letter must be
16 notarized.
17     A governmental unit authorized to adopt regulations may, by
18 ordinance or resolution, prescribe reasonable fees for the
19 issue of permits for installation work, the issue of
20 certificates of compliance or approval, and for the inspection
21 of plumbing installations.
22 (Source: P.A. 79-1000.)
23     Section 99. Effective date. This Act takes effect upon
24 becoming law.".