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Full Text of HB0594  94th General Assembly


Sen. Mike Jacobs

Filed: 5/3/2005





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2     AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend House Bill 594 on page 1,
3 between lines 11 and 12, by inserting the following:
4     ""Emergency" or "response to an emergency" means a
5 situation or an immediate response to a situation to protect
6 public health or safety. "Emergency" or "response to an
7 emergency" does not mean removal of contaminated soils,
8 recovery of free product, or financial hardship. An "emergency"
9 or "response to an emergency" would normally be expected to be
10 directly related to a sudden event or discovery and would last
11 until the threat to public health is mitigated."; and
12 by replacing line 33 on page 2 through line 3 on page 3 with the
13 following:
14     "(50 ILCS 748/20)
15     Sec. 20. Applicability. This Act applies only to public and
16 private employers that employ at least 50 or more individuals
17 in Illinois, and to their employees who are volunteer emergency
18 workers for a municipality municipalities with a population of
19 3,500 or less.
20 (Source: P.A. 93-1027, eff. 8-25-04.)".