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SR2075LRB100 23938 MST 43011 r


2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois Senate are saddened to
3learn of the death of Robert Ross "Bob" Shapland Sr. of Savoy,
4who passed away on September 26, 2018; and
5    WHEREAS, Bob Shapland was a longtime resident of the
6Champaign-Urbana area; he attended University Avenue Grade
7School and Champaign High School; he graduated with high honors
8from the University of Illinois, where he earned a Bachelor of
9Science in Civil Engineering in 1946; while serving in the
10United States Navy as a pilot, he married Nell Ruth O'Byrne;
12    WHEREAS, Bob Shapland was instrumental in the growth of
13Champaign; in 1955, he founded Lincolnshire Realty, purchased a
14tract of farmland, and personally laid out the streets and
15designed the infrastructure for the Lincolnshire subdivision;
16his firm then purchased a second tract of land and developed
17Lincolnshire Fields subdivision, and he personally performed
18the infrastructure design work once again; because he loved the
19game of golf, he also hired a golf course architect to
20incorporate a golf course into the fabric of the development;
22    WHEREAS, Bob Shapland was a longtime member of the Rotary



SR2075- 2 -LRB100 23938 MST 43011 r

1Club and a lifetime member of the American Legion Post 24; he
2was a talented artist and lifelong sports fan, who attended the
3inaugural all-star baseball game in Chicago in 1933; he was
4highly principled and had a generous nature and a wry sense of
5humor; he was a dedicated supporter of his children's many
6activities; most of all, he was a devoted husband; and
7    WHEREAS, Bob Shapland was preceded in death by his wife of
861 years, Nell; his brothers, John, Earl, and James; and many
9of his friends, including Jack O'Byrne, Roy Hoppe, and John
10McBride; and
11    WHEREAS, Bob Shapland is survived by his children, Jon
12(Marsha) Shapland, Bob (Whitney) Shapland Jr., Tom (Lucy)
13Shapland, Sheri Shapland, Susan (Dan) Shapland Katsion, and
14Rebecca (Rich) Shapland Cline; his brother, George; his 20
15grandchildren; and his 18 great-grandchildren; therefore, be
18ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we mourn the passing of
19Robert Ross "Bob" Shapland Sr. and extend our sincere
20condolences to his family, friends, and all who knew and loved
21him; and be it further
22    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be



SR2075- 3 -LRB100 23938 MST 43011 r

1presented to the family of Bob Shapland as an expression of our
2deepest sympathy.