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HR0180LRB100 08693 MST 22508 r


2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives wish to congratulate the Sloan Valve Company,
4located in Franklin Park, on the occasion of its 110th
5anniversary; and
6    WHEREAS, In 1867, William Elvis Sloan, known as W.E., was
7born in Liberty, Missouri; his mother passed away when he was
8in the fourth grade, and so he started working on local
9construction sites to help support his family; and
10    WHEREAS, By the time he was a teenager, W.E. Sloan was an
11experienced pipefitter with a curious mind and a strong work
12ethic; in his twenties, he moved to the growing metropolis of
13Chicago in search of new opportunities; and
14    WHEREAS, W.E. Sloan was an inventor first and foremost,
15always looking for ways to improve the world around him; he
16focused on construction and plumbing; and
17    WHEREAS, In 1906, W.E. Sloan patented an innovative
18plumbing fixture, the Flushometer, that forever changed the way
19public restrooms were constructed; and
20    WHEREAS, In 1914, Weeghman Park, later named Wrigley Field,



HR0180- 2 -LRB100 08693 MST 22508 r

1was built using the flushometer, beginning a long relationship
2between Sloan Valve Co. and the Chicago Cubs; and
3    WHEREAS, In 1915, Sloan Valve Co. was recognized for its
4innovation and given the prestigious San Francisco Award in
5Engineering; contractors around the world began seeing the
6value of flushometers with sales increasing from $44,000 in
71912, to $385,000 in 1916; and
8    WHEREAS, On April 6, 1917, the United States joined the
9fight in World War I; W.E. Sloan decided to make his products
10with new materials, such as porcelain for handles, plastic for
11internal parts, and cast iron to replace the brass used to
12construct the body of the flush valve; and
13    WHEREAS, As a result of the boost to the economy when the
14war ended, Sloan Valve Co. opened its first production plant on
15Lake Street in Chicago; and
16    WHEREAS, In 1929, the stock market crashed beginning the
17Great Depression; W.E. Sloan managed to keep the company
18operating by cutting his salary in half and cashing in his life
19insurance policy to keep his employees working; and
20    WHEREAS, There are stories of W.E. Sloan anonymously
21sending supplies and food to his workers during the toughest



HR0180- 3 -LRB100 08693 MST 22508 r

1years of the depression; and
2    WHEREAS, At the beginning World War II, Sloan Valve Co.
3played an important role in the war effort by supplying flush
4valves to the United States Naval Fleet and military training
5facilities; and
6    WHEREAS, The Sloan Valve Co. factory was retooled to
7produce detonators and fuses for artillery shells; with the
8majority of men off at war, the company hired women to work the
9factory floor; and
10    WHEREAS, W.E. Sloan remained Chairman of the Board of Sloan
11Valve Co. until his death at the age of 92; his grandson, Chuck
12Allen, played an important role in keeping the company relevant
13after his grandfather's death and after many of the original
14company employees moved on; and
15    WHEREAS, In 1964, Sloan Valve Co. opened a new foundry in
16Melrose Park, considered the most modern brass foundry of its
17time; and
18    WHEREAS, In 1971, Sloan Valve Co. moved its center of
19operations to Franklin Park, where it remains today; and
20    WHEREAS, In 1977, Chuck Allen was promoted to the office of



HR0180- 4 -LRB100 08693 MST 22508 r

1President; Sloan Valve Co. continued to grow throughout the
21980s; and
3    WHEREAS, Sloan Valve Co. has been committed to water
4efficiency since its founding; the Water Efficiency Department
5was opened in 2000; and
6    WHEREAS, In 2008, Chuck Allen was promoted to Executive
7Chairman of the Board and his three sons, Kirk, Jim, and Graham
8Allen, took over the office of the President; W.E. Sloan's
9great-grandsons had been working for the company in various
10capacities since they were teenagers, from sales reps to
11sweeping the shop floor, they had done it all; and
12    WHEREAS, Running a family business has its unique
13struggles; each generation must bring something new to the
14company; Kirk, Jim, and Graham have helped Sloan Valve Co.
15become a leader in green technology, building upon the idea
16that water is our planet's most precious resource and should
17not be squandered or polluted; and
18    WHEREAS, Sloan Valve Co. has won many awards for its
19conservation efforts including a Green Power Leadership Award
20from the United States Environmental Protection Agency; and
21    WHEREAS, Sloan Valve Co. became the official Water



HR0180- 5 -LRB100 08693 MST 22508 r

1Efficiency Partner for the Chicago Cubs in 2015, and has been
2given the chance to install all Sloan products during the
3historic restoration and expansion of Wrigley Field as part of
4the 1060 project; and
5    WHEREAS, The legendary ballpark, currently undergoing an
6extensive restoration with architects, VOA Associates, is
7being outfitted exclusively with Sloan faucets and
8flushometers; the featured restroom, located 50 yards from the
9main entrance on the third base line, is the largest public
10restroom in Wrigley Field, designed for high traffic use on
11game day; this is in addition to the other Sloan products in
12all of the park's restrooms; and
13    WHEREAS, The relationship between Sloan Valve Co. and the
14Chicago Cubs grew even stronger in 2015 when Sloan became a
15Legacy Partner of the Chicago Cubs; the team's training field
16in Mesa, Arizona was renamed Sloan Park, and has become the
17perfect showcase for Sloan's newest and greenest products; and
18    WHEREAS, Sloan Valve Co. continues to build a global brand
19synonymous with sustainability, energy conservation, and water
20efficient products, with green innovations that include solar
21powered technologies and all-in-one sink systems; it also
22designs upscale commercial restrooms, with more stylish and
23contemporary product options that are as beautiful as they are



HR0180- 6 -LRB100 08693 MST 22508 r

1sustainable; therefore, be it
4congratulate Sloan Valve Co. on its 110th Anniversary and wish
5them continued success in creating quality products that
6promote water conservation; and be it further
7    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
8presented to Sloan Valve Co. as a symbol of our esteem and