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Full Text of HR0120  100th General Assembly




HR0120LRB100 08042 MST 18127 r


2    WHEREAS, The development of distributed databases and
3ledgers protected against revision by publicly-verifiable open
4source cryptographic algorithms, and protected from data loss
5by distributed records sharing, colloquially called
6"blockchain", has reached a point where the opportunities for
7efficiency, cost savings, and cybersecurity deserve
8legislative study; and
9    WHEREAS, Blockchain technology is a promising way to
10facilitate a transition to more efficient government service
11delivery models and economies of scale, including facilitating
12safe, paperless transactions, and permanent recordkeeping
13immune to cyber-attacks, and data destruction; and
14    WHEREAS, Blockchain technology can reduce the prevalence
15of government's disparate, computer systems, databases, and
16custom-built software interfaces, reducing costs associated
17with maintenance and implementation and allowing more regions
18of the state to participate in electronic government services;
20    WHEREAS, Nations and municipalities across the world are
21studying and implementing government reforms that bolster
22trust and reduce bureaucracy through verifiable open source



HR0120- 2 -LRB100 08042 MST 18127 r

1blockchain technology in a variety of use cases from medical
2records, land records, banking, and property auctions; and
3    WHEREAS, The State of Illinois, through the recently
4created Illinois Blockchain Initiative, has promoted a
5collaborative regulatory exchange with technology firms,
6software developers, and service providers, so that if
7regulation is needed, it will be the product of a collaborative
8and proactive approach, with the goal of encouraging economic
9development through innovation; therefore, be it
12is created the Illinois Legislative Blockchain and Distributed
13Ledger Task Force to study how and if State, county, and
14municipal governments can benefit from a transition to a
15blockchain based system for recordkeeping and service
16delivery; and be it further
17    RESOLVED, That the Task Force will consist of the following
19        (1) two members appointed by the Speaker of the House,
20    one who shall be designated as Co-Chairperson;
21        (2) two members appointed by the House Minority Leader;



HR0120- 3 -LRB100 08042 MST 18127 r

1        (3) two members appointed by the President of the
2    Senate, one who shall be designated as Co-Chairperson;
3        (4) two members appointed by the Senate Minority
4    Leader;
5        (5) one member appointed by the Cook County Recorder of
6        Deeds;
7        (6) one member appointed by the Illinois Department of
8    Financial and Professional Regulation;
9        (7) one member appointed by the state Division of
10    Banking; and
11        (8) one member appointed by the Secretary of State; and
12    be it further
13    RESOLVED, That all appointments shall be confirmed by both
14Co-Chairpersons; and be it further
15    RESOLVED, That all appointments to the Task Force shall be
16made within 60 days after the adoption of this resolution;
17vacancies in the Task Force shall be filled by their respective
18appointing authorities within 30 days after the vacancy occurs;



HR0120- 4 -LRB100 08042 MST 18127 r

1and be it further
2    RESOLVED, That the Task Force members shall serve without
3compensation; and be it further
4    RESOLVED, That the Task Force shall receive the assistance
5of legislative staff, may employ skilled experts with the
6approval of the Co-Chairpersons, and shall receive the
7cooperation of any State agencies it deems appropriate to
8assist the Task Force in carrying out its duties; and be it
10    RESOLVED, That the members of the Task Force shall be
11considered members with voting rights; a quorum of the Task
12Force shall consist of a majority of the members; and be it
14    RESOLVED, That the Task Force shall meet initially at the
15call of the Co-Chairpersons, no later than 90 days after the
16adoption of this resolution, and shall thereafter meet at the
17call of the Co-Chairpersons; and be it further
18    RESOLVED, That the General Assembly shall provide
19administrative and other support to the Task Force; and be it



HR0120- 5 -LRB100 08042 MST 18127 r

1    RESOLVED, That the Task Force shall research, analyze, and
3        (1) Opportunities and risks associated with using
4    blockchain and distributed ledger technology;
5        (2) Different types of blockchains, both public and
6    private, and different consensus algorithms;
7        (3) Projects and use cases currently under development
8    in other states and nations, and how those cases could be
9    applied in Illinois;
10        (4) How current State laws can be modified to support
11    secure, paperless recordkeeping;
12        (5) The State Public Key Infrastructure and digital
13    signatures; and
14        (6) Official reports and recommendations from the
15    Illinois Blockchain Initiative; and be it further
16    RESOLVED, That the Task Force shall present its findings
17and recommendations to the General Assembly in a report on or
18before January 1, 2018.