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Full Text of HJR0083  100th General Assembly




HJ0083LRB100 15317 MST 30271 r


2    WHEREAS, The recent stream of #METOO in news feeds on
3social media sites has encouraged women to publicly acknowledge
4acts ranging from micro-aggressions to pure viciousness; and
5    WHEREAS, Every industry has its own version of the 'casting
6couch', and in Illinois, women who work in government and
7politics are painfully aware that sexism and misogyny are alive
8and well; and
9    WHEREAS, It has been reported and secretly known for some
10time that some male legislators, lobbyists, and staffers use
11their influence and power inappropriately when interacting
12with female legislators, lobbyists, and staffers; and
13    WHEREAS, No woman should have to contend with anyone who
14intimates that her professional assent is solely dependent on
15how quickly she responds to unwanted advances; and
16    WHEREAS, No female legislator, lobbyist, legislative
17staffer or campaign worker should feel abused, threatened,
18extorted, or forced to engage in sex while doing their job; and
19    WHEREAS, With each act of aggression, a woman internalizes
20the idea that she is not enough, that she somehow deserves



HJ0083- 2 -LRB100 15317 MST 30271 r

1this, that the only way to get ahead is to endure this type of
2dehumanizing behavior, with a smile no less; and
3    WHEREAS, It is a truly exhausting and an utterly defeating
4way to live, and no woman should have to endure it, especially
5under the guise of doing public work; and
6    WHEREAS, When women choose to leave careers in public
7service due to harassment and sexual misconduct, all
8Illinoisans suffer the loss of their commitment to creating a
9better Illinois; and
10    WHEREAS, Every woman in every industry, regardless of age,
11race, physical appearance, gender expression, socioeconomic
12status, or sexual orientation, has a #METOO story; and
13    WHEREAS, Many women have not felt safe enough to share on
14social media because the truth can still cost you your career
15unless enough of us speak up; and
16    WHEREAS, Despite the fact that members of the General
17Assembly have adopted policies against sexual harassment in the
18workplace and training is available, the culture of harassment
19persists and extends beyond those subject to such policies; and
20    WHEREAS, The women of the Illinois General Assembly have



HJ0083- 3 -LRB100 15317 MST 30271 r

1been empowered by the brave women who represent us all and have
2taken a stand; and
3    WHEREAS, The time has come for us to raise our collective
4voices, share our stories, and say #NOMORE; therefore, be it
7CONCURRING HEREIN, that those supporting this resolution are
8committed to saying #IWILL do better and I will work with my
9colleagues to change the culture that breeds such behavior; and
10be it further
11    RESOLVED, That the members of the General Assembly work to
12find solutions and ways to change the culture of sexual
13harassment in Springfield and throughout politics in Illinois;
14and be it further
15    RESOLVED, That in this upcoming election cycle, we say
16#NOMORE and commit to challenging every elected official, every
17candidate, every staffer, and every participant in our
18democratic process who is culpable to do better and say
19#NOMORE; and be it further
20    RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be
21presented to every member of the General Assembly, the Illinois



HJ0083- 4 -LRB100 15317 MST 30271 r

1Congressional Delegation, and the President of the United