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2    WHEREAS, It is the intent of the members of the Illinois
3Senate to recognize and honor those distinguished officers and
4citizens who would devote themselves to public service,
5demonstrating great courage and diligence in providing for the
6care of the citizens of their communities and this State; and
7    WHEREAS, There is a need to show law enforcement and other
8first responders that our citizens recognize and honor the
9difficult job they do in public service for all of us; and
10    WHEREAS, Firefighters and police officers dedicate and
11risk their lives in the protection of life and property to
12ensure that their communities are as safe as possible and are
13deserving of thanks for their contributions to our criminal
14justice system and our public safety; and
15    WHEREAS, Firefighters, police officers, and first
16responders not only are often valued, trusted, and upstanding
17members of our communities, but are also brothers, fathers,
18sisters, mothers, and siblings; and
19    WHEREAS, The National Fire Protection Association
20estimates that there are currently 1,140,750 local
21firefighters in the United States, of whom 354,600 are career



SR0527- 2 -LRB099 12320 GRL 35412 r

1firefighters and 786,150 are volunteer firefighters; and
2    WHEREAS, The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates there
3are 461,000 sworn local police officers in the United States;
5    WHEREAS, Nearly 60,000 assaults against law enforcement
6officers are reported each year, resulting in approximately
716,000 injuries; over 30 firefighters have also been killed in
8the line of duty in 2015; and
9    WHEREAS, In Illinois, there are 877 law enforcement
10agencies employing 41,277 sworn police officers and 1,126 fire
11departments employing 18,421 firefighters; and
12    WHEREAS, In 1962, President John F. Kennedy proclaimed the
13calendar week in which May 15 falls as National Peace Officer
14Memorial Week to pay special recognition to those law
15enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of
16duty for the safety and protection of others; therefore, be it
18ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we designate May 14,
192015 as Police, Firefighter, and First Responder Appreciation
20Day in the State of Illinois and urge all Illinoisans to
21recognize and honor those whose unwavering commitment to public



SR0527- 3 -LRB099 12320 GRL 35412 r

1safety has earned them our great esteem and admiration.