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2    WHEREAS, On August 14, 1945, the people of the United
3States received word of the end of World War II and greeted the
4news of the Allies' noble victory with joyous celebration,
5humility, and spiritual reflection; and
6    WHEREAS, The victory marked the culmination of an
7unprecedented national effort that defeated the forces of
8aggression, brought freedom to subjugated nations, and ended
9the horrors of the Holocaust; and
10    WHEREAS, These historic accomplishments were achieved
11through the collective service and personal sacrifice of the
12people of the United States, both those who served in uniform
13and those who supported them on the home front; more than
14400,000 Americans gave their lives in service to their country
15during World War II; and
16    WHEREAS, The date of August 14, 1945 marked not only the
17end of the war but also the beginning of an unprecedented era
18of rebuilding led by the United States to restore the societies
19of both its allies and former foes alike, as well as the
20formation of an array of organizations and institutions that
21helped to strengthen American democracy by promoting civic
22engagement, volunteerism, and service to community and



SR0052- 2 -LRB099 04340 GRL 24367 r

1country; and
2    WHEREAS, The courage, dedication, self-sacrifice, and
3compassion of the "ordinary heroes" of the World War II
4generation continue to inspire our nation, especially those men
5and women who are currently serving around the world protecting
6our country; and
7    WHEREAS, The entire World War II generation, military and
8civilian alike, has provided a model of national unity and
9community that will continue to serve as a source of
10inspiration for current and future generations of Americans to
11come together to work for the continued prosperity of the
12United States and the world; therefore, be it
14ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we encourage the
15citizens of this State to remember both those who served in
16uniform and those who supported them on the home front during
17World War II; and be it further
18    RESOLVED, That we designate the third Saturday of August in
192015 as "Spirit of '45 Day" in the State of Illinois to
20commemorate the anniversary of the end of World War II on
21August 14, 1945.