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HR1462LRB099 23882 GRL 51409 r


2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives are pleased to congratulate Dr. Edna
4Rowery-Allen on the occasion of the establishment of an
5educational scholarship for high school students in her name;
7    WHEREAS, Dr. Edna Rowery-Allen, a lifelong resident of East
8St. Louis, has been an influential, inspirational, and
9exceptional pillar in the development and the implementation of
10gifted education in East St. Louis School District 189; and
11    WHEREAS, Dr. Edna Rowery-Allen has worked tirelessly with
12other educators in School District 189 to provide an
13educational environment that would meet the needs of gifted
14students; what was formerly a pull-out program became the
15avenue utilized for meeting those needs; and
16    WHEREAS, Throughout the course of her educational career,
17Dr. Edna Rowery-Allen has promoted the importance of a
18differentiated curriculum for students who were identified for
19participation in the gifted program; and
20    WHEREAS, Dr. Edna Rowery-Allen has dedicated a lifetime of
21service to advocating for the welfare of gifted students at the



HR1462- 2 -LRB099 23882 GRL 51409 r

1State and local levels; to accomplish this, she solicited the
2support of State legislators, the Illinois State Board of
3Education, the East St. Louis Board of Education, and District
4Administrators to approve the implementation of self-contained
5gifted classrooms for grades one through three, which were
6created at the Martin Van Lucas Elementary School in 1980; the
7success of the first three classes led to the creation of three
8additional classes at the elementary level; the self-contained
9classroom concept was later implemented at the middle school
10and high school levels in School District 189; and
11    WHEREAS, The success of the self-contained classroom
12concept became evident in 1989 when the East St. Louis School
13Board voted to rename A. M. Jackson Elementary School as the A.
14M. Jackson Math and Science Academy; six classes at Lucas
15Elementary School, grades one through eight, moved into the new
16site at the A. M. Jackson Math and Science Academy; and
17    WHEREAS, The great success of Dr. Edna Rowery-Allen is
18based on the solid foundation instilled in her by her parents,
19her commitment to her husband, children, grandchildren, and
20great-grandchildren, and her faith; she is well-known
21throughout School District 189 for her loving heart, her kind
22spirit, and her willingness to give so much of herself to the
23boys and girls of the school district and the community she
24serves; and



HR1462- 3 -LRB099 23882 GRL 51409 r

1    WHEREAS, The Edna Rowery-Allen Scholarship has been
2established in honor of her work in School District 189; the
3scholarship will be awarded annually to high school graduates
4in School District 189 who demonstrate outstanding leadership
5and academic abilities; therefore, be it
8congratulate Dr. Edna Rowery-Allen on the occasion of the
9establishment of an educational scholarship for high school
10students in her name and thank her for her work in the
11community; and be it further
12    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
13presented to Dr. Edna Rowery-Allen as a symbol of our esteem
14and respect.