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Full Text of HR1104  99th General Assembly




HR1104LRB099 21212 GRL 46604 r


2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives are pleased to honor Illinois State
4Representative Don Moffitt for his unwavering support and years
5of dedication to the Illinois fire service; and
6    WHEREAS, Representative Moffitt earned a bachelor's degree
7in Agricultural Education and Economics from the University of
8Illinois; and
9    WHEREAS, After serving as Knox County Treasurer, Knox
10County Board Chairman, and Mayor and Alderman of Oneida,
11Representative Moffitt was elected to the House of
12Representatives in 1992; and
13    WHEREAS, In 2002, Representative Moffitt was appointed
14Co-Chair of the Illinois House of Representatives Fire
15Protection Task Force; and
16    WHEREAS, Representative Moffitt was the primary founder of
17the General Assembly's bipartisan Fire Caucus, made up of
18legislators who work with leaders of the fire service to
19promote, preserve, foster, and protect the pursuits of the fire
20service in Illinois; he has served as the Fire Caucus Co-Chair
21since its formation in 2004; and



HR1104- 2 -LRB099 21212 GRL 46604 r

1    WHEREAS, Representative Moffitt's leadership and hard work
2resulted in the passage of dozens of laws which he sponsored or
3co-sponsored that are aimed at improving fire service delivery,
4including the creation of the Fire Truck Revolving Loan Program
5and the Fire Service Small Equipment Grant Program, increasing
6penalties for arsonists, requiring any cigarettes sold in
7Illinois to be self-extinguishing, requiring fire sprinklers
8in all dormitories and Greek housing, allowing fire departments
9to receive tax free motor fuel for fire trucks, updating and
10improving fair and equitable hiring and promotional processes
11for career fire departments, allowing active military to
12continue to apply for firefighter positions if they reach
13maximum age, saving the Fire Prevention Fund from a $20 million
14fund raid, and reinstating and increasing funding for
15firefighter training; and
16    WHEREAS, From 2007 to 2011, Representative Moffitt's
17spirit of bipartisanship was exemplified when, as a member of
18the minority party, he was appointed to serve as the Chairman
19of the House Fire Protection Committee; and
20    WHEREAS, Representative Moffitt served as Co-Chair of the
21EMS Task Force, which held nearly two years of hearings across
22the State and took an in-depth look into the funding and
23service delivery of the Emergency Medical System in Illinois;



HR1104- 3 -LRB099 21212 GRL 46604 r

2    WHEREAS, Representative Moffitt's strong commitment to
3fire safety has earned him numerous awards, including
4"Legislator of the Year" awards in 2002 from the Illinois
5Association of Fire Protection Districts, in 2003 from both the
6Illinois Firefighter's Association and the Illinois Fire
7Chiefs Association, in 2004 from the Northern Illinois Alliance
8of Fire Protection Districts, and in 2014 from both the
9Emergency Medical Technicians Association and the EMS
10Alliance; he most recently received a Lifetime Achievement
11Award on behalf of the Northern Illinois Association of Fire
12Protection Districts; and
13    WHEREAS, Representative Moffitt's tireless devotion to the
14fire service is a family affair, with his son Justin serving as
15a firefighter with the Galesburg Fire Department and his wife
16Carolyn patiently accompanying Don on endless trips across the
17State to his early morning, evening, and weekend fire service
18meetings; and
19    WHEREAS, Thanks to Representative Moffitt's nearly 25-year
20legacy of improving public safety in Illinois, injuries will
21continued to be prevented and lives will be saved for
22generations to come; therefore, be it



HR1104- 4 -LRB099 21212 GRL 46604 r

3honor Illinois State Representative Don Moffitt for his
4leadership of the Illinois Legislative Fire Caucus and thank
5him for his work on behalf of the Illinois fire service; and be
6it further
7    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
8presented to Representative Moffitt as an expression of our
9esteem and respect.