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HR1039LRB099 20802 MST 45508 r


2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives are pleased to congratulate Marian Krupicka on
4being named the City of Darien 2016 Citizen of the Year; and
5    WHEREAS, Marian Krupicka freely gives her time and talents
6to many causes in Darien; her willingness to serve and help
7others have made her a role model for all to follow; her
8actions embody the city's motto, "Darien is a Nice Place to
9Live"; and
10    WHEREAS, Marian Krupicka began her support for library
11services in Darien in 1978 by being a part of the Darien
12Woman's Club, which started and supported the Darien Volunteer
13Library, which at the time, was housed in a bus known as "The
14Bookmobile"; in 1985, the library became a tax-supported
15entity, and she became a Trustee, a position in which she still
16serves today; she has served on the library board as President,
17Vice-President, and Secretary, and is presently serving as
18Treasurer; she sat on the committees for finance, nominating,
19personnel, building and grounds, policy, and
20planning/annexation; she was a strong supporter and played a
21vital role in the merger of the Darien and Willowbrook
22libraries in 1988; in 1994, she was part of the Indian Prairie
23Public Library Foundation Board and continues to serve in that



HR1039- 2 -LRB099 20802 MST 45508 r

1capacity; in 2008, the Metropolitan Library System recognized
2her as "Trustee of the Year"; she has been instrumental in the
3creation and continued growth of the Indian Public Library for
4over 35 years; and
5    WHEREAS, Marian Krupicka began teaching in School District
661 in 1970 as a reading teacher at Eisenhower Junior High; she
7was on the planning committee for numerous years for the
8Cultural Fair, an integral part of the district's reading
9committee, and chaperoned many of the annual trips to
10Washington, D.C. for 8th grade students; she was affectionately
11referred to as "Mother Marian"; she retired from the District
12in 2009; and
13    WHEREAS, Marian Krupicka has been a strong contributor to
14the Darien Woman's Club for many years; she has held the
15offices of Recording Secretary; Chair of the Spring Children's
16Clothing Resale Committee; 2nd Vice-President, Ways and Means;
171st Vice-President, Programs; and Chair of the Education
18Committee; she currently serves as the Home Life Committee
19Chairman; she has put her efforts toward the store at Burgess
20Nursing Home, bake sales, and the Safety Village; she has been
21essential in coordinating gifts and working with the Lions Club
22and the Park District to provide for needy families at
23Christmas; she was a judge for the Veterans of Foreign Wars
24District 19 Voice of Democracy High School Students Audio Essay



HR1039- 3 -LRB099 20802 MST 45508 r

1Scholarship Competition in 2015; and
2    WHEREAS, Marian Krupicka and her husband, Larry, moved to
3Darien in 1977 and have been married for 46 years; they are
4active members with Our Lady of Peace Church; they have 2
5daughters, Caroline (Brad) and Elizabeth (David), and 7
6grandchildren, Grant, Jake, Jonathan, Kate, Andrew, Matthew,
7and Megan; and
8    WHEREAS, Marian Krupicka visits her mother, Irene Kocjan,
9daily at Oak Trace, and cares for her grandchildren, Grant and
10Jake, before and after school; and
11    WHEREAS, Marian Krupicka goes above and beyond the call of
12duty helping make Darien a special place to live; therefore, be
16congratulate Marian Krupicka on being named the City of Darien
172016 Citizen of the Year and we wish her the best in all her
18future endeavors; and be it further
19    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
20presented to Marian Krupicka as an expression of our esteem and