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HR1009LRB099 20519 GRL 45051 r


2    WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3Representatives offer our sincere congratulations to the
4Chicago Bears on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of their
5Super Bowl XX win; and
6    WHEREAS, The Chicago Bears had a nearly untarnished record
7of 15-1 going into the post-season; and
8    WHEREAS, In the playoffs, the Bears dominated the New York
9Giants, and the Los Angeles Rams by a combined score of 45-0
10and only allowed 301 yards of total offense to win the NFC
11title; and
12    WHEREAS, The New England Patriots scored the first points
13of Super Bowl XX with a field goal, but the Bears quickly
14answered with a field goal of their own; Bears' defensive end,
15Richard Dent, forced a fumble which the Bears recovered,
16leading to another field goal that put the Bears above the
17Patriots 6-3; and
18    WHEREAS, The Patriots' drive had similar results, with Dent
19stripping Patriots' running back Craig James of the football,
20which led to a touchdown resulting in a 13-3 Bears lead; the
21Bears' relentless defense led to a switch from Patriots'



HR1009- 2 -LRB099 20519 GRL 45051 r

1starting quarterback, Tony Eason, to back-up quarterback,
2Steve Grogan; however, the switch was to no avail, as the Bears
3scored another touchdown, followed by a field goal in their
4following drive to make the score 23-3 at half-time; and
5    WHEREAS, Steve Grogan was sacked twice in the Patriots'
6second half opening series, which led to Bears' quarterback,
7Jim McMahon, running in his second touchdown of the game;
8defensive back, Reggie Phillips, caught a deflected pass and
9ran it back 48 yards for a Chicago Bears' defense touchdown,
10making the score 37-3; and
11    WHEREAS, Another Bears' interception of Grogan, and a
1227-yard pass from McMahon to Dennis Gentry set up William "The
13Refrigerator" Perry for a one-yard rush into the end zone,
14putting the Bears up 44-3; and
15    WHEREAS, The Patriots finally strung together a drive to
16make the score 44-10, but the Bears' defense answered with a
17safety of Grogan, which led to the final score of 46-10; and
18    WHEREAS, We recognize the time, energy, and effort put
19forth by the coaching staff: Offensive Line Coach Dick Stanfel,
20Offensive Coordinator Ed Hughes, Defensive Coordinator Buddy
21Ryan, and Head Coach Mike Ditka; and



HR1009- 3 -LRB099 20519 GRL 45051 r

1    WHEREAS, We also recognize the time, energy, and effort put
2forth by the entire 1985 Chicago Bears team: Jim McMahon,
3Walter Payton, Matt Suhey, Willie Gault, Dennis McKinnon, Emery
4Moorehead, Jimbo Covert, Mark Bortz, Jay Hilgenberg, Tom
5Thayer, Keith Van Horne, Dan Hampton, Steve McMichael, William
6Perry, Richard Dent, Otis Wilson, Mike Singletary, Mike
7Richardson, Leslie Frazier, Dave Duerson, Gary Fenick, Kevin
8Butler, Maury Buford, Ken Taylor, Brad Anderson, Tom Andrews,
9Kurt Becker, Mark Bortz, Brian Cabral, Andy Frederick, Steve
10Fuller, Shaun Gayle, Mike Hartenstine, Stefan Humphries,
11Tyrone Keys, James Maness, Ken Margerum, Wilber Marshall, Jim
12Morrissey, Keith Ortego, Reggie Phillips, Ron Rivera, Thomas
13Sanders, Calvin Thomas, Cliff Thrift, Mike Tomczak, Henry
14Waechter, and Tim Wrightman; and
15    WHEREAS, The 30th Anniversary of the Super Bowl XX victory
16should be celebrated heartily by the Chicago Bears, their
17owner, Virginia Halas McCaskey, and Chairman George McCaskey;
18therefore, be it
21offer our sincere congratulations to Virginia Halas McCaskey,
22George McCaskey, and the Chicago Bears organization as a whole
23on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of their Super Bowl XX
24win, and wish them continued success in the years to come; and



HR1009- 4 -LRB099 20519 GRL 45051 r

1be it further
2    RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
3presented to Virginia Halas McCaskey, George McCaskey, and the
4Chicago Bears organization as a token of our esteem and