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Full Text of HB6274  96th General Assembly



State of Illinois
2009 and 2010


Introduced 2/11/2010, by Rep. Michael W. Tryon - Sidney H. Mathias - Sandy Cole - Patricia R. Bellock - Robert W. Pritchard, et al.


New Act

    Creates the Local Initiative Sunshine Act. Defines "gubernatorial or legislative member initiatives". Provides that the Illinois State Comptroller's Office shall create and maintain a searchable database website to provide information concerning initiative recipients.

LRB096 18924 RLJ 34312 b






HB6274 LRB096 18924 RLJ 34312 b

1     AN ACT concerning finance.
2     Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3 represented in the General Assembly:
Article 1

5     Section 1-1. Short title. This Act may be cited as the
6 Local Initiative Sunshine Act. If more than one new Act of the
7 96th General Assembly is given the same short title, then all
8 of those Acts are intended to be codified as a single Act.
9     Section 1-5. Definitions. In this Act:
10     "Gubernatorial or legislative member initiative" means a
11 grant from State funds to a specific unit of local government,
12 specific school district, specific not-for-profit
13 organization, or specific non-governmental entity for
14 infrastructure improvements or operating expenses. Grants that
15 are part of a statewide program and are based on generally
16 applicable standards of eligibility are not gubernatorial or
17 legislative member initiatives, unless the grant has been
18 requested or initiated by the Governor or a member of the
19 Illinois General Assembly.
20     "Infrastructure improvements" include without limitation
21 capital improvements, capital projects, planning,
22 construction, reconstruction, equipment, utilities, vehicles,



HB6274 - 2 - LRB096 18924 RLJ 34312 b

1 and all costs associated with economic development, community
2 programs, educational programs, public health, and public
3 safety.
4     "Initiative sponsor", with respect to each gubernatorial
5 or legislative member initiative, include the Governor and each
6 member of the General Assembly designated in the grant
7 application as having requested or initiated the grant.
8     "Initiative recipient" means an individual or entity that
9 is designated to receive or receives a gubernatorial or
10 legislative member initiative. For purposes of disclosure
11 under Section 5-10, the term also includes (i) the immediate
12 family of an individual who is an initiative recipient; and
13 (ii) in the case of an entity that is an initiative recipient,
14 the term also includes board members, owners with an equity
15 interest of at least 7.5%, and managerial employees of the
16 entity, the immediate family of each, and its parent,
17 subsidiary, and affiliate entities.
Article 25

19     Section 25-5. Purpose. The purpose of this Article is to
20 provide full and complete disclosure to the public of the
21 recipients of gubernatorial and legislative member
22 initiatives. The database shall also serve as a warning to
23 initiative recipients that the misuse of public funds will not
24 be tolerated by the State.



HB6274 - 3 - LRB096 18924 RLJ 34312 b

1     Section 25-10. Definitions. In this Article:
2     "Recoverable grants" means grant money to an initiative
3 recipient that has been determined, in accordance with
4 applicable State law and rule, to be refundable to the State.
5     "Searchable database website" means a website that allows
6 the public to (i) search the database by name of initiative
7 recipient, initiative sponsor, funding agency, and location of
8 performed and recoverable grants; and (ii) download data
9 included in item (i), including outcomes from searches. The
10 database website (A) shall not be considered in compliance if
11 it relies upon links to other existing websites and databases,
12 unless each of those sites has information from all agencies
13 and each category of information required to be itemized can be
14 searched electronically by field in a single search; and (B)
15 shall provide an opportunity for the public to provide input
16 about the utility of the site and recommendations for
17 improvements.
18     Section 25-15. Initiative recipient database. Beginning on
19 July 1, 2011, the Illinois Comptroller's Office shall create
20 and maintain a searchable database website containing
21 information concerning initiative recipients. The database
22 shall include for each initiative recipient:
23         (1) the name of the initiative recipient and initiative
24     sponsor;



HB6274 - 4 - LRB096 18924 RLJ 34312 b

1         (2) the amount of the gubernatorial or legislative
2     member initiative;
3         (3) the funding agency and the funding source;
4         (4) the purpose of each initiative;
5         (5) the location of the initiative recipient and the
6     primary location of the performance of the initiative;
7         (6) any recoverable grants; and
8         (7) any other relevant information.