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SR0535 LRB095 19181 GRL 45422 r


2     WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois Senate are saddened to
3 learn of the death of Madonna Wallace Weldon, who passed away
4 on January 11, 2008; and
5     WHEREAS, Madonna Weldon was born and raised in Chicago, the
6 daughter of the late William Dennis and Lorita, nee Meegan,
7 Wallace; she was a 1972 graduate of Mother McAuley High School;
8 she received her bachelor's degree in nursing in 1976 from St.
9 Theresa's College in Winona, Minnesota; and
10     WHEREAS, Madonna Weldon began her nursing career at
11 Prentice Women's Hospital in Chicago, where she worked until
12 she married her husband, Bill, in 1978; after Mr. and Mrs.
13 Weldon moved to New York City, Mrs. Weldon worked as a nurse in
14 a doctor's office in Manhattan; she left her job when she
15 started to have her children; the family later moved back to
16 the Chicago area; and
17     WHEREAS, Madonna Weldon devoted much of her time as a
18 mentor to inner-city children, mentoring four girls who were
19 Gallagher Scholars through the Big Shoulders Fund, a Chicago
20 agency that has donated $150 million to Chicago's Catholic
21 schools; she also started a program that linked the students of
22 Willard Elementary School in River Forest with area senior



SR0535 - 2 - LRB095 19181 GRL 45422 r

1 citizens in order to help them experience intergenerational
2 connections; her Big Hearts, Little Hands program, a
3 Valentine's Day event where seniors from the community are
4 brought to the school for a tea, remains a highlight for the
5 students; and
6     WHEREAS, Madonna Weldon is survived by her husband, Bill;
7 her daughters, Erin, Elizabeth, and Caelan; her sons, Bill and
8 Conor; her sisters, Gail Goggin, Lesa Meyer, and Julie Hummel;
9 her brothers, Michael Wallace and Tony Wallace; her aunt,
10 Sister Elizabeth Meegan, O.P.; and her many nieces and nephews;
11 therefore, be it
13 ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that we mourn, along with
14 her family and friends, the passing of Madonna Weldon; and be
15 it further
16     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
17 presented to the family of Madonna Weldon as an expression of
18 our sympathy.