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Full Text of SJR0094  95th General Assembly



SJ0094 LRB095 20832 KXB 49596 r


2     WHEREAS, In an Act enacted by the Fifth General Assembly
3 and approved on February 12, 1827, the road from Springfield to
4 Peoria was declared a State Road; and
5     WHEREAS, The Springfield to Peoria Road became Illinois'
6 major artery for trade, commerce, passenger stage and mail
7 delivery in the early 19th century; and
8     WHEREAS, Abraham Lincoln traveled this road as an attorney
9 in the Eighth Judicial Circuit and during his campaign for the
10 Presidency and he also sponsored legislation affecting the
11 road; and
12     WHEREAS, The description of the Trail is as follows: the
13 route leading north from Springfield using present day
14 nomenclature would be from the Springfield city street Peoria
15 Road. This street joins with Business 55 and crosses the
16 Sangamon River as Business 55. Before reaching the town of
17 Sherman, the original route veers to the west side of Sherman
18 onto Old Tipton School Road still heading north. At the "T"
19 intersection which is Andrew Road, the route turns west until
20 the next intersection which is Illinois Route 124 heading
21 north. The route continues north on Illinois Route 124 through
22 the intersection of Illinois Route 123 and becomes Fancy



SJ0094 - 2 - LRB095 20832 KXB 49596 r

1 Prairie Road. The route now enters Menard County. Continue
2 north on Fancy Prairie Road until the road curves to the east
3 with an intersection to the north. Turn north onto Peoria Road
4 and continue north to a "T" intersection which is Middletown
5 Blacktop. Turn east to the town of Middletown. The route is now
6 in Logan County. The route leads north from Middletown
7 connecting with the town of New Holland via 100th East Avenue.
8 Leading north from New Holland on 100th East Avenue continue
9 north until reaching Illinois Route 136. Turn east on Illinois
10 Route 136 and continue to 300th East Avenue. Turn north on
11 300th East Avenue, which is Delavan Road and continue to the
12 town of Delavan. The route is now in Tazewell County. Leading
13 north from Delavan on Locust Street, continue until
14 intersecting Springfield Road at Mackinaw Creek. The route
15 continues north on Springfield Road passing through the village
16 of Dillon and on to the town of Groveland. From Groveland
17 continue on Springfield Road to the city of East Peoria. At
18 East Peoria, Springfield Road connects with East Washington
19 Street. Turning west on Washington Street which crosses the
20 Illinois River on the Bob Michel Bridge, ending near the
21 Franklin Street Bridge Monument in Riverfront Park in the City
22 of Peoria; and
23     WHEREAS, The original trail is still intact today; it has
24 made a significant contribution to the development of
25 Springfield, Peoria, and all points in between; and in



SJ0094 - 3 - LRB095 20832 KXB 49596 r

1 conjunction with the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial, a special
2 designation for this scenic and historic corridor is
3 appropriate; therefore, be it
6 CONCURRING HEREIN, that the A. Lincoln and Springfield to
7 Peoria Stage Road be designated along the route cited in this
8 Resolution; and be it further
9     RESOLVED, That the Illinois Department of Transportation
10 is requested, in consultation with the Lincoln Heritage
11 Foundation of Logan County and others, to erect at suitable
12 locations, consistent with State regulations, plaques or signs
13 giving notice of the name; and be it further
14     RESOLVED, That units of local government that maintain any
15 portion of the Road are urged to enhance areas along the road
16 and to erect at suitable locations, plaques or signs that have
17 been designed by the Illinois Department of Transportation in
18 consultation with the Lincoln Heritage Foundation of Logan
19 County and others that gives notice of the name; and be it
20 further
21     RESOLVED, That the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency
22 and the Illinois Bureau of Tourism are requested to post on



SJ0094 - 4 - LRB095 20832 KXB 49596 r

1 their Agency websites, and to produce brochures and other
2 related matter that makes the Road known to the public; and be
3 it further
4     RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be presented to
5 the Illinois Secretary of Transportation, the Illinois
6 Historic Preservation Agency, Illinois Bureau of Tourism, and
7 the Lincoln Heritage Foundation of Logan County and each of the
8 local governments having jurisdiction over any portion of the
9 Road.