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Full Text of HR0088  95th General Assembly



HR0088 LRB095 10841 KXB 31105 r


2     WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3 Representatives are pleased to honor the Mustangs of St. Rita
4 of Cascia High School who won the Class 7A State Football
5 Championship on November 25, 2006; and
6     WHEREAS, The Championship game ended with a score of 35 to
7 21 in favor of St. Rita over Lake Zurich; The Mustangs won the
8 first three State playoff games with a combined score of 114 to
9 41 over O'Fallon, St. Charles North, and Morgan Park-Chicago;
10 and
11     WHEREAS, St. Rita won the semi-final game in a thrilling 34
12 to 31 victory over Providence Catholic; St. Rita finished the
13 2006 season with an impressive record of 13-1; St. Rita had
14 previously won a State championship 28 years earlier, in 1978;
15 and
16     WHEREAS, The Mustangs were encouraged and supported by
17 President and Principal Reverend Thomas McCarthy, OSA, and
18 Athletic Director Bob Conlon; the team was led by Varsity Head
19 Coach Todd Kuska; Assistant Coaches Ray Bugal, Lance Kenzinger,
20 John Nee, Bill Lynch, Kevin Carberry, J.J. Standring, Terry
21 Quinn, Joe Urchak, and Dan Schaller; student managers are Bob
22 Hanley, Brian Foran, Tom Qualter, and Andy Smialek; and



HR0088 - 2 - LRB095 10841 KXB 31105 r

1     WHEREAS, The members of the Mustangs are Matthew Carney,
2 DeOnté Hood, Ralph Gliwiak, Darieon Hood, Clifford Moore,
3 Steven Byrne, John Sullivan, Daniel Jilek, Sean Estand, Peter
4 Balsam, Brendan O'Dwyer, Michael Riordan, Jason Kafka, Earnest
5 Green, Lawrence Garrett, Stephen Atkinson, Stephen Flaherty,
6 Kevin Cornfield, Antwan Love, David Marciano, Daniel
7 Schumacher, Daniel Dispensa, D'Marcus Dullen, Robert
8 O'Connell, Alex Vitkausas, Randall Shannon, William O'Brien,
9 Steven McGowan, Abel Villarreal, John Rowan, Mark Omastiak,
10 Nicholas Oboikovitz, Alan Ross, Gerald Ponio, Jr., Christopher
11 Kocanda, Andy Wilson, Matthew Lostroscio, Martin Hopkins, John
12 Crotty, Brian Popek, Kenneth Stoklosa, Matthew Murphy, Sean
13 Leslie, John O'Connor, James Fitzgibbon, James Sojka, Lenny
14 Wheeler, Timothy Arundel, Thomas Harney III, Sean Halloran,
15 Rashad Spells, Thomas Chladek, Vincent Harrison, Thomas
16 Bukowski, Luke Knibbs, Mozar Jerome, Matthew Munizzi, Michael
17 Mullen, Sean Gleason, William Slawson, Patrick O'Malley,
18 Daniel Patrick, Jason Kazlauskas, Edward Carone, Louis
19 Wojnicki, Edward Streit, Michael Martin, Matthew Conrath,
20 Jamie Lick, Mitchell Broderick, Daniel Harney, Kevin Galeher,
21 Daniel Smith, Marques Reed, Taylor Osborn, Melvin Shaw, Daniel
22 Platt, Drew McGowan, Matthew Quinn, Daniel O'Neill, Thomas
23 O'Connor, Rigoberto Gomez, Jr., Warren Higginbothan II, Darius
24 Fleming, Erik Rickert, Alfonso Castillo, Terence Peter, Ryan
25 Bischoff, and Elkin Smith III; and



HR0088 - 3 - LRB095 10841 KXB 31105 r

1     WHEREAS, The players and coaches of the St. Rita Mustangs
2 Football team truly deserve to be proud of their championship
3 season; therefore, be it
6 congratulate the St. Rita of Cascia Mustangs Football team, the
7 faculty, staff, students, and alumni for this remarkable
8 football accomplishment; and be it further
9     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
10 presented to Principal Reverend Thomas McCarthy, Athletic
11 Director Bob Conlon, and the coaches and players as an
12 expression of our esteem.