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Full Text of HR0505  95th General Assembly



HR0505 LRB095 12346 GRL 37476 r


2     WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3 Representatives are pleased to honor the Child's Play Touring
4 Theatre for their outstanding work with the children of the
5 City of Chicago, the State of Illinois, and throughout the
6 nation; and
7     WHEREAS, Based in Chicago, the Child's Play Touring Theatre
8 is the premiere theatre company in the United States dedicated
9 exclusively to performing works written by children; Child's
10 Play motivates elementary school students to read and write
11 through developing and staging original plays based on
12 children's poems, stories, and songs; and
13     WHEREAS, Child's Play was founded by Victor and June
14 Podagrosi in 1978 while Victor was teaching theatre at Parkland
15 College in Champaign; when asked to stage a performance of
16 children's writings for a Young Author's awards ceremony,
17 Victor was delighted with the sophistication and storytelling
18 abilities he discovered in children's writing; believing they
19 had identified a unique form of educational theatre, the
20 Podagrosis formed the Child's Play Touring Theatre and began
21 traveling to rural schools in east central Illinois; and
22     WHEREAS, The goal of Child's Play is to help children



HR0505 - 2 - LRB095 12346 GRL 37476 r

1 understand the value and significance that writing and reading
2 has on their lives; its performances and workshops offer a
3 powerful teaching tool that strengthens and enhances the
4 teaching and learning process; combining the important,
5 imaginative writings of children with the craftsmanship of
6 professional theater artists and educators, it creates a unique
7 stage where children's voices can be heard, examined, and
8 treasured; it also strives to elevate the status of theatre for
9 young people by providing full time employment with benefits to
10 theatre artists; it also performs over 400 shows and workshops
11 a year; and
12     WHEREAS, Child's Play Touring Theatre believes in the
13 importance of contributing to the Chicago community; its
14 principal outreach program, the Chicago Young Writers Project,
15 aims to motivate Chicago public school students to write, as
16 well as provide teachers with drama-based methods for writing
17 instruction; and
18     WHEREAS, With the passing of Victor Podagrosi, his wife
19 took over the direction of Child's Play and established the
20 Victor Award to honor individuals and organizations who have
21 demonstrated outstanding commitment, generosity, and/or
22 service to Child's Play; and
23     WHEREAS, Child's Play was honored with an Emmy Award for



HR0505 - 3 - LRB095 12346 GRL 37476 r

1 its contribution to the production of two child-focused Public
2 Service Announcements, "Educate Us" and "If I Were President";
3 therefore, be it
6 honor the Child's Play Touring Theatre for its outstanding
7 work, we thank the group for its dedication to the children of
8 the State of Illinois and the nation, and we wish the group
9 continued success in its future endeavors; and be it further
10     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy be presented to June
11 Podagrosi as a symbol of our esteem and respect.