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HR1422 LRB095 21810 GRL 52029 r


2     WHEREAS, The members of the Illinois House of
3 Representatives are pleased to congratulate Michael D. Malone
4 on the occasion of being elected Chairman of the Illinois
5 Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives; and
6     WHEREAS, Michael D. Malone served as the Executive Director
7 of the McLean County Chamber of Commerce, which represents over
8 1,200 businesses, professionals, and organizations in McLean
9 County and Central Illinois; he is the only practicing
10 Certified Chamber Executive, as recognized by the American
11 Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives, in the State; he
12 has served in McLean County since October of 2002 and
13 previously provided Chamber leadership in Ocala, Florida and
14 Martinsburg, West Virginia; and
15     WHEREAS, The Illinois Association of Chamber of Commerce
16 Executives represents 138 Chambers of Commerce throughout the
17 State of Illinois; and
18     WHEREAS, As Chairman of the Illinois Association of Chamber
19 of Commerce Executives, Michael D. Malone will provide
20 volunteer leadership to an active board of directors with the
21 mission of facilitating professional development of chamber
22 leaders, partnering with the Illinois Chamber of Commerce on



HR1422 - 2 - LRB095 21810 GRL 52029 r

1 governmental issues, fostering expanded economic development,
2 and promoting the enhancement of free enterprise; and
3     WHEREAS, Michael D. Malone has demonstrated a great
4 commitment to being an active member of his community; he is a
5 member of the Workforce Investment Board, chairman of the
6 American Red Cross of the Heartland, business representative
7 for the Citizen Advisory Group for the East Side Highway,
8 member of the board of directors of the Small Business
9 Development Center, member of the Illinois State University
10 College of Arts & Sciences Community Advisory Board, and a
11 member of the board of directors of the Employer's Coalition
12 for Healthcare; he is a member of the Bloomington Rotary Club
13 and the Crossroads District Nominating Committee; he is also
14 active in the Boy Scouts of America; and
15     WHEREAS, Michael D. Malone is a graduate of West Virginia
16 University, the Institute for Organizational Management of the
17 U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the National Executive Institute
18 of the Boy Scouts of America; he has presented training
19 programs at national, State, and regional conferences for
20 chambers of commerce, main street organizations, and the U.S.
21 Department of Education; and
22     WHEREAS, Michael D. Malone's dedication to his profession
23 and his willingness to serve his community make him a model for



HR1422 - 3 - LRB095 21810 GRL 52029 r

1 the people of the State of Illinois; therefore, be it
4 congratulate Michael D. Malone on the occasion of serving as
5 Chief Executive Officer of the McLean County Chamber of
6 Commerce and wish him continued success and happiness in the
7 future; and be it further
8     RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be
9 presented to Michael D. Malone as a symbol of our esteem and
10 respect.