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Full Text of HR0650  94th General Assembly



HR0650 LRB094 14383 AJO 49314 r


2     WHEREAS, A viable, comprehensive, and coordinated system
3 of mass transit is vital for the quality of life and future
4 development of the northeastern region of the State of
5 Illinois; and
6     WHEREAS, The region is served by the Chicago Transit
7 Authority (CTA), Metra, and Pace, with financial oversight by
8 the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA); and
9     WHEREAS, The CTA, Metra, and Pace carry over 500,000,000
10 riders each year; and
11     WHEREAS, The General Assembly passed a $54.3 million
12 appropriation to the RTA to provide, for the first time,
13 paratransit services pursuant to the Americans with
14 Disabilities Act (ADA); and
15     WHEREAS, All public entities have a responsibility to
16 manage public funds with the highest level of efficiency and to
17 eliminate waste and mismanagement; and
18     WHEREAS, The federal SAFETEA-LU capital spending bill
19 (Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity
20 Act: A Legacy for Users) contains funding for many expansions
21 of service, including Metra's STAR Line and Pace's J line Bus
22 Rapid Transit, and this federal funding will require a local
23 match; and
24     WHEREAS, The General Assembly will have to consider the
25 merits of these transportation expansion projects and
26 determine the appropriation of State funds towards the most
27 beneficial and effective projects; and
28     WHEREAS, The office of the Auditor General of Illinois is



HR0650 - 2 - LRB094 14383 AJO 49314 r

1 highly respected throughout Illinois for the thoroughness,
2 fairness, and non-partisan manner in which it conducts audits
3 of governmental agencies; and
4     WHEREAS, The Auditor General is recognized as an authority
5 upon whom the General Assembly can rely for audits that provide
6 information that is beneficial during legislative
7 deliberations about budgets, appropriations, efficiency of
8 programs, and budget savings achievable through improved
9 management; and
10     WHEREAS, There is already an audit underway for the CTA
11 pursuant to House Resolution 479; therefore, be it
14 the members of the House of Representatives direct the Auditor
15 General to immediately conduct financial, compliance, and
16 performance audits of the RTA, Metra, and Pace including,
17 without limitation, their operations, pensions, capital
18 programs, and identifiable areas where redundant operations
19 between RTA, Metra, and Pace and the CTA may be eliminated; and
20 be it further
21     RESOLVED, That the Auditor General address, in these audit
22 reports, the extent to which the RTA, Metra, and Pace are
23 adversely affected by mismanagement or inefficiencies and that
24 if mismanagement or inefficiencies were corrected, to what
25 extent the improvements would result in budget savings for the
26 agencies; and be it further
27     RESOLVED, That the Auditor General's audit reports
28 concerning RTA, Metra, and Pace be submitted to the General
29 Assembly and the Governor; and be it further
30     RESOLVED, That suitable copies of this resolution be



HR0650 - 3 - LRB094 14383 AJO 49314 r

1 delivered to the Auditor General, the Legislative Audit
2 Commission, the Regional Transportation Authority, Metra, and
3 Pace.