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Full Text of HR0600  103rd General Assembly



HR0600LRB103 38206 JDS 68340 r


4the Rules of the House of Representatives of the 103rd General
5Assembly are amended by changing Rule 30 as follows:
6    (House Rule 30)
7    30. Access to the House Floor and Chamber.
8    (a) Except as otherwise provided in these Rules, only the
9following persons shall be admitted to the House while it is in
10session: members and officers of the General Assembly; elected
11officers of the executive branch; justices of the Supreme
12Court; the designated aide to an executive or judicial branch
13constitutional officer, except as limited by the Speaker; the
14parliamentarian; majority staff members and minority staff
15members, except as limited by the Speaker or Presiding
16Officer; former members, except as limited by the Speaker or
17prohibited under subsection (d); and employees of the
18Legislative Reference Bureau, except as limited by the
19Speaker. Representatives of the press, while the House is in
20session, may have access to the galleries and places allotted
21to them by the Speaker or his or her designee. No person is
22entitled to the floor unless appropriately attired. Only
23members of the General Assembly may use telephones at the



HR0600- 2 -LRB103 38206 JDS 68340 r

1members' desks. Smoking is prohibited on the floor of the
2House and in the House galleries.
3    (a-5) On any day in which the House is in session following
4a declaration of pestilence or public danger by the Speaker,
5the Speaker, after consultation with the Minority Leader, may
6limit access to the House Chamber and adjoining hallways and
7passages to members and officers of the General Assembly,
8majority and minority staff as authorized by the Speaker or
9Presiding Officer, and no more than 5 members of the public who
10are representatives of the press, except as otherwise
11authorized by the Speaker. If access is so limited, the
12Speaker may designate one or more locations outside of the
13House Chamber for the public to safely watch and listen to the
14proceedings of the House and its committees via a live
15audio/video broadcast. Access to such locations may be limited
16as necessary to maintain safety, including, but not limited
17to, requiring that persons at such locations follow the
18decorum protocols of Rule 51.5(a). This subsection may not be
20    (b) On days during which the House is in session, the
21Doorkeeper shall clear the floor of all persons not entitled
22to access to the floor 15 minutes before the convening time,
23and the Doorkeeper shall enforce all other provisions of this
25    (c) The Speaker may authorize the admission to the floor
26of any other person, except as prohibited under subsection



HR0600- 3 -LRB103 38206 JDS 68340 r

2    (d) No person who is directly or indirectly interested in
3defeating or promoting any pending legislative measure, if
4required to be registered as a lobbyist or compensated by an
5entity required to register as a lobbyist, shall be allowed
6access to the floor of the House at any time during the
7session. The Speaker, or his or her designee, shall have the
8authority to determine whether a person may be granted or
9denied access in accordance with this subsection.
10    (e) When he or she deems it necessary for the preservation
11of order, the Presiding Officer may by order remove any person
12from the floor of the House. A Representative may be removed
13from the floor only under Rule 51.5 or Article XI or XII of
14these Rules.
15    (f) Notwithstanding any other provision of these House
16Rules, a Representative may access the House Chamber at any
17time on a session day and during the normal business hours of
18the Office of the Clerk of the House on any other day.
19(Source: H.R. 36, 103rd G.A.)