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Full Text of HB2308  103rd General Assembly




HB2308 EnrolledLRB103 25731 CPF 56182 b

1    AN ACT concerning safety.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 5. The Radiation Protection Act of 1990 is amended
5by changing Section 6 as follows:
6    (420 ILCS 40/6)  (from Ch. 111 1/2, par. 210-6)
7    (Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2027)
8    Sec. 6. Accreditation of administrators of radiation;
9Limited scope accreditation; Rules and regulations; Education.
10    (a) The Agency shall promulgate such rules and regulations
11as are necessary to establish accreditation standards and
12procedures, including a minimum course of education and
13continuing education requirements in the administration of
14radiation to human beings, which are appropriate to the
15classification of accreditation and which are to be met by all
16physician assistants, advanced practice registered nurses,
17nurses, technicians, or other assistants who administer
18radiation to human beings under the supervision of a person
19licensed under the Medical Practice Act of 1987. Such rules
20and regulations may provide for different classes of
21accreditation based on evidence of national certification,
22clinical experience or community hardship as conditions of
23initial and continuing accreditation. The rules and



HB2308 Enrolled- 2 -LRB103 25731 CPF 56182 b

1regulations of the Agency shall be consistent with national
2standards in regard to the protection of the health and safety
3of the general public.
4    (b) The rules and regulations shall also provide that
5persons who have been accredited by the Agency, in accordance
6with the Radiation Protection Act, without passing an
7examination, will remain accredited as provided in Section 43
8of this Act and that those persons may be accredited, without
9passing an examination, to use other equipment, procedures, or
10supervision within the original category of accreditation if
11the Agency receives written assurances from a person licensed
12under the Medical Practice Act of 1987, that the person
13accredited has the necessary skill and qualifications for such
14additional equipment procedures or supervision. The Agency
15shall, in accordance with subsection (c) of this Section,
16provide for the accreditation of nurses, technicians, or other
17assistants, unless exempted elsewhere in this Act, to perform
18a limited scope of diagnostic radiography procedures of the
19chest, the extremities, skull and sinuses, or the spine, while
20under the supervision of a person licensed under the Medical
21Practice Act of 1987.
22    (c) The rules or regulations promulgated by the Agency
23pursuant to subsection (a) shall establish standards and
24procedures for accrediting persons to perform a limited scope
25of diagnostic radiography procedures. The rules or regulations
26shall specify that an individual seeking accreditation for



HB2308 Enrolled- 3 -LRB103 25731 CPF 56182 b

1limited diagnostic radiography shall not apply ionizing
2radiation to human beings until the individual has passed an
3Agency-approved examination and is accredited by the Agency.
4The rules or regulations shall require persons seeking limited
5scope accreditation to register with the Agency as a
6"student-in-training," and declare those procedures in which
7the student will be receiving training. The
8student-in-training registration shall be valid for a period
9of 16 months, during which the time the student may, under the
10supervision of a person licensed under the Medical Practice
11Act of 1987, perform the diagnostic radiography procedures
12listed on the student's registration. The student-in-training
13registration shall be nonrenewable.
14    For an individual Upon expiration of the 16 month training
15period, the student shall be prohibited from performing
16diagnostic radiography procedures unless accredited by the
17Agency to perform such procedures. In order to be accredited
18to perform a limited scope of diagnostic radiography
19procedures, he or she an individual must pass an examination
20approved offered by the Agency. The examination shall be
21consistent with national standards in regard to protection of
22public health and safety. The examination shall consist of a
23standardized component covering general principles applicable
24to diagnostic radiography procedures and a clinical component
25specific to the types of procedures for which accreditation is
26being sought. The Agency may assess a reasonable fee for such



HB2308 Enrolled- 4 -LRB103 25731 CPF 56182 b

1examinations to cover any the costs incurred by the Agency in
2conjunction with offering the examinations.
3    (d) The Agency shall by rule or regulation exempt from
4accreditation physician assistants, advanced practice
5registered nurses, nurses, technicians, or other assistants
6who administer radiation to human beings under supervision of
7a person licensed to practice under the Medical Practice Act
8of 1987 when the services are performed on employees of a
9business at a medical facility owned and operated by the
10business. Such exemption shall only apply to the equipment,
11procedures and supervision specific to the medical facility
12owned and operated by the business.
13(Source: P.A. 100-513, eff. 1-1-18.)