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Full Text of HB0585  102nd General Assembly




State of Illinois
2021 and 2022


Introduced 2/8/2021, by Rep. Dagmara Avelar


225 ILCS 85/15  from Ch. 111, par. 4135

    Amends the Pharmacy Practice Act. Requires a pharmacy to offer a kiosk to dispose of prescription and over-the-counter medications free of charge.

LRB102 03828 SPS 13842 b





HB0585LRB102 03828 SPS 13842 b

1    AN ACT concerning regulations.
2    Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3represented in the General Assembly:
4    Section 5. The Pharmacy Practice Act is amended by
5changing Section 15 as follows:
6    (225 ILCS 85/15)  (from Ch. 111, par. 4135)
7    (Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2023)
8    Sec. 15. Pharmacy requirements.
9    (1) It shall be unlawful for the owner of any pharmacy, as
10defined in this Act, to operate or conduct the same, or to
11allow the same to be operated or conducted, unless:
12        (a) It has a licensed pharmacist, authorized to
13    practice pharmacy in this State under the provisions of
14    this Act, on duty whenever the practice of pharmacy is
15    conducted;
16        (b) Security provisions for all drugs and devices, as
17    determined by rule of the Department, are provided during
18    the absence from the licensed pharmacy of all licensed
19    pharmacists. Maintenance of security provisions is the
20    responsibility of the licensed pharmacist in charge; and
21        (c) The pharmacy is licensed under this Act to conduct
22    the practice of pharmacy in any and all forms from the
23    physical address of the pharmacy's primary inventory where



HB0585- 2 -LRB102 03828 SPS 13842 b

1    U.S. mail is delivered. If a facility, company, or
2    organization operates multiple pharmacies from multiple
3    physical addresses, a separate pharmacy license is
4    required for each different physical address.
5    (2) The Department may allow a pharmacy that is not
6located at the same location as its home pharmacy and at which
7pharmacy services are provided during an emergency situation,
8as defined by rule, to be operated as an emergency remote
9pharmacy. An emergency remote pharmacy operating under this
10subsection (2) shall operate under the license of the home
12    (3) The Secretary may waive the requirement for a
13pharmacist to be on duty at all times for State facilities not
14treating human ailments. This waiver of the requirement
15remains in effect until it is rescinded by the Secretary and
16the Department provides written notice of the rescission to
17the State facility.
18    (4) It shall be unlawful for any person, who is not a
19licensed pharmacy or health care facility, to purport to be
20such or to use in name, title, or sign designating, or in
21connection with that place of business, any of the words:
22"pharmacy", "pharmacist", "pharmacy department",
23"apothecary", "druggist", "drug", "drugs", "medicines",
24"medicine store", "drug sundries", "prescriptions filled", or
25any list of words indicating that drugs are compounded or sold
26to the lay public, or prescriptions are dispensed therein.



HB0585- 3 -LRB102 03828 SPS 13842 b

1Each day during which, or a part which, such representation is
2made or appears or such a sign is allowed to remain upon or in
3such a place of business shall constitute a separate offense
4under this Act.
5    (5) The holder of any license shall conspicuously display
6it in the pharmacy in which he is engaged in the practice of
7pharmacy. The pharmacist in charge shall conspicuously display
8his name in such pharmacy. The pharmacy license shall also be
9conspicuously displayed.
10    (6) A pharmacy shall offer a kiosk to dispose of
11prescription and over-the-counter medications free of charge.
12(Source: P.A. 100-497, eff. 9-8-17.)