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Witness Slips For HR0194  102nd General Assembly

Bill Status

Legislation: HR0194
Proponents: 1754Opponents: 18No Position: 16
NameFirm, Business Or AgencyRepresenting
Hearing Date and Time: Appropriations-Human Services (H) 5/6/2021 8:00 AM
bertha betancourtgoldie floberg centerGoldie Floberg Center
Aage ChristensenSelfSelf
Aaron RamseyCCAR Industries.CCAR Industries
aaron warnerCornerstone Services, Inc.Cornerstone Services
Aaron ZuercherNAMyself
Abbey G TurnerClearbrookClearbrook
Abbey MeinhartCommunity Support Systems
Abby KaufmanenVision Events, Inc.EPIC
Adam BlackburnCornerstone ServicesCornerstone Services
Adam HillUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Adela T ReyesRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Agustin SainganRiverside FoundationRiverside foundation
Aisha WhiteTrinity Services Inc, They Deserve More CoalitionTrinity Services Inc, They Deserve More Coalition
AJ ZwettlerDSCDevelopmental Services Center
Aja WilliamsUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Alan FleishmanRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Alan GoldbergRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Alan TaylorRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Alayna Landess-ArguijoCornerstone servicesCornerstone Services, Inc.
Alberta ReedUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin
Alesha PoseyTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Alexa HolmanCommunity Support SystemsCommunity Support Systems
Alexandra FehrGoldie B. Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
Alexandria SledgisterGateway Services IncThey Deserve More Coalition
Alexis BlackwellCommunity Support SystemsCommunity Support Systems
Alexis Noel HernandezTrinity Services, Inc.Trinity Services, Inc.
Alice HoweTrinity Services IncTrinity Services Inc
Alice ShonkCCAR Industries
Alicia Burnside SalesTrinity Services, they deserve moreTrinity Services
Allison KoesterCSSCSS
Allison ShortAssociation for Individual DevelopmentAssociation for Individual Development
Alvida T BaukusUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Amanda AtchleyCamp Big SkyEPIC
Amanda BeachGoldie B. Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
Amanda BenitezGoldie B Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
Amanda CravenCornerstone ServicesCornerstone Services
Amanda ElmoreCommunity Support Systems
Amanda ElmoreCommunity Support SystemsAmanda Elmore
Amanda KendrickTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Amanda LoepkerCommunity LinkCommunity Link
Amanda LowryEPICEPIC
Amanda PieperTrinity Services, IncTrinity Services, Inc.
Amanda PieperTrinity Services, Inc.Trinity Services, Inc.
Amanda SmithGoldie B Floberg
Amanda UnderwoodClearbrookClearbrook
Amanda WoodGoldie B. Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
Amber BrookeCommunity LinkCommunity Link
Amber GrzedaUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin
Amber VignieriElevate EnergyThey Deserve More Coalition
Amie HoffmanTrinity Services, They Deserve More CoalitionTrinity Services, They Deserve More Coalition
Amie SchlanserCommunity Support SystemsCommunity Support Systems
Amy Broadway-DucatUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Amy GannExceptional Careexceptional Care
Amy GiacaloneUCP Seguin
Amy LohmanCommunity Support Systemcommunity Support System
Amy NettlesCommunity LinkCommunity Link
Amy PetersonEPICEPIC
Amy RobertsTrinity Services, They Deserve More CoalitionTrinity Services, They Deserve More Coalition
Amy VolpeTrinity ServicesTrinity Services - They deserve more coalition and funding for services for people with developmental disabilities.
Amy YoungbergTrinity Services,IncTrinity Services, They Deserve More Coalition
amy zimmermanJewish Federation of ChicagoJewish United Fund aka Jewish Federation of Chicago
Andi WojcikClearbrookClearbrook
Andrea BudasiTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Andrea HarrisKohl Children's Museum of Greater Chicago
Andrea HastingsUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Andrea PalmUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Andrea PearsonCornerstone Services, Inc.Cornerstone Services, Inc.
Andrea Ramirez-JustinSt. Colettas of IllinoisSt. Colettas of Illinois
Andrea SolizGoldie B Floberg CenterGoldie B Floberg Center
Andrea TortoraTurtledove CommunicationsEPIC
Andrea Yargerseguin
Andres GutierrezUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin Of Greater Chicago
Andrew BalacyClearbrookClearbrook
Andrew BundyEPIC
Andrew D KistlerCommunity Support SystemsIndividuals with Developmental Disabilities and their families receiving services from Community Support Systems.
Andrew LongNonePeople with Intellectual Disabilities
Andrew PajakTrinity Services Inc.Trinity Services Inc.
Andrew SchiesslAID
Angel WhiteSeguinUCP Seguin
Angela B O'SabenTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Angela BassiSearch Inc
Angela CorgiatMarklundKate Harris
Angela CudmoreAssociation for Individual DevelopmentAngela Cudmore
Angela IngramCommunity Support SystemsDisabled people and their workers that help them
Angela IsitEnvision UnlimitedEnvision Unlimited
Angela JohnsonUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Angela KalasRay Graham AssociationRay Graham
Angela KingCCAR Industries
Angela KujawaTrinity Services, Inc.Trinity Services, Inc.
Angela MirandaClearbrookClearbrook
Angela WilhelmsGoldie Floberg Center
Angelina FrometaGoldie Floberg CenterGoldie Floberg Center
Angeline FarrellRay GrahamRay Graham Assocu
Angie ZerkleCtfCtf
Aniki CoatesOpportunity KnocksOpportunity Knocks
Anita GouldingTrinity Services Inc.
Anita ReynoldsUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Anitria BlakeClearbrook
Ann FeehanCornerstone Services INCCornerstone Services Inc
Ann Maloneself
Ann SickonCenter For Independent FuturesCenter for Independent Futures
Ann WinkelerCommunity LinkCommunity Link
Anna Adamczyk stackSearch
Anna Adamczyk-StackSearch IncSearch Inc
Anna EsparzaUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Anna JanaszakTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Anna Mae RenwickAgencyMarklund care centers
Anna Maria KisselRay Graham AssociationIndividuals with developmental disabiities
Anna SchulzMarklundMarklund
Annamariaa DorseyCornerstone Services Inc.Cornerstone Services, Inc.
Anne HardnerRiverside FoundationRiverside Foundation
Anne LombardiSearch Inc
Anne MaravigliaUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Anne OConnorSearch, IncSearch, Inc
Anne PateSt. Coletta of Wi.St. Coletta of Wi.
Anne PellettieriMisericordia HomeMisericordia Home
Anne PisettaICAICA
Anne Tillery-McFerronGarden Center ServicesGarden Center Services
Annetta PhenixClearbrookClearbrook
Annette SkafgaardSt. Colletta's of Illinois, Inc
Annie PalubickiClearbrookClearbrook
Annivar Salgado0891042150918UCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Anthony F Di MieleGarden Center ServicesGarden Center Services
Anthony GoldaTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Anthony Hornsby-EdgingtonCommunity LinkCommunity Link
Anthony SandovalUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Anthony TayfelThey Deserve More CoalitionThe Deserve More Coalition
Antoinette StokesRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Antonio AlvarezGlenkirkGlenkirk
April DearUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Armando GarciaUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Arthur G FessGlenkirkGlenkirk
Ashley CasatiUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Ashley JonesGoldie B Floberg Center
Ashley KoblerCommunity Support SystemsCommunity Support Systems
Ashley SchreckEPICEPIC
Ashley VoitUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Audrey AndersenThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
Audrey PooreSelf HelpThey deserve more
Avenues to IndependenceAvenues to IndependenceAvenues to Independence
Barb BaehrMarklund
Barb KesslerCommunity Support Systems
Barbara AndersonAIDAssociation for Individual Development AID
Barbara CernyRay Graham AssociationPeople with disabilities
Barbara CordellGlenkirkGlenkirk
Barbara DuzinskasRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Barbara JewettselfParent of an adult child with intellectual and developmental disabilities
Barbara LiszeoUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Barbara Pritchardselfself
Barbara RascoeExceptional Care & Training CenterThey Deserve More
Barbara ReevesTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Barbara SchechtmanSelf
Barbara SieganGlenkirkGlenkirk Associaton
Barbara TobiasThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
Beatriz GuzmanRay graham associationRay graham association
Becki PetersonClearbrookIndividuals with Intellectual and Develepmental Disabilities
Ben StortzCornerstone Services
Ben StortzCornerstone ServicesThey Deserve More Coalition
Bernadette GreenTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Bernita SImaniClearbrook.Clearbrook
Bertha L HauserRiverside FoundationRiverside Foundation
BethAssociation for Individual DevelopmentAID
Beth DustmanSearch, Inc.Search, Inc.
Beth M TharpNAEPIC
Betty KoreyThe Arc of IllinoisThey Deserve More Coalition
Bev SaizClearbrookClearbrook
Beverly GallagherMarklundMarklund
Beverly KedziorFamily
Bill BrooksUnited Cerebral Palsy Seguin of Greater ChicagoPersons with intellectual and developmental disabilities
billie milbyHorizon HouseADSP
Blake StahlApostolic Christian LifePoints
BLANCA CAMPOSCommunity Behavioral Healthcare AssociationCommunity Mental Health and Substance Use Providers
Blanca NavarroUcpseguinUcpseguin
Bob GriffinRay Graham AssoicationRay Graham Association
Bob GriffinRay Graham AssoicationRay Graham Associtation
Bobbi DrewsClearbrookClearbrook
Bobbie EastinCCAR Industries
Bonnie HassanThey Deserve More Coalition
Bonnie McGrawRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Brandi BiggsCSS
Brandi J TalagaChicago Area FASD Caregivers Support GroupPeople who live with permanent brain damage from prenatal alcohol exposure and their caregivers
Brandi VanceStreator Unlimited, Inc.
Brandy Munteankreider servicesKreider Services
Brandy PriceCCAR Industries
Brenda DevitoClearbrookClearbrook
Brenda HustonSelfEPIC
Brenda Lee WoodSeguin
Brenda PetersTransitions of Western IllinoisDD services, DSP employees
Brenda WoodUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin Of Greater Chicago
Brendan WitteTrinity servicesTrinity services
Brent OestNeighborhood House AssociationEPIC
Brian BentzGlenkirk
Brian FraiderCommunity Support ServicesCommunity Support Services
Brian GaskinFAYCO Enterprises, Inc.Individuals with ID-DD
Brian KenowCommunity Link, Inc.IARF
Brian TuckerCommunity LinkCommunity Link
Bridget CienkusSelfSelf
Bridget FoodyTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Brie FlinkowThey Deserve MoreThey Deserve More
Brittany BrasherGoldie B. Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
Brittany MaertzigMarklund Wasmond CenterMarklund
Brooke KistlerCommunity Support SystemsCommunity Support Systems
Brooke SalmonGoldie B. Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
Bruce BroughtonNoneNone
burdette tereseEpicEpic
Caitlin JohnsonCCAR Industries
Camille MacoParent of childNA
Cammy ManouselisTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Candace VelaUCP Seguin
Candace LenzGoldie B. FlobergGoldie B. Floberg
Candice GoldsteinSelf
Capri WettourTrinity ServicesThey Deserve More Coalition
Cara BrooksCaterpillar Inc.EPIC
Caren MusembiRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
CAREN N MUSEMBIRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
carina garciaGoldie B. Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
Carla DobbinsGoldie B. Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
Carla M HarrisBlue CapBlue Cap
Carla SloanRiver Forest TownshipRiver Forest Township
Carleen EmdeSearch, Inc.Search, Inc.
Carlos MorenoUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Carly BellClearbrookClearbrook
Carmel CookeRay Graham Association for People with DisabilitiesRay Graham Association for People with Disabilities
carmella jankowskiUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Carmen McCarthyBenjamin F. Edwards & Co.EPIC
Carol SveinssonSt. Coletta of Wi
Carol Ann DonahueMarklundMarklund
Carol BrehmUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Carol FescoHorizon House of IL Valley, Inc.
Carol HawleyMisericordia HomeMisericordia Shannon Apartment staff
Carol HultgrenIndependent
Carol MatchenMarklundMarklund
Carol P KingTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Carol SandersonSelf
Carol ScapinAssociation for Individual Development
CarolinaUcp seguin of greater chicagoUcp seguin
Carolina CordovaUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Caroline HaehnelUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Carolyn WhitakerUCP Seguin Services of Greater Chicago
Carrie SeidaSt Colettas Of Illinois
Carrie ZielinskiClearbrookClearbrook
Caryn BernierGoldie B. FlobergGoldie B Floberg Center
Casi MertesRay Graham Association
Cassandra J MatzUCP Seguin, Ray Graham Association, etc.Ray Graham Association, etc.
Cassidy CrouchCornerstone ServicesCornerstone Services
Cassidy ShaddickGoldie B. Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
Cassie GluckTrinity Services
Cataba ColemanUcp Seguin
Catelyn SedgwickCCAR IndustriesCCAR Industries
Catherine C ColleranTrinity ServicesMichael Colleran - Trinity Services
Catherine LomasneyRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Catherine NikrandtMarklundMarklund
Cathleen stewartGoldie B florberg centerGoldie B floberg center
Cathy IversonPSSSEPIC
Cathy ChristensenSelfSelf
Cathy DIVINCENZOKids First Pediatric Partners
Cathy HoydaThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
Cathy L ChristensenSelfself
Cathy RichmondGarden Center ServicesGarden Center Services
Cecelia Bacomselfself
Celia RiveraClearbrookClearbrook
Chad BeckmanRedShelf
Chad Chad GarlandCornerstone Services, Inc.I support this bill, with the exception that I do not want to see increased taxes on residents of Illinois to fund it.
Chandra EmertAlter Trading CorpEPIC
Chanette OeserOpportunity House, Inc
Charlene LukasMarklund Day SchoolMarklund
Charlene WarringClearbrookClearbrook
Charles DomanicoRiverside foundationRiverside foundation
charles DykhouseEPICEPIC
Charles Mark WittmerTrinity Services, IncTrinity Services, Inc
Charles PerrinNoneCharles Perrin
Charlotte CroninTrinity Services, Inc
charyl evansTrinity Service Inc.Trinity Services
Chaya RubensteinLDAILLearning Disabilities Assn of IL
Cheryl DeardorffUCP Seguin
Cheryl Ballcommunity support systems
Cheryl KrauspeNone
Cheryl LipinskiTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Cheryl MillerUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin
Cheryl R JansenEquip for EqualityEquip for Equality
Cheryl Rungeself
Cheryl WitkowskiUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Cheryl WitkowskiUnited Cerebral Palsy Seguin of Greater Chicago
Chitashia SmithRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Chris BachDist. 112
Chris BookSelf employedUnited Cerebral Palsy (Joliet, IL)
Chris MurphyCCAR IndustriesCCAR Industries
Chrisonia ButlerEnvision UnlimitedEnvision Unlimited
Chrisonia Denise ButlerHomeEnvision Unlimited
Christina ChavezTrinity Services, Inc.Trinity Services, Inc.
Christina SledgeGarden Center ServicesThey Deserve More Coalition
Christine AbernathyUCP SEGUINUCP Seguin
Christine BodzianowskiIllinois Crisis Prevention NetworkIllinois Crisis Prevention Network
Christine D FrankUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Christine FalveyThey Deserve More Coalition,etcThey Deserve More Coalition, etc
Christine KillianTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Christine KrzeminskiTrinity Services
Christine L RiveraRGA
Christine L RiveraRGA
Christine MyersLivingston County Mental Health BoardLCMHB
Christine PropheterArc of IllinoisArc of Illonous
Christopher BrowneMarklundVoice of Care
Christopher BurrowGarden Center ServicesGarden Center Services
Christopher KiahRiverside FoundationRiverside Foundation, Board President
Christopher T NashNAEPIC
Chuck MilesNone
Chuck SandersUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Chuck WittmerThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
Cindy Marlene SpickaAdvocate Health CareTrinity Services
Cindy PettersonThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
Claire DownsOpportunity KnocksOpportunity Knocks
Clare WelterTrinity Services
Claudia ColanSearch Inc.
Clay UnesMorton Community BankEPIC
Clenton ReynoldsRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Cole FoxThe Arts of LifeThe Arts of Life
Colleen CliffordAssociation for Individual DevelopmentAssociation for Individual Development
Colleen ConwayMarklundMarklund
Colleen KeltySelfSelf
Connie B NatvigConnie B. Natvig, Ph.D., PC
Connie L GossarTrinity Services, They Deserve More CoalitionTrinity Services, They Deserve More Coalition
Connor LarsenSelf
Constance Renee WeaverBradley UniversityEPIC
Cora MartinezClearbrookClearbrook
Cori DelavanGoldie B. Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
Corinne AldarondoClearbrookClearbrook
Cornelius AndersenThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
Corrine RunnelsClearbrookClearbrook
Cortney RyanUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Cory GummSearch Inc.Search Inc. & They Deserve More Coalition
Courtney A RiemanCommunity Support SystemsCommunity Support Systems
Courtney BrewerClearbrook
Crystal c SantosUcp seguin of greater chicago
Crystal PutnamGoldie B. Floberg CenterGoldie B Floberg Center
Crystal Weeks WrightEPIC
Crystine RiosTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Cynthia ArcherProctor HospitalEPIC
Cynthia LapickiCornerstone Services
Cynthia SchanderBlue Cap
D Von Mooreself
Dale MorrisseyCrosspoint Human Servicesself
Dale R True JrIT360, IncEPIC
Dallas R ReadUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin
Dallas R ReadUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Damon C ArdUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Dan AhernAllstate
Dan CorriganRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Dan DillonGraingerThey Deserve More
Dan HaughneyCentrral States MediaEPIC
Dana DixonCornerstone Services, Inc.Cornerstone Services, Inc.
Dana RosenzweigSt. Clair County Mental Health BoardSt. Clair County Mental Health Board
Daniel BarkmanRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Daniel ChavezNonePeople with intellectual and developmental disabilities and community providers who support them
Daniel FitzgeraldHorizon House of Illinois Valley, Inc.Horizon House of llinois Valley, Inc.
Daniel H MelvinSelfRay Graham Association
Daniel HislipUnitarian Universalist Church of Elgin
Daniel MengoniUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Daniel RempertJCFS ChicagoJCFS Chicago
Daniel SeeberTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Danielle GrzeniaCommunity Support SystemsQIDP
Danielle HanischTrinity Services, Inc.Trinity Services, They Deserve More Coalition
Danielle JonesCTF IllinoisCTF Illinois
Danielle KaneCTF ILLINOISCTF Illinois
Danielle La HaAIDDanielle La Ha
Danielle MatthewsDSC Developmental Services CenterDSC
Danielle SwangoCCAR IndustriesProvider Agency
Danila OlsenGlenkirkGlenkirk
DannyTaguecommunity support systemscommunity support systems
Darlean CareyUCP Seguin, Ray Graham Association, They Deserve More Coalition,UCP Seguin, Ray Graham Association, The Arc of Illinois, They Deserve More Coalition,
Darlene George-CraigRiverside FoundationRiverside Foundation
Darlene PurlerTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Darrel WoodUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
DARRYL HudsonCatEpic
Darryl NormanThey Deserve More CoalitionEnvision Unlimited
Darryl W EwerMediacom Communications CorporationEPIC
Dave BoggsClearbrook
David BettsUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
David HoydaThey Deserve More CoalitionAssociation for Individual Development
David KeefeUCP SEguin
David KoreyThey Deserve More Coalition
David PennellElm City Rehabilitation Center, Inc.Employer - Elm City Rehabilitation Center, Inc.
David SingerSelf
David SwanUPC SeguinUPC Seguin
David VarneyGlrenkirkGlrnkirk
David Washington JrRetiredEPIC
Dawn CadenUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Dawn CassuloLeman Prop MgmtEPIC
Dawn Gorman-KennyTrinity ServicesTrinity services
Dawn LassiterMarklundMarklund
Dawn McCune AngeliniSt Colettas of ILSt Colettas of IL
Dawn StepuncikParklawnParklawn
Dawn WilchrPark Lawn Association
Dawna MataClearbrookClearbrook
Dawneen Sharon SurianoUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Dawson MillerUCP Seguin
Deanna KoeckritzPark Lawn
Deb Kelly-SchlakMarklund Wasmond Center
Deb MaherUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin
Debbie De PalmaNone
Debbie FingermanGlenkirk, They Deserve More Coalition
Debbie PattersonTrinity services they deserve moreTrinity services they deserve more
Debby PalumboRay Graham AssociaionRay Graham Association
Deborah A McBryerEPICEPIC
Deborah ArellanoUCPSeguinUCP Seguin
Deborah JensenUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Deborah KjennerGoldie Floberg CenterGoldie Floberg Center
Deborah LancasterEPICEPIC
Deborah LarsonSearch, INc.Search, Inc.
Deborah Muskopf-StreifTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Deborah WeibelSertoma Centre, IncSertoma Centre, Inc
Deborah WinterNoneEPIC
Debra CondottiEasterseals Joliet Region, Inc.
Debra CongdonEPICEPIC
Debra FlowersUCP Seguin
Debra GrayCommunity Link
Debra K BuseExceptional Care & Training CenterExceptional Care & Training Center
Debra RagusaSTREATOR UNLIMITED INCThey Deserve More Coalition
Debra RueschChampaign County Developmental Disabilities BoardSelf
Dena McGadyRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Denis CyrCyr, Woertz FinancialEPIC
Denise AndersonEnvision Unlimited
Denise JacobusKuhl Insurance
Deshawn DennisClearbrookClearbrook
Desiree D BooneEPIC - ILEPIC
DESTANY MERRITTTrinity Services, They Deserve More CoalitionTrinity Services, They Deserve More Coalition
Detelina CoonsEnvision Unlimited
Diana HeizerTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Diana Marie LawLaw Hesselbaum
Diana MasnyTrinity Services, They Deserve More CoalitionTrinity Services, They Deserve More Coalition
Diane DeLeonardoTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Diane DucyGlenkirk, They deserve more coalitionglenkirk, they deserve more coalition
Diane Farina WhiteCommunity Support ServicesIndividuals with intellectual and development disabilities
Diane ForsbergRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Diane HahnMackinaw Valley VineyardEPIC
Diane HoffmanParent
Diane HuelskampCommunity LinkCommunity Link
Diane KelderhouseCornerstone ServicesCornerstone Services
diane LantvitUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Diane Marie PillarAID
Diane McDermottCTF ILLINOISCTF Illinois
Diane MillerUCP Seguin
Diane Oltman--None--EPIC
Diane StoneUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Diane YorkCommunity Support SystemsCommunity Support Systems
Dianne McFaddenECTC
Diaonna CainRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Dina GoochTrinity Services, They Deserve More CoalitionTrinity Services, They Deserve More Coalition
Dominic KrischkeGoldie B. Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
Don FrickClearbrookClearbrook
Don KraskaEnvision UnlimitedEnvision Unlimited
Donad Van DuyseThe Ray Graham AssociationSelf
Donald FilkinsEPICEPIC
Donald HellerUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Donald Henzlikparent
Donald HenzlikParentCenter for Independent Futures
Donald J RobinsonCornerstone ServicesCornerstone Services
Donielle DeeringRay Graham AssocRay Graham Assoc
Donna BolzTrinity Services, Inc.Trinity Services, They deserve more Coalition
Donna LaskySertoma Centre, Inc.Sertoma Centre, Inc.
Donna WilloughbyGarden Center Services
Dorothy CarringiTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Dorothy JakubowskiEnvision UnlimitedEnvision Unlimited
Douglas RiccioClearbrookClearbrook
Douglas TesnowSearch Inc.Search INC.
Dragica JordanovTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Duane FitchPlante MoranMarklund
Eboni ReedTrinity Services Inc.Trinity Services Inc.
Ebony MoltonTrinity Services, They Deserve More CoalitionTrinity Services, They Deserve More Coalition
Eddie SylasTrinity Services They deserve more colalition
Edgar PunzalanRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Edward BaltrusUCP Seguin
Edward KingFamilyEPIC
Edward ThompsonEPIC
Edwina KugelGarden Center
Eileen BenninGlenkirkGlenkirk eileen and bruce Bennin
Eileen DownesSertoma CentreSertoma Centre
Eileen KilroyTrinity Services
Eileen PalsgroveSearch, Inc.Search, Inc.
Eisenhower MengoniCitizenUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Elaine KrallitschNARiverside Foundation
Elena MotaUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Elisabeth LorenOak-Leyden Developmental ServicesOak-Leyden Developmental Services
Elisabeth P AlvaradoUCP SequinUCP Sequin
Elizabeth A GurneySister
Elizabeth A JohnsonCornerstone Services IncCornerstone Services
Elizabeth A SwanUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Elizabeth GarciaGoldie B Floberg Center
Elizabeth HaptonstahlUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Elizabeth KochXEPIC
Elizabeth OlsonTrinity Services
Elizabeth PiggottRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Elle LibertyTrinity Services, Inc..Trinity Services, Inc.
Ellen AdcockTrinity Services They Deserve More CoalitionTrinity Services They Deserve More Coalition
Ellen B RayfieldGlenkirk
Ellen BoydBlue Island Citizens for Persons with Intellectual Disabilitie Inc. Blue Cap
Ellen FoodyTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Ellen Garber BronfeldAnixter CenterIllinois Citizens with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those who care about them.
Ellen RayfieldGlenkirk
Ellen WallaceRiverside FoundationRiverside Foundation
Elliot Zashinretirednot affiliated
Emily FenclClearbrookIndividuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Emily HefnerMarklund Day SchoolMarklund Day School
Emily ThompsonGuardianEPIC
Emily WatsonGreater Peoria Mass Transit DistrictEPIC
Emma HersheyClearbrook
Eric HellerUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Eric RobkeCommunity LinkCommunity Link
Eric SciortinoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Erica CantuRiverside foundation
Erica HallRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Erica WrightRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association for People with Disabilities
Ericka FoxAda S. McKinley
Erin CassidyExceptional Care and Training CenterExceptional Care & Training Center
erin drozdUCP Seguin
Erin HaldenRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Assocation
Erin MalinowskiFamily
Erin PolteThey deserve more coalitionThey deserve more coalition
Erin RohlenaGlenkirkGlenkirk
Erin StalnakerEPICEPIC
Esther LebbinAssociation For Individual Development
Esther SandersProgress Center for Independent LivingProgress Center for Independent Living
Eva OsbornCornerstone ServicesCornerstone Services
Evan MillerUCP Seguin
Everett F EllisUCP Seguin
Faith HoerchlerCommunity LInkREPRESENTATION
fateenma mosesGoldie B. Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
Fe LastimozaRiverside Foundation
Felice FischerSearch Inc.Search Inc
FELISHA COKERTrinity Service INCTrinity Service
Fernando MugicaThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
Francis J RaabRaab FamilyFrancis J Raab, Libby R Raab, Koen Raab and Bryce Raab
Francisca FloresUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin
Frank A Catalano JrCatalano & AssociatesUCP Seguin
Frank J Murnane JrMarklundFOR Fully funding the Guidehouse rate study
Fred and Gerry BatlinerGlenkirk, They Deserve More CoalitionGlenkirk
Gabe HermanTrinity Services, Inc.
Gabrielle FenderRay GrahamRay Graham
Gail DudlicekRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Gail Harris-SchmidtMisericordia
Garret R Davisself employedEPIC
Gary ArnoldProgress Center for Independent Livingpeople with disabilities in Suburban Cook county
Gary bachCornerstone servicesCornerstone serviced
Gary W NesselTrinity Services, Inc ... They deserve more coalition & funding assistance.Trinity Services, They Deserve More Coalition & more.
Gayla RichmondNAEPIC
Gayle RogersThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
Gaynell LeeBlue Cap
George DertzRay GrahamRay Graham
George RoyUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Georgiana Schusterselfself
Geosina RossEnvision UnlimitedENVISION UNLIMITED
Gerald L DamesThey Deserve More Coalition
Gerald M EstesMarklundMarklund
Geraldine TersteggeCornerstone Services
Geralyn ColantonioTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Geri BuhnerkempeCommunity Support SystemsCommunity Support Systems
Gil FongerMarklundMarklund
gina m lyonsupc seguin
Gina MailhiotAvenues to Independence
Ginger ArmstrongStreator UnlimitedDirect Service Personel
Gladys Haro-RenteriaClearbrook
Gloria ChandlerUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Gloria MarshEPICEPIC
Gopal ParamasivamUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Gopal ParamasivamUCP Seguin of Greater chicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Grace LipscombSearch Inc.
Greg GeutherTrinity ServicesTrinity Serviices-They Deserve More
Greg GrillUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Greg IgnoffoLeyden TownshipLeyden Township
Greg ShaheenBasic ITSEPIC
Greg WilsonPOGO MarketingEPIC
Gregory BeanCommunity Support Systems
Gregory GrillUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Gregory HarnessRetired-Caterpillar ManagmentEPIC
gregory schererCommunity Support SystemsCommunity Support Systems
Gregory Schroederselfself
Gregory T OConnorSparc
Gunjan PatelMarklund Philip Center
Gus van den BrinkSertoma Centre, Inc.Sertoma Centre, Inc.
Gwendolyn JonesUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Gwendolyn TaylorTrinity Services, Thet Deserve More CoalitionTrinoty Services, They Deserve More Coalition
Haley SparksCCAR IndustriesCCAR Industries
Hannah WinekEPICEPIC
Hany AbutalebCornerstone ServicesCornerstone Services
Heather BolenEPIC
Heather KirpachGarden center servicesGarden center services
Heather L SpaetzelIPADDIPADD
Heather LongfellowBradley UniversityEPIC
Heather RavennaMarklund Day SchoolMARKLUND DAY SCHOOL
Hector A MartinezCornerstone ServicesCornerstone Services
Heidi HardiekCommunity Support Sysytems
Heidi LynchRiverside Foundation
Heidi Russell-GreenUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Helen BlackburnCenterstone
Helen McHughTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Helene M Fry17893 Chippewa
Henry JohnsonEPICEPIC
Hilary CharletEPICEPIC
Hilda Contreras Schultzparentparent
Hollie LongMarklund
Hollis GorrieClearbrookClearbrook
Holly SwearingianThe Autism CollectiveEPIC
Howard BrandeiskyMarklundMarklund
HOWARD SUSKINJenner & BlockSearch, Inc.
Hugh JosephUCP-Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP-Seguin of Greater Chicago
Hunter CoxGlenkirkGlenkirk
Ian DunbarRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
ian hamiltontrinity servicestrinity services inc.
Ilene RosenbergClearbrook
Inga SandovalUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Ingrid KernRay GrahamRay Graham
Ingrid Marie EdwardsAssociation individual development
Irene CroweGarden Center ServicesGarden Center Services
Isamar CoronaUCP Seguin
Ivan RiveraUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
J Beverlyselfself
Jacalyn GreenAssociation for Individual Development
JackSearch Inc.Search Inc.
Jack GentileDG PropertiesThey Deserve More Coalition
Jackie kelloggHomemakerEPIC
Jaclyn HarvelAssociation for Individual Development
Jaclyn RovnerSearch, Inc.Search, Inc.
Jaclynn WickeyNA
Jacqueline WhiteSeguin ucp
Jacqueline L WhiteClearbrookClearbrook
Jacqueline RoigUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Jacquelyn RatermannCommunity LinkCommunity Link
Jaime KellerMarklund Day SchoolMarklund Day School
Jaime RischeContractor
Jake BarnacleTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
james armbrusterMarklundMarklund
James ChaseThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
James E RothNone
James Gouldparent of adult with disabilities
james h bolkerUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
James HaptonstahlUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago - They Deserve More Coalition
James KalesAspireAspire (Nonprofit that serves people with developmental disabilities in Chicagoland)
James LerchUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin
James MoylanAssociation for Individual Development
James RiggleCornerstone ServicesCornerstone Services
James SandroliniSearch, Inc.
James SmithUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Jamia E JoyceCommunity Support SystemsCommunity Support Systems
Jamie Lynn Marie VoustrosTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Jamie ViebachSelfSelf
Jan MallakRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Jane KimballSelfSelf
Jane McLinCornerstone ServicesCornerstone Services
Jane NesbitSt Clair County 708 Mental Health BoardSt Clair County 708 Mental Health Board
Jane StewartTrinity Services IncTrinity Services Inc
Janelle PitzoFamily of Special Needs AdultParent of Special Needs Child
Janet D CheverudParentJames and Janet Cheverud, parents, and Mary Cheverud - autistic adult
Janet GrafSelf
Janet KrahnAssociation for Individual Development
Janet LineberrySelfSelf
Janet MarkTrinity Services inc
Janet N EllisUCP Seguin
Janet NgweThey Deserve More CoalitionEnvision Unlimited
Janet StoverNoneIndividual
Janet VarnesEPICEPIC
Janet WallSertoma Centre, Inc.Sertoma Centre, Inc.
Janice and Gregory HarrisUPC SeguinUCP Seguin
Janice McGeeFAYCO Enterprises, Inc.FAYCO Enterprises, Inc.
Janice R AgazziTrinity Services, IncTrinity Services, Inc
Janice ValentineAvenues to Independence
Janis CarrierRiverside FoundationRiverside Foundation
Janis RunyanThey deserve more coalitionF
Jasmine SmithGoldie FlobergGoldie B Floberg Center
Jason BurrisBridgeway
Jason NosbaumSelfSelf
Jason TietzClearbrookClearbrook
Javier OvalleUCP seguinUCP SEGUIN
Jaymee LindblomTrinity Services, They Deserve MoreTrinity Services, They Deserve More
Jazmin LopezLyons Township Mental Health CommissionUCP Seguin
Jazmine FewsJasculca Terman Strategic Communications
Jean FineganArc Of Iroquois CoArc of Iroquois County
Jean FineganArc of Iroquois CountyArc of Iroquois County
Jean KelverRGARay Graham Association
Jean M XoubiEnvisionPeople with Developmental Disabiities
Jean OwenUniversalist Unitarian Church of Joliet, IL
Jean ThielTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Jeanette JonesGoldie Floberg CenterGoldie Floberg Center
Jeanne GroatRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Jeanne HirkalaStreator UnlimiteStreator Unlimited
jeanne isabelAIDAID
Jeff BoariniFamily
Jeff LipmanKin Care, Inc.Midwest Care, Inc. dba Kin Care, Inc.
Jeff ShoumakerRedeemer Lutheran ChurchEPIC
Jeffery FosterRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Jeffery PetersClearbrook
jeffrey j stauterKreider ServicesKreider Services
Jeffrey PastirikStreator Unlimited
Jenifer RussellTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Jenna HutchingsCornerstone ServicesCornerstone Services
Jenna Korenstraparent of adult with disabilities
Jennifer BolandClearbrookClearbrook
Jennifer BrownEpicEpic
Jennifer CohenTriniity ServicesTrinity Services
Jennifer CunninghamAccess LivingSelf
Jennifer GledhillSearch IncSearch, Inc
Jennifer GuichardCTF IllinoisCTF Illinois
Jennifer HansonThe Association for Individual Development
Jennifer KayEPICEPIC
Jennifer KullEPIC
Jennifer MichaelsExceptional CareExceptional Care
Jennifer PhillipsCommunity Support SystemsCommunity Support Systems
Jennifer SchindlCommunity Support ServicesCommunity Support Services, Inc.
Jennifer SurgalSearch, Inc.Search, Inc.
Jennifer ZentnerNoneEPIC
Jennings EllenCommunity Alternatives UnitedCommunity Alternatives United
Jenny PrestonStreator UnlimitedStreator Unlimited
Jeremy KobbemanMarklund Children's HomeMarklund Children's Home
Jeremy WieburgCitizenEPIC
Jernice RhodesCommunity Support Systems
Jerome KurtenbachUSP SeguinUSP Seguin
Jerry LovenoneThe Deserve More
Jerry MarrretireeEPIC
Jesse BerryhillUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Jessica DelgadoCTF IllinoisCTF Illinois
jessica fairriverside foundationriverside foundation
Jessica JablonskiClearbrookClearbrook
Jessica OchotaTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Jessica SmartClearbrook
Jessica WolfMarklundMarklund
Jessie MaitenFAYCO Enterp. Inc.FAYCO Enterp. Inc
Jesus CastroUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Jewel StreetsJewel M. Streets, LLC
Jill DahlinTrinity Services IncTrinity Services Inc
Jill LeeLincoln OfficeEPIC
Jill McWilliamsRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Jim JorgensenEPICEPIC
Jim PokrywczynskiUCP SEGUINUCP Seguin
Jim RunyonSelf
Jo MullerHealthcareEPIC
Joan DucayetCenter for Independent Futures
Joanna ZdanowiczFamily memberTrinity Services
Joanne KunzFamily of person in a CILA
Jocelyn ChavezNonePeople with intellectual and developmental disabilities
Jodene CarpenterFAYCO Enterprises Inc.
Jodi AndrewsTrinity Services They Deserve More CoalitionTrinity Services, They Deserve More Coalition
Jodi NutterSelfEPIC
Jody GoecknerCommunity Support SystemsCommunity Support Systems
Jody OltmanSelfEPIC
Joel HeinzUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
John AntrobusMilestone Advisory Group, LLCEPIC
John BellaireUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
John Edgar MihelicCommunity Support Services
John EtscheidHorizon House of Illinois Valley, Inc.Horizon House of Illinois Valley, Inc.
John FerroCornerstone ServicesCornerstone Services
John FriedlandSearch, Inc.Search, Inc.
John HuelskampCommunity LinkPersons with Developmental Disabilities in community settings residing in Illinois
John KellaCornerstone ServicesCornerstone Services
John LawrenceOpportunity KnocksOpportunity Knocks
John LawsonThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
John MallaneyStreator Unlimited, Inc.
John MeisingerRetired - Peoria Public SchoolsEPIC
John MiniuttiUCP SeguinUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
John NixRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
John PingoGoldie B. Floberg CenterCommunity Providers of Services for Persons with IDD and SMI
John SaylorAssociation for Individual Development
John SheridanCornerstone ServicesOn behalf of self
John Tobias DriscollThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
John VoitUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Johnathan WalshMarklundMarklund
Johntae RichardsonSearch, IncSearch, inc They deserves more coalition
Jon JenkinsLucWork Enterprises
Jonathan KoreyThey Deserve More Coalition
Jonathan NeidorfSelfSelf
Jonathan RauwerdaClearbrookClearbrook
Jontay WelchUCP Seguin Of Greater Chicago
Joseph A GonzalezGhafari Associates
Joseph LuzadderNASearch Inc.
Joseph MengoniUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Joseph PateSt Coletta of WISt Coletta of WI
Joseph PedersenUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Josephine D'AngeloRay Graham Association
Josephine HaptonstahlHelp at Home, IncPaul Haptonstahl, Heritage Nursing, Rutledge, Springfield
JOSEPHINE MONTECKIUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Josey Demmon SquiresEPICEPIC
Josh EvansIllinois Association of Rehabilitation FacilitiesCommunity-based providers serving children and adults with intellectual-developmental disabilities and serious mental illnesses.
Josh VoitUCP Seguin
Joshua DiazClearbrookClearbrook
Joshua WithArts fo LifeArts of Life
Joy ClendenningSelfSelf
Joy Meadeindividual
Joy VrlecTrinity Services, IncTrinity Services, Inc.
Joyce Miller BeanCenter For Independent Futures
Juan CornejoUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Juan MotaUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Judi CollinsGoldie B. Floberg CenterJohn Pingo, PhD. Goldie B. Floberg Center
Judi GentryRetiredEPIC
Judith LarsonThey Deserve MoreThey Deserve More
Judith SingerTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Judy DurchslagUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Judy Sidley-BenbowSelfCornerstone Services, Inc
Julia CornwellEPICEPIC
Julia CoxUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Julia ErnstSearch, Inc.Search, Inc.
Juliann CarlsonClearbrookClearbrook
Julie A LerchUCP Seguin of Greater ChiUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Julie BalzariniUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Julie CarstensStreator Unlimited, Inc.Streator Unlimited, Inc.
Julie DohertyPark Lawn School & Activity CenterPark Lawn School & Activity Center
Julie GebbenCommunity Support SystemsCommunity Support Systems, people with disabilities in Illinois
Julie HenhaplUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Julie HolmParent
Julie KanderClearbrookClearbrook
Julie L OrtegaTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Julie MosesThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
Julie PetersParent of 21 year old special needs sonParent of 21 year old special needs son
Julie RognstadRognstad Household
Julie SchaeferTrinity servicesTrinity Services
Julie SchremserSt Colettas of il
June BolkerUCP Seguin
Justin SwiftArc of The Quad Cities
Justine WesselhoffTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Kaluki MusauRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Kami MasonCommunity Support SystemsCommunity Support Systems
Kamryn BartelsCommunity Support SystemsCommunity Support Systems
Kara ScottChicago Public School Parent
Karen BaltrusUCP Seguin
Karen BerkowskyCenter for Independent FuturesCenter for Independent Futures
Karen BlockUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Karen DavisGarden Center Services
Karen FischerUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Karen Hartmanpersonal
Karen JonesClearbrookClearbrook
Karen KupinaCornerstone Services, Inc.Cornerstone Services
Karen WilsonCss Community Support Systems
Kari TaylorGoldie Floberg Center
Karin BehrendtMarklund Day SchoolMarklund Day School
Karin BushawGoldie B FlobergGoldie B Floberg Center
Karina SotoUCP Seguin
Karl WinekBradley UniversityEPIC
Karla SorianoUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin
Karma SkinnerDevelopmental Services CenterDSC
Karrie PotterCommunity Support Systems Family MattersCommunity Support Systems
Katharine DickersonNone
Kathe WorkmanSEARCH Inc., They Deserve More CoalitionSEARCH Inc., They Deserve More Coalition
Katherine SleeperSASED
Katherine BrownSt. Coletta's of Illinois
Katherine CienkusNotre Dame LawSiblings of Affected Individuals
Katherine D HamannNASibling and Individuals in Illinois with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities
Katherine ThurstonUCP Seguin
KATHIE WACHHOLDERTrinity Services, Inc
Kathleen Brown RN CDDNKAB CONSULTINGindividual
Kathleen HansenUCP-Seguin
Kathleen HansenUCP-SeguinUCP-Seguin
Kathleen MemengaCornerstone Employment ServicesCornerstone Services, Inc.
Kathryn CarneyselfRay Graham Association
Kathryn FrickeTrinity-Services, Inc. They Deserve More CoalitionTrinity-Services, Inc. They Deserve More Coalition
Kathryn GarveyTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Kathryn Magine-HarrisMarklundMarklund
Kathy BohnSertoma Centre, Inc.Sertoma Centre, Inc.
kathy carmodyInstitute on Public Policy for People with DisabilitiesInstitute on Public Policy for People with Disabilities
Kathy FuentesUPC Seguin
Kathy HorwathTrinity Services, Inc.Trinity Services,They deserve more coalition
Kathy KachanoskiThey Deserve More Coalition
Kathy PerrettaTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Kathy RambeauTrinity Services and They Deserve More CoalitionTrinity Services
Kathy ScheuingClearbrookClearbrook
Kathy WoodworthCCAR IndustriesCCAR Industries
Katie AbmaUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Katie AndersonClearbrookEarly Intervention
Katie FluhrClearbrookClearbrook
Katie MuellerCEFCUEPIC
Katie PetersonMisericordia HomeMisericordia Home
Katrina Sims-MilesSertoma Centre Inc.Sertoma Centre Inc.
Kayla JeffersEpicEPIC
Kaylee TonnCommunity Support SystemsCommunity Support Systems
Kaytlyn OwensClearbrookClearbrook
Kaytlyn OwensThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
Keith PisettaCaritasCaritas
Kelley CurrierUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Kelli EvansBradley UniversityEPIC
Kellie TruppaThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
Kelly EvansProgressiveProgresive
Kelly EwingPark Lawn
Kelly FlinkmanClearbrookClearbrook
Kelly JensenTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Kelly LavkoPark Lawn
Kelly McNerneyClearbrookClearbrook
Kelly StummeRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Kelly Van KampenTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Ken CheathamOak Leyden Developmental ServicesOak-Leyden Developmental Services
Ken LindblomTrinity Services, They Deserve MoreTrinity Services, They Deserve More
Kendra J MosesNoneCWTC
Kenneth A KaladRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Kenneth LocascioSt. Coletta's of IllinoisSt. Coletta's of Illinois
Kenneth LomasneyRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Kenneth MihelichCornerstone Services, Inc.Cornerstone Services
Kenneth WettourTrinty Services, They Deserve More CoalitionTrinity Services, They Deserve More Coalition
Kenny Randle JrUCP
Kent SchmidtSmith MooreCommunity Support Systems
Kenya DriverUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Keri HettingerTrinity ServicesTrinity Services; They Deserve More Coalition
Kerry BergMarklund
Kevin AnderkoClearbrookClearbrook
Kevin C KeyUCP Seguin
Kevin ConnellyMisericordia HomeMisericordia Home
Kevin D WilliamsRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Kevin DohertyGarden Center ServicesGarden Center Services
Kevin HarrisAssociation for Individual DevelopmentAssociation for Individual Development
Kevin KraussTrinity Services
Kevin M FeeneyUCP-SeguinUCP-Seguin
Kevin McCarthyGlenkirk
Kevin PerryUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Kevin RoginaTrinity Services, They Deserve More CoalitionTrinity Services, They Deserve More Coalition
Kevin William KrausClearbrookClearbrook
Kevin ZinkKreider Services IncThey deserve more coalition
Kiante Gordonepicepic
Kim BerenbergGlenkirkGlenkirk
Kim BoswellFAYCO Enterprises, Inc.
kim cartercommunity support system
Kim M TaylorFAYCO Enterprises, Inc.
Kim ZoellerRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Kimberly BowdryChampaign County Mental Health BoardPerson
Kimberly CzyzowiczLambs FarmThe Lambs Farm
Kimberly CzyzowiczThe Lambs FarmLambs Farm
Kimberly DykstraTrinity Services, Inc.Trinity Services, Inc.
Kimberly Elaine SandersRetiredEPIC
Kimberly JohnsonParentParent, Chicagoland Autism Connection
Kimberly LynchAID
Kira MeskinProgress Center for Independent LivingPeople with disabilities
Kira MeskinProgress Center For Independent LivingPeople with disabilities who live in suburban Cook County
Kira NelsonSertoma CentreSertoma Centre
Kirk SeversonGoldiefloberg Center
Kirsten M WinekNot ApplicableEPIC
Kish PisaniParent
Kristal FagerEPICEPIC
Kristen GarciaRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Kristen MahayUCP Seguin of greater chicagoUCP Seguin og greater chicago
Kristen NoonanEnvision Unlimited
Kristen SchramCornerstone ServicesCornerstone Services, Inc.
Kristi EnersonCornerstone services
Kristi HartzCornerstone Services
Kristi JohnsonCommunity LinkCommunity Link
Kristin FancherCommunity Support SystemsCommunity Support Systems
Kristina OrtizGoldie B. Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
Kristine BaldoThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
Kristy BeuningMarklundMarklund
Krystal GruenenfelderBeverly Farm Foundation
Kurt MerkendorferGlenkirkGlenkirk
Kyle WebbCommunity Support SystemsCommunity Support Systems
Kylene HenthornGlenkirkGlenkirk
Kylie WilsonTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Lacy EdwardsCTFIllinoisCTFIllinois
LaKeshia MeansUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Lanna ScannellOSF HealthCareEPIC
LaQuasha paceEPICEPIC
Larry ElsbergAID
larry jackson-russelltrinity services
Lashaye KimbroughUCP Seguin
Latasha SteeleUcp SeguinUcp Seguin
latesha williamsTrinity Services
Latrell S HassellEnvision Unlimited
Latricia CooperCornerstone ServicesCornerstone Services
Laura AndersonThey Deserve More Coalition
Laura B SpeerGoldie B Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
Laura BlumeTrinity Services, IncTrinity Services, Inc
Laura DurudoganUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Laura GerstnerOak Leyden Developmental ServicesOak Leyden Developmental Services
Laura GonzalezUCP-Seguin of Greater Chicago
Laura GuzmanRaygram association
Laura KarlinsMarklundMarklund
Laura NeuhardtTrinity Services, Inc.Trinity Services, Inc.
Laurel KaishSelfSelf
Lauren BrinatiThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More
Lauren FeldmanKeshet
Lauren HartfordGlenkirkGlenkirk
Lauren KasprzykAvenues to IndependenceAvenues to Independence
Lauren MariucciClearbrook - Getz buildingClearbrook
Lauren PorterGoldie B. Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
Laurence W ZoellerRay Graham Association for People with DisabilitiesRay Graham Association for the People with Disabilities
Lauri HislopeEPICEPIC
Laurie AponteClearbrookClearbrook
Laurie FerfeckiTrinity Services, Inc.Trinity Services
Laurie HemkerCommunity Link
Laurie JerueIPADDUniteOver 5,500 Illinois families
Lawrence K HumberstoneL Humberstone DC SCThomas humberstone
Leah DoweidtRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Leah WestCCAR IndustriesCCAR Industries
LeAnn ConnellGoldie B. Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
Leanna R KijanowskiIndividualEPIC
Leanne Mullna
Lee FellRiverside Foundation
Lee JorwicRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Lee MohrAssociation for Individual Development
Leesa A SchminkStreator UnlimitedStreator unlimited
lekeyia collinsUCP Seguin, Ray Graham Association, They Deserve More CoalitionEnvision Unlimited
Leland Bond-UpsonUU Church of ElginMyself only
Leonard ManieceUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP SEGUIN
Leslie CoxUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Leslie GoldeClearbrookClearbrook
leslie l summersclearbrook
Leslie RobertsSelfSelf
Leticha WATSONEnvision UnlimitedEnvision Unlimited
Liane LopezTrinity Servicesthey deserve more coalition
Lili MelvinselfRay Graham Association
Linda AdamikAvenues to IndependenceParent of disabled adult at Avenues to Independence
Linda BruggemannEnvision UnlimitedEnvision Unlimited
Linda ColemanGLENKIRKGlenkirk
Linda HallThey Deserve More CoalitionMy son with a developmental disability and others like him in the State of Illinois
Linda HellerUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Linda KluiberCommunity Support ServicesCommunity Support Services
Linda KunaTrinity Services
Linda NeidorfUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Linda RomanCornerstone ServicesCornerstone Services
Linda WeissThey Deserve More
Lindsay A StuartGlenkirkGlenkirk
Lindsay StreetApostolic Christian Lifepoints
Lindsey BrownCTF IllinoisCTF Illinois
Lindsey PateteClearbrookClearbrook
Lindsey SchmidtClearbrookClearbrook
Lindsey WilkensMisericordia HomeMisericordia Home
Lisa CaronCornerstoneCornerstone Services
Lisa DillonTrinity ServicesThey Deserve More
Lisa EspingAssociation for Individual Development
Lisa GreeneTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Lisa Hunspergerfriend
Lisa LewKeshet
Lisa M LibertyRiverside Foundation
Lisa M SabresUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Lisa MilazzoMarklundMarklund
Lisa Norman-WhetstoneRay Graham
Lisa RehkemperCommunity Link, Inc.Community Link, Inc.
Lisa VignieriAIDAID
Liz DrogosElim Christian ServicesElim Christian Services
Liz GerlachAvenues to IndependenceAvenues to Independence
Liz LutmerGoldie B. Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
Lois GatesMisericordia HomeMisericordia Home
Lois PurrazzoSertoma centreSertoma
Lolita AdesinaClearbrookClearbrook
Lolita AdesinaClearbrookClearbrook
Lora DuffyThey Deserve More Coalition
Lore BakerAssociation for Individual DevelopmentAssociation for Individual Development (AID)
Lorenzo CaudilloUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Lori A WachtelDSC
Lori D OpielaUCP Seguin of Greater Chicagoself
Lori FoxThe Arts of Life
Lori KaneLittle City FoundationThey Deserve More Coalition
Lori LoopThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
Lorie DirksTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Lorin BergschneiderMarklund
Lorraine CobbsMisericordia HomeMisericordia Home
Lou LeonardiRay Graham Association
Lourdes DiamondRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
lovie twineucp seguin of greater chicago
Luanna WatschunRay Graham AsscRay Graham Assc
Luci BrooksCommunity Support Systems
Luis AndradeIARFCommunity Providers of Services for Persons with IDD and SMI
Luisa TrujilloMother
Lydia LarrabeeFox Valley Initiative
Lydia RileyUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Lyle HaerleRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Lynn KingSertoma CentreSertoma Centre
Lynn RailsbackUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Lynne MaherPrairieland service coordination, IncEPIC
lynne w denemarkRay Graham Association for People with DisabilitiesRay Graham Association for People with Disabilities
M Susan ThomasClearbrook
Madeline BennettMarklundMarklund
Maegan SkahillRichwoods High SchoolEPIC
Makayla FoodyTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Makel HardiekCommunity Support SystemsCommunity Support Systems
MaleSelf employed
Maleac hubbardGoldie Floberg
Mar-Tasia WilliamsEPIC
Marci GoodwinLeverage SocialEPIC
marcia ervinucp seguin
Marcia KennedyCTF Illinois
Marcos ArellanoUCPUCP Seguin
Marcy SagerCCAR iNDUSTRIESCCAR Industries
MargaretAvenues to IndependenceAvenues to Independence
Margaret Ann GaierRiverside FoundationRiverside Foundation
Margaret GrillUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Margaret LovenoneThey Deserve More
Margaret MaloofGrandstay Hotel & Suites Peoria
Margaret MantleSeguin
Margaret NemsickTrinity services incParent
Margaret NielsenRetired
MARGARET NOLANRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Margaret PedersenUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
margaret perrinGoldie B Floberg CenterGoldie B Floberg Center
Margaret Storeyselfself
Margaret TanenbergCenter for Independent FuturesIndividuals with disabilities
Maria CarrollHaitian HeartsEPIC
Maria E AlmarasUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Maria Fe RoweCommunity Support Systemcommunity support system
Maria LopezIftikharselfself
Maria PalmerA Shocking Lack of SilkThey Deserve More Coalition
Maria StolzmanRay Graham AssyRay Graham Association
Maria V MurphyFamily MemberThey Deserve More
Maria ZeimenSrs. St Francis, Clinton, IAGarden Center Services
marian TRACZretired
Marian VanOoteghemCornerstone ServicesCornerstone Services
Marianne LamburBlue Island Citizens with Intellectual Disabilities dba Blue CapBlue Cap
Marianne ZielinskiSelfSelf
Mariano VeraUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoU C P SEGUIN OF GREATER CHICAGO
Maribeth KaiserCornerstone Services IncCornerstone Services Inc.
Marie ZelekClearbrookClearbrook
Marilyn ConertySt. Coletta's of IllinoisSt. Coletta's of Illinois, Inc.
Marilyn SandersonTrinitt ServicesTrinity Services
Marilyn SchmittMarklundMarklund
Marioara LeancuSearch IncSearch deserve more
Marissa CassinMarklundMarklund
Marissa ZukeClearbrookClearbrook
Maritza DavalosCssDSP, CSS
Maritza MezaUCP Seguin
Mark HellnerSelfChild
Mark IngrumRiverside FoundationRiverside Foundation
Mark LanganRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Mark liszeoUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Mark McHughEnvision UnlimitedEnvision Unlimited
Mark RobertsNAEPIC
Mark WettourCaterpillarThey Deserve More Coalition
Marlene GormanPerma Graphic PrintersThey Deserve More Coalition
Marlene HodgesOrchard Village
Marsha VaulxAID
Martha KenahanEnvision Unlimited
Martha Scottmyself
Martin ShobeGarden Center ServicesGarden Center Services
Marty KenahanEnvision Unlimited
Mary A HarveyTitleEPIC
Mary Alice MasonickUnitarian Universalist Church of Elgin
mary ann dyrdaself
Mary Ann VanariaSt. Coletta of WisconsinSt. Coletta of Wisconin
Mary CarlsonEPICEPIC
Mary Christine KrackenbergerMisericordia HomeMisericordia Home
Mary DurosUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Mary FleschUCP SequinUCP Sequin
Mary GonzalezSertoma CentreSertoma Centre, Inc.
Mary HarlosSelfSelf
Mary K CharvatCornerstone ServicesCornerstone Services
Mary K CurtinUCP SeguinDSP
Mary Kate BurnsTrinity Services, Inc.Trinity Services, Inc.
Mary KingFamilyEPIC
Mary KobbemanSelfMarklund
Mary Lynn FeroneTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Mary MatzShore Community Services, Inc.Shore Community Services, Inc.
Mary Pat O'BrienMisericordia HomeMisericordia Home
Mary RiosThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
Mary S ClarkThey Deserve MoreThey Deserve More
Mary SchmuttenmaerGarden Cdnter ServicesGarden Center Services
Mary SowersUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Mary ThomasTrinity Services
MaryAnn Ogilvieselfself
Maryanne OuelletteThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
MaryFaith VaughanThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
Marysia Okoyeucp seguin
Matt BergerIndividualEPIC
Matt sullivanSearch Inc
Matthew BretzAssociation for Individual Development
Matthew HagemeyerMarklundMarklund
Matthew JurkovicParkLawnParkLawn
Matthew LanoueCornerstone Services, Inc.Cornerstone Services, Inc.
Matthew SmithBridgeway Inc.
Maureen KellyDisability Resource Center, Center for Independent LivingStaff member
Maureen S DalzellSertoma Centte, Inc.Sertoma Centre, Inc.
Maureen ToomeyTrinity Services
Maureen WilsonEnvision UnlimitedEnvision Unlimited
Maxine MartinSearch, IncSearch, Inc
Meera PatelRay Graham AssoctionRay Graham Association
Megan BottermanClearbrookClearbrook
Megan KirkpatrickTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Megan KoszelaTrinity Services, Inc.Trinity Services, Inc
Megan MillerWalden investigative groupEpic
Megan ShieldsRay Graham AssocRay Graham Assoc
Mei H ZhangUnited Cerebral Palsy Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Mei ZhangUnited Cerebral Palsy Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Melinda CobbGlenkirk, They Deserve More CoalitionGlenkirk, The Deserve More
Melinda MeyerClearbrookClearbrook
Melinda S KennedyUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Melinda SteichenCornerstone ServicesCornerstone Services
Melinda TejadaRay Graham AssociationAID, RGA
Melissa DiggleCSMEPIC
melissa diglioselfself
Melissa FrancqueExceptional Care & Training CenterThey Deserve More Coalition
Melissa HeflinRay GrahamRay Graham
Melissa KiblerCommunity Support Systems
Melissa L KudMarklundMarklund
Melissa Munday LCPC CADCCornerstone Services, Inc.Cornerstone Services Inc.
Melissa PapendorfRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Melissa Schaefer.EPIC
Melissa SobeskeThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
Melissa ThornbloomWalter Lawson Children's HomeWalter Lawson Children's Home
Meredith DobesTrinity Services, Inc.Trinity Services, Inc.
Merrie HotekoThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
Michael AnsaiGlenkirkGlenkirk
Michael BakerParent Advocate for Son with AutismRepresenting my adult son with autism
Michael BancroftNonePeople with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those that support them
Michael BucyElm City Center
Michael DeeringRay Graham AssocRay Graham Assoc
Michael DiazMisericordiaMisericordia Home
Michael FinneyCCAR Industries
Michael HaptonstahlUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Michael J McGarryOpportunity KnocksBoard member of Opportunity Knocks
Michael JosephUnityPoint HealthEPIC
Michael LowryTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Michael MaherUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin
Michael MecozziTRINITY SERVICES, INC.Trinity Services
Michael O'BryanO'Bryan Properties 2 LLCEPIC
Michael RussellUCP SeguinUCP Sequin
Michael SchneiderEnvision UnlimitedEnvision Unlimited
Michael Scottselfself
Michael StreifTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Michael WittmannTrinity Services, IncTrinity Services
Michaelia JackAtlantic Street CapitalGlenkirk
Michele GossenTrinity Services, Inc.- They Deserve More coalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
Michele HaptonstahlUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Michele McDanielCommunity LinkCommunity Link supports adults with intellectual disabilites at CDS and Residentially
Michelle BaimanUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Michelle DrainoTrinity Services, They Deserve More CoalitionTrinity Services They Deserve More Coalition
Michelle JakupcakStreator Unlimited, IncStreator Unlimited, Inc
Michelle OrwigMarklund Wasmond CenterMarklund
Michelle RazoRay GrahamRay Graham
Michelle ReynoldsUCP Seguin
Michelle Robinson- SturghillUcp seguin of greater chicagoucp Seguin
Michelle SandersUCP Seguin
Michelle SchwartzClearbrookClearbrook
michelle williamsStreator Unlimited
Micki CoppelSelfSelf
Migdalia Lucena ColonClearbrookClearbrook
MIGUEL VALENZUELAUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Mike BiboCenter for Developmental Disabilities Advocacy and Community SupportsIndividuals with Intellectual or Developmental DIsabilities
Mike BriggsLittle Friends, Inc.Little Friends, Inc.
Mike CarmodyOpportunity Knocks
Mike ColantonioTrinity Services
Mike HerlihyMarklundMarklund
Mike PaoneCornerstone ServicesCornerstone Services
Miles ColwellCommerce BankEPIC
Mirna SantiagoEnvision UnlimitedEnvision Unlimited
Misty FlanaganGoldie B. Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
Mohammad Ali ElmiSearch IncSearch Inc
Molly DeeSeguin
Molly PeddyAssociation for Individual Development
Molly SurowitzUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Monica HeffnerCustomer
Monika RejowskiRiverside FoundationRiverside Foundation
Morgan FultonSelfEPIC
Morisho MusambilwaGoldie B. Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
Mukesh PatelUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Munirah CurtisThey Deserve More CoalitionParent
Nafia K LeeGoing Home CoalitionPeople with developmental disabilities, families and community service providers
Nafia LeeThe Arc of IllinoisGoing Home Coalition - people with developmental disabilities, families and community Disability service providers
Nancy Chausow Shaferselfself
Nancy HamiltonRay GrahamRay Graham
Nancy HarveyMidwest AppraisalBlue Island Citizens for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities Inc. Blue Cap
Nancy Jakocko otooleMrsSearch Inc
nancy kramernone
Nancy MaderCommunity Support SystemsCommunity Support Systems
Nancy McMillinGarden Center
Nancy McnabbMcNabb & AssociatesEPIC
Nancy SwainGoldie B Floberg Center
Nancy WilsonFamily
Nat CarrenoUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Natalie HorathAIDAID
Natalie Michele StarrEPICEPIC
Natalie MoravecUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Natalie RamosCornerstone Services, IncCornerstone Services
NATALIE TOMBLINTrinity services inc, they deserve more coalitionTrinity services; they deserve more coalition
Natasha LoganTrinity Services
Nathan SvingenUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Neelakshi PatelRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Neil Burmeisterselfself
Nial MaloneyRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Nicci WrightExceptional Care and Training CenterDirect Service Professionals
Nicholas ButtronCornerstone Services, Inc.
Nicholas LarsonSearch, Inc.Search, Inc.
Nicholas MacakTrinity Serrvices Inc.Trinity Serrvices Inc.
Nick SwartoutGoldie Floberg CenterGoldie Floberg Center
Nicohle MitchellEnvision Unlimited
Nicole ChristenUCP SeguinNone
Nicole EnvergaRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Nicole Fidler-LawrenceCTF IllinoisCTF Illinois
Nicole M FlossSt. Coletta's of Illinois
Nicole MartinezGarden Center ServicesGarden Center Services
Nicole N JackGlenkirkGlenkirk
Nicole RaglandUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Nicole Zanon-TockeGlenkirk
Nicole Zanon-TockeGlenkirkGlenkirk
Nora SandovalUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin
Noreen LassandrelloSelfSelf
Norma GarciaUCP Seguin Services Inc.Norma Garcia
Norma J AkdemirTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Nubia GuzmanRay Graham Association
Paige DodsonFarnsworth GroupEPIC
Paige MacekTrinity Services, They Deserve More CoalitionTrinity Services, They Deserve More Coalition
Pamela A Heavensucp cdspeople with disabilities
Pamela BrownThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coaltion
Pamela J Davis'Self'Self
Pamela Van HessTrinity Services Inc., They Deserve More CoalitionTrinity Services Inc., They Deserve More Coalition
Pamler ReadusUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Pat ThiesBlue Cap
Patrice BriceTrinity servicesTrinity services
Patrice RiebelUCP SEQUIN
patrice viningUCP Seguin
patrice viningUCP Seguin
PATRICIA A MORRISGarden Center ServicesGarden Center Services
Patricia BuckAID Assoc for Individual DevelopmentAssociation for Individual Development
Patricia FinnellCenter for Independent Futures
Patricia GrenierSertoma CentreThey Deserve More Coalition
Patricia HarrisCommunity Support Systems
Patricia HarvestUcp seguinUcp seguin
Patricia HarvestUcpseguin
Patricia J SlackTrinity Services, Inc.Trinity Services, Inc.
Patricia Lamagnonana
Patricia McCravenSt. Coletta of IllinoisSt. Coletta of Illinois
patricia medinaSertoma CentreSertoma Centre
Patricia ParkerUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Patricia RoseThey Deserve More CoalitionThey deserve more coalition
patricia s withersIllinois Vaccine Awareness Coalitionself
Patricia ZimniewiczAssociation for Individual Development
Patrick B DeanCaterpillarEPIC
Patrick HartmannProgress Center For Independent Living
Patrick James OlsonCommunity Support ServicesCommunity Support Services
Patsy ChallansFAYCO
Patti TsokolasThey Deserve More
Patty WaltersDSCIndividuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Paul LeberCornerstone Services Inc., Joliet IllinoisCornerstone Services Inc., Joliet Illinois
Paul BehrmanUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Paula AbmaFamily Member
Paula HallRay Graham Association. They deserve more coalitionRay Graham. They deserve more coalition. For fully funding the guide house rate study
Paula JohnsonShine Therapy ServicesEPIC
Paula RittenbergCommunity Support Systems
Paula RittnbregCSS
paula schedlerexceptional care & training center
Paule VerdierEnvision UnlimitedEnvision Unlimited
Paulette D'Ann DeMossCommunity Link
Paulette WilkinsSearch, In.Search, Inc.
Pauline Marie HollisterStreator UnlimitedStreator Unlimited
Pedro RiveraUCP SEGUIN OF Greater Chicago
Peg PedersenUCPSeguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin
Peggy BushUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Peggy EbersoleSeguin UCPSeguin UCP
Peggy SchillneGarden Center ServicesGarden Center Services
Peggy SchronskiTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Peggy WiesnethRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Perry OzolsMarklundMarklund
Peter BaldoThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
Peter NiccumCommunity Support SystemsCommunity Support Systems
Phil MilskLaw Offices of Phil MilskThe Arc of Illinois
Philip CarmodyOpportunity KnocksOpportunity Knocks Inc
Princilla MalloryUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Prudence R HallarmanRiverside FoundationRiverside Foundation
Rachael Carr-OzenbaughMisericordia HomeMisericordia Home
Rachael EdisonClearbrookClearbrook
Rachel SmithCentral States MediaEPIC
Rajeshwari VyasTrinity Services IncTrinity Services inc
Rakia HarrisRay Graham Association
Ralph Charles Behrens JrAdvocateEPIC
Ralph SirianniGlenkirkGlenkirk
Ralph StewartTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Randolph L JonesThey Deserve More CoalitionThe Arc of Illinois
Randy and Debby DaltonAssociation for Individual Development
Randy AshleySt Collettas of IllinoisSt. Collettas of Illinois
Randy HitesCommunity Support Systems
Raquel WashingtonTrinity services
Rasheedah RobyGoldie B. Floberg CenterGoldie B Floberg Center
Raul BedoyUcp Seguin of Greater Chicago
Raul RamirezUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Raymond DuzinskasRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Raymond J JoehlCenter for Independent Futures, Evanston, IL
RAYMOND TRYBUSThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
Rchard and Catherine PageThe association foro individual development
Rebecca BeylerDevelopmental Services Centerself
Rebecca EisenmanClearbrookClearbrook
Rebecca KaplanFeeding America
Rebecca LeahySertoma
Rebecca MayenSertoma Centre, Inc.Sertoma Centre, Inc.
Rebecca SchmidtRiverside FoundationRiverside Foundation
Rebecca WalkerTCRCThey Deserve More
REGINA GUFFIEUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Regina YoungUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Reginald HarrisSearch Inc.Search Inc,
Reyna WeikertCommunity Support Systems
Richard NeubauerThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
richard brownUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Richard GentryEPIC
Richard MarshoEPICEPIC
Richard PurlerTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Richard RukinSelfSelf
Richard SotoUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Richard TurnerTurner and Associates LLCThey Deserve More Coalition
Rick StortoUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Rick SwanEast Peoria Chamber of Commerce
Riva Edmonds-BonnerAssociation for Individual DevelopmentRiva Edmonds-Bonner
Robert Davisself employedEPIC
Robert J McCormackGoldie FlobergGoldie Floberg
Robert KelverRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Robert L SandidgecCore MediaTrinity Services - They Deserve More Coalition
Robert LarsonSelf
Robert Lavetta BondsUcp SeguinUCP Seguin
Robert MankowskiUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Robert S TaylorTrinity Services, Inc.Trinity Services
Robert SacksUCP Seguin
Robert ShipmanOpportunity House, Inc.
Roberta FugateTrinity Services, Inc.Trinity Services, Inc.
Roberta MartinUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Roberta ParksEPICEPIC
Robin AggenTrinity services INCTrinity services inc
Robin BettenhausenCornerstone ServicesCornerstone Services
Robin PayneFAYCO, ENT. Inc
Rochelle JohnsonIllinois MENTOR Community Services
Rodney A RinggerRodney A Ringger CPAEpic
Roger BaronGlenkirkGlenkirk
Roger CarlsonEPICEPIC
RonAvenues to IndependenceAvenues to Independence and adults with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities
Ron CoppelselfMyself
Ron MessnerApostolic Christian LifePointsApostolic Christian LifePoints
Ronald HindmanTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Ronald LavkoPark Lawn
Ronald MelkaLyons Township Mental Health CommissionLyons Township Mental Health Commission
Ronetta CrawfordUCP Seguin
Roosevelt JourniganTrinity ServicesTrinity Services Inc
Rosalie DeyoungAID
Rosario de CastroTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Roseanne EdwardsThey Deserve MoreSelf
Rosemary CousinsMarklundMarklund
Rosemary ToonThe ARC of Iroquois CountyThe ARC of Iroquois County
Roxana OchoaMarklundMarklund
Roxann WittTrinity Services they deserve more coalitionTrinity Services they deserve more coalition
Russel HouserUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Ryan GleasonTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Ryan HiteEnvision InsEPIC
Ryan SattlerThe Arc of Iroquois CountyThe Arc of Iroquois County
Sabrina CooperGoldie B. Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
SACHI FORMANCornerstoneServicesCornerstone
Sal BadalamentiRay Graham association
Sally Jo WinekThe Autism CollectiveEPIC
sally ritcheyThey Deserve More Coalitionpeople with disabilities
Samantha JohnsonUcp seguin
Samantha LewisAssociation for Individual Development
Samantha LewisAssociation for Individual DevelopmentAssociation for Individual Development
Samantha StockamTrinity Services, Inc and They Deserve More CoalitionTrinity Services, Inc; They Deserve More Coalition
Samie SmithCommunity Support Systems
Sammy GutierrezUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin Of Greater Chicago
Samuel Hernandez-ManzanaresTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Sandhya Chandrasekharselfself
Sandi EdwardsCCAR IndustriesCCAR Industries
Sandra AdamowiczMarklundMarklund
Sandra CongreveUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Sandra FlanaganSt. Coletta of IllinoisSt. Coletta of Illinois
sandra haegerClearbrook
Sandy VansaghiCommunity Support SystemsCommunity Support Systems
Sara GuerreroGoldie B Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
Sara RiechertSelf
Sara Taraszkaray graham association
Sara TurkPark LawnSelf
Sarah AndersonClearbrookClearbrook
Sarah DuesterhausTWIConsumers that deserve quality, person centered services
Sarah MillerGoldie B. Floberg Center
Sarah NajeraMomenta Dance CompanyMomenta Dance Company
Sarah PerryDSC
Sarah StuckelThey Deserve MoreThey Deserve More
Sarah WiemeyerSertoma Centre, Inc.
Scott CienkusSelfself
scott hoodCCAR IndustriesCCAR Industries
Scott ThompsonMisericordia HomeMisericordia Home
Sean EllisonCornerstone ServicesCornerstone Services
Sean FoodyTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Selena GreenUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Shae AshleyCSSCSS
Shamara armonUcpseguinUcpseguin
Shanika FosterEPICEPIC
Shannon BarnardTrinity services
Shannon BenaitisAlbatross Training Solutionsself
Shannon O'ConnellGarden Center ServicesGarden Center Services
Shannon ThomasExceptional Care and Training CenterExceptional Care and Training Center
Shari GerberEPIC
Sharon AndersonRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Associtaion
Sharon ConradCornerstone Services
Sharon Kay DirckKreider Services IncKreider Services, Inc.
Sharon Parker-LoveTrinity ServicesTrinity Services They Deserve More Coalition
Sharon RobinsonNew Star ServicesNew Star Services
Sharon TeamerStreator Unlimited
Shauntelle BrownTrinity Services, Inc.Trinity Services, Inc.
Shavon ShannonEnvision UnlimitedEnvision Unlimited
Shavon WigginsSertoma Centre IncSertoma Centre
Shawn DurrKeystone AllianceKeystone Alliance
Shawn HarperEnvision Unlimited
Shawn WayMilestone, Inc.They Deserve More
Shawna EganAdvocate
Shayla StammKreider Services
Sheena ShannonCornerstone ServicesCornerstone Services
Sheila HamiltonExceptional Care and Training CenterThey Deserve More
Sheila LulloClearbrook
Shelby L WilliamsCTF-IllinoisCTF- Illinois
Shelby RuettigerUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Shelia C WesleyTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Shelly DurnilMarklundMarklund
Sheri BuskirkEPICEPIC
Sherlicia F GrizzardUCP - Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Sherri StephensStreator Unlimited Inc.Streator Unlimited Inc.
Sherry CruzNot applicable
Sherry HealeySon with IDDSelf
Sherry HicksFAYCO Enterprises, Inc.
Sherry LadisalsNonePeople with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and community providers who support them
Sherry RobinsonRay Graham associationRay Graham Association
Sheryl BardGoldie B FlobergGoldie B Floberg
Sheryl LetwatClearbrookClearbrook
Shiobhan PhillipsUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Shirley BrabecAvenues to independence
Shirley CalhounCCAR IndustriesCCAR Industries
Shirley JohnsonUCP Seguin
Shirlon GrangerRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Shobha ReniguntalaTrinity Svs.Trinity Services
Sracey DillonTrinity ServicesThey Deserve More
Stacie HughesGoldie B Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
stacy geabesnone
Stanley MarionEPICEPIC
StephanieStreator UnlimitedThey Deserve More
Stephanie Behlke LeighTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Stephanie CoonceEncore Developmental ServicesEncore Developmental Services
Stephanie GordonLARC
Stephanie HillUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Stephanie Kathryn NorwoodThe Association for Individual Development
Stephanie KesslerIllinois Valley Industries
Stephanie PetkusSt Coletta's of IllinoisSt Coletta's
Stephany BuhsEPICEPIC
Stephen BruggeUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Stephen ChangelonRay Graham AssociationRay Grahan Association
Stephen E AskinsTrinity Services, They Deserve More Coalition
Stephen KrayAvenues to IndependenceAvenues to Independence
Steve BakerThey Deserve More Coalition
Steven AzconaSt. Coletta's of IllinoisSt. Coletta's of Illinois
Steven CaliendoThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More
Steven LuhrsClearbrook
Steven MinerStanley SteemerEPIC
Steven SandersonTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Steven SerikakuNoneFamily member
Streator Unlimited Lisa RennerStreator UnlimitedDisabled
Sue AmellRay Graham Association
Sue GummSearch, IncSearch, Inc
Sue MeekerCrosspoint Human ServicesResidents of group homes with Crosspoint Human Services
Sunnie Donasmother of disabled childSunnie Donas-self
Susan PooleSt. Coletta's of IllinoisSt. Coletta's of Illinois
Susan Beltran-RineyPark Lawn Services
Susan ConlonTrinity Services Inc.Trinity Services Inc.
Susan GolebiowskiSelfSelf
Susan HudkinsNone
Susan K GouldAIDAID
Susan K GouldFamilyParent of an adult child with disabilities
Susan KurtenbachUSP SeguinUSP Seguin
Susan Lee OttlingerClearbrookClearbrook Direct Service Professionals
Susan M Robinsparent
Susan MurphyCornerstone Services, Inc.
Susan P HaptonstahlUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Susan RoderickClearbrookClearbrook
Susan SchmidtRiverside FoundationRiverside Foundation
Susan ShymkusTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Susan Stumpfenvision unlimitedEnvision Unlimited
Susan ThomasClearbrookClearbrook
Susan TurnerGuardianEPIC
susan vanhanselaereSearch INCSearch INC
Susan WendtRay Graham AssnRay Graham Association
Susana AbarcaUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Susann FaulkTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Suzanne S AaronSelf
sweta pandyaIntermidiate care facitlity
Sydney AbdnourCentral States MediaEPIC
Syndey WagenechtAvenues to Independence
Tabbitha MarsCommunity Support Systems Family MattersCommunity Supports Family Matters
Tamara GatesUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Tami HomanSearch, Inc.Search, Inc.
Tamika DobbinsGoldie FlobergGoldie Floberg
Tammy ArmsAvenues to IndependenceAvenues to Independence
Tammy LopezHorizon House of IL Valley
Tammy SchuetzCommunity Support ServicesCommunity Support Services
Tara AhernIL Self Advocacy Alliance
Tara EhrenbergMarklundMarklund
Tara HilmesCommunity LinkCommunity Link
Taylor MurphyConerstone ServicesCornerstone Services
Ted MrozRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Terence QuinnUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
teresa harrellGoldie B Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
Teresa K JacksonUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Terrance PetersenThey Deserve More CoalitionSearch Inc
Terri K ClarkRetiredEPIC
Terry HerbstrittPACTT Learning CenterPACTT Learning Center
Terry KunzeTrinityTrinity
Thane A DykstraTrinity Services
Theodore W MaconCommunity Link, IncCommunity Link, Inc
Theresa BienClearbrookClearbrook
Theresa LitavskyselfRay Graham Association
Theresa MalkowskiAssociation for Individual develo,pment
Theresa MooreUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Theresa MorrisonCommunity LinkCommunity Link
Therese GieferUCP Seguinindividuals with Developmental disabilities
thomas duncanEPICEPIC
Thomas DurkinSelfSelf
Thomas FoleyUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Thomas FoodyTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Thomas KazdaMarklund Day SchoolMarklund
Thomas MasonGlenkirkGlenkirk
Thomas MikrutUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Thomas SimpsonAAA Certified Confidential Security Corp.EPIC
Thomas WoodGoldie B. Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
Thomas ZainoOpportunity KnocksOpportunity Knocks
Thurman WoodsonThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
Tierra JohnsonCornerstone ServicesCornerstone Services
Tierra LoveGoldie B. Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
Tiffany CareyClearbrookClearbrook
Tiffany ClausellCommunity Support ServicesCommunity Support Services
Tiffany KragenbrinkGoldie B Floberg CenterGoldie B Floberg Center
Tim FlanniganCornerstone Services, Inc.Cornerstone Services, Inc.
Tim LingenfelterEPICEPIC
Timella LindseyGoldie B. Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
Timothy CarusoMarklund Wasmond CenterMarklund Wasmond Center
Tina FogartyTrinityperson representing people with disabilities
Tina FogartyTrinity Servicesperson representing people with disabilities
Tina GonzalezCommunity Support ServicesCommunity Support Services
Tina RobardsCommunity Support SystemsCSS
Tina StendardoMisericordia HomeMisericordia Home Group Represented
Tisa PowellSearch, IncSearch, Inc
Todd UnderwoodTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Tom CaveneyTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Tomanika Hubbard-CrossGoldie B. Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center
Tomas R Ruiz DominguezUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin Of Greater Chicago
Topher ZhengOpportunity KnocksBest Buddies Illinois and Opportunity Knocks Entire Programs Committees
Tracy DudekTrinity Services, Inc,Trinity Services, Inc, They Deserve More Coalition
Tracy HellnerSelfChild
Tracy PearceFAYCO
Tracy Pyle-SimsCornerstone ServicesCornerstone Services
Tracy WrightGateway Services, Inc.Gateway Services, Inc., They Deserve More Coalition
Trenton HostettlerEPICEPIC
Tricia LuzadderSearch Inc
Trina Streeter-KlukaUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Trish BellClearbrookClearbrook
Trista RobinsonBIOS ABA ConsultantsThey Deserve More
Tyeisha Mona Tatiana McReynoldsBLUE CAP
Tyler DillonTrinity ServicesThey Deserve More
Ubaldo EsquivelRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Valerie FordThey Deserve More CoalitionEnvision Unlimited
Valerie MaggittSearch, Inc.Search, Inc.
Valerie MurrayClearbrook
Valerie WoodkirkTrinity Services, Inc.Trinity Services, Inc.
Vanessa LuginbuhlCommunity Link
Vanessa MathenyCommunity Mental Health Board of Oak Park TownshipCommunity Mental Health Board of Oak Park Township
Velma IvyUcpseguin
Vera A WiltRiverside, Township ofUCP Seguin
Veronica AvedicianClearbrookClearbrook
Vertricia HoodRay Graham AssociationRay Graham Association
Vicki GarringerUCP Seguin
Vicki WattsMarklund
Vickie KeanDon Moss & AssociatesSelf
Vickie S DePewFAYCO Enterprises, Inc.FAYCO Enterprises, Inc.
Vickie TolfDSC
Vicky ButlerCCAR IndustriesCCAR Industries
Victor YippRetiredThey Deserve More Coalition
Victoria BaltrusUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
Victoria RemdtClearbrook
Vincent BenigniCornerstone Services, Inc.Cornerstone Services, Inc.
Virgil RukuizaCardUCP Sequin
Virginia MatthewsAID
Virginia RobinsCommunity Support ServicesCommunity Support Systems
Walter E ReinSearch Inc.Search Inc.
Wayne A KulickThey Deserve More CoalitionThey Deserve More Coalition
Wendy ConwayAIDAID
Wendy GilletteExceptional Care & Training CenterExceptional Care & Training Center
Wendy Greenhouse-self
Wendy McDanielUCP Seguin
Wendy WagnerWendy4Therapy
WenShan ChenClearbrookClearbrook
Whitney DrummondThey deserve more coliationThey deserve more coliation
Whitney GravelyUCP SeguinUCP Seguin
William BrennanSt. ColettasSt. Coletta's
William Coatsnone
William DillardUCP Seguin of Greater ChicagoUCP Seguin
William DroelNational Center for Laity
William HibnerUNCOMNCommunity Link
William MillerUCP Seguin
William ShockUnland - James Unland & Co., Inc.EPIC
William SwansonRay Graham
Wojciech ZdanowiczFamily memberTrinity Services
Wynell EakleHoosier Care, Inc.Exceptional Care & Training Center, Walter Lawson Children's Home, & Swann Special Care Center
Ximena VelazquezUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Yajaira JimenezUcp SeguinUcp
Yaneth MedinaMarklundMarklund
Yolanda GardnerUCP Seguin of Greater Chicago
Yotoshastreator unlimitedstreator unlimited
Yvette J BiffleCornerstone Services Inc
Yvette PaddockCommunity support systems
Zachary AprTrinity ServicesTrinity Services
Zachary AptTrinity Services
Zachary MaloofMaloof CommercialEPIC
Zachery FiducciaGoldie B. Floberg CenterGoldie B. Floberg Center