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 Bill Status of HB4987  96th General Assembly


House Sponsors
Rep. Thomas Holbrook - Donald L. Moffitt - Elaine Nekritz - Ronald A. Wait - Constance A. Howard, Lou Lang, Naomi D. Jakobsson, Lisa M. Dugan, Robert F. Flider, Betsy Hannig, Michael K. Smith, Patrick J. Verschoore, Jim Sacia, Dennis M. Reboletti, Brandon W. Phelps, Dan Reitz, Daniel V. Beiser, Careen M. Gordon, Sidney H. Mathias, Cynthia Soto, Edward J. Acevedo, Elizabeth Hernandez, Paul D. Froehlich, John D'Amico, Maria Antonia Berrios, Luis Arroyo, Karen A. Yarbrough, Eddie Washington, Dave Winters, Michael P. McAuliffe, Jay C. Hoffman, Mike Fortner, Emily McAsey, William B. Black, JoAnn D. Osmond and William D. Burns

Senate Sponsors
(Sen. William R. Haine - John J. Millner - Michael Noland - Tim Bivins - A. J. Wilhelmi, Dale A. Righter, M. Maggie Crotty, Dan Kotowski, Kirk W. Dillard, Larry K. Bomke, Edward D. Maloney, David Koehler, John M. Sullivan, Martin A. Sandoval, Antonio Muñoz, Gary Forby, Toi W. Hutchinson, John O. Jones, Dale E. Risinger and Terry Link)

Last Action
DateChamber Action
  7/21/2010HousePublic Act . . . . . . . . . 96-1132

Statutes Amended In Order of Appearance
610 ILCS 80/2from Ch. 114, par. 98

Synopsis As Introduced
Amends the Railroad Police Act. Requires allegations of abuse of authority or misconduct by members of a railroad police force to be investigated by the Illinois State Police.

House Committee Amendment No. 1
Deletes reference to:
610 ILCS 80/2from Ch. 114, par. 98
Adds reference to:
625 ILCS 5/18c-7502from Ch. 95 1/2, par. 18c-7502

Replaces everything after the enacting clause. Amends a provision of the Illinois Vehicle Code concerning malicious removal of or damage to railroad property or freight. Provides that a person is guilty of an offense ranging from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class 4 felony, depending on property damages, if he or she is found to have willfully placed upon an active railroad track or railroad right of way any object or objects that would adversely affect safe railroad operations.

DateChamber Action
  1/20/2010HouseFiled with the Clerk by Rep. Thomas Holbrook
  1/21/2010HouseFirst Reading
  1/21/2010HouseReferred to Rules Committee
  2/22/2010HouseAssigned to Judiciary II - Criminal Law Committee
  2/24/2010HouseAdded Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Donald L. Moffitt
  2/24/2010HouseAdded Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Elaine Nekritz
  3/3/2010HouseAdded Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Ronald A. Wait
  3/3/2010HouseAdded Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Constance A. Howard
  3/4/2010HouseHouse Committee Amendment No. 1 Filed with Clerk by Judiciary II - Criminal Law Committee
  3/4/2010HouseHouse Committee Amendment No. 1 Adopted in Judiciary II - Criminal Law Committee; by Voice Vote
  3/4/2010HouseDo Pass as Amended / Short Debate Judiciary II - Criminal Law Committee; 007-000-000
  3/4/2010HousePlaced on Calendar 2nd Reading - Short Debate
  3/4/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Lou Lang
  3/4/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Naomi D. Jakobsson
  3/4/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Lisa M. Dugan
  3/4/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Robert F. Flider
  3/4/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Betsy Hannig
  3/4/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Michael K. Smith
  3/4/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Patrick J. Verschoore
  3/4/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Jim Sacia
  3/4/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Dennis M. Reboletti
  3/4/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Brandon W. Phelps
  3/4/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Dan Reitz
  3/4/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Daniel V. Beiser
  3/4/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Careen M. Gordon
  3/4/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Sidney H. Mathias
  3/4/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Cynthia Soto
  3/4/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Edward J. Acevedo
  3/4/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Elizabeth Hernandez
  3/4/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Paul D. Froehlich
  3/4/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. John D'Amico
  3/4/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Maria Antonia Berrios
  3/4/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Luis Arroyo
  3/4/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Karen A. Yarbrough
  3/9/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Eddie Washington
  3/10/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Dave Winters
  3/10/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Michael P. McAuliffe
  3/10/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Jay C. Hoffman
  3/10/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Mike Fortner
  3/10/2010HouseSecond Reading - Short Debate
  3/10/2010HousePlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading - Short Debate
  3/11/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. Emily McAsey
  3/11/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. William B. Black
  3/11/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. JoAnn D. Osmond
  3/11/2010HouseAdded Co-Sponsor Rep. William D. Burns
  3/11/2010HouseThird Reading - Short Debate - Passed 112-000-000
  3/12/2010SenateArrive in Senate
  3/12/2010SenatePlaced on Calendar Order of First Reading March 15, 2010
  3/12/2010SenateChief Senate Sponsor Sen. William R. Haine
  3/15/2010SenateFirst Reading
  3/15/2010SenateReferred to Assignments
  3/17/2010SenateAdded as Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Sen. John J. Millner
  3/17/2010SenateAdded as Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Sen. Michael Noland
  3/17/2010SenateAdded as Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Sen. Tim Bivins
  3/24/2010SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. Dale A. Righter
  3/24/2010SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. M. Maggie Crotty
  3/24/2010SenateAdded as Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Sen. A. J. Wilhelmi
  4/6/2010SenateAssigned to Criminal Law
  4/13/2010SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. Dan Kotowski
  4/14/2010SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. Kirk W. Dillard
  4/14/2010SenateDo Pass Criminal Law; 008-000-000
  4/14/2010SenatePlaced on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading April 15, 2010
  4/15/2010SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. Larry K. Bomke
  4/15/2010SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. Edward D. Maloney
  4/15/2010SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. David Koehler
  4/16/2010SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. John M. Sullivan
  4/20/2010SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. Martin A. Sandoval
  4/20/2010SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. Antonio Muñoz
  4/20/2010SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. Gary Forby
  4/20/2010SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. Toi W. Hutchinson
  4/21/2010SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. John O. Jones
  4/21/2010SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. Dale E. Risinger
  4/23/2010SenateSecond Reading
  4/23/2010SenatePlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading April 27, 2010
  4/27/2010SenateAdded as Alternate Co-Sponsor Sen. Terry Link
  4/27/2010SenateThird Reading - Passed; 056-000-000
  4/27/2010HousePassed Both Houses
  5/26/2010HouseSent to the Governor
  7/21/2010HouseGovernor Approved
  7/21/2010HouseEffective Date January 1, 2011
  7/21/2010HousePublic Act . . . . . . . . . 96-1132

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