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 Bill Status of SB1472  95th General Assembly


Senate Sponsors
Sen. Dan Kotowski - A. J. Wilhelmi - Ira I. Silverstein - Susan Garrett - Linda Holmes, Matt Murphy, Frank C. Watson, Larry K. Bomke, John O. Jones, Gary G. Dahl, Don Harmon, Jacqueline Y. Collins, Martin A. Sandoval, Pamela J. Althoff, M. Maggie Crotty and Michael Bond

House Sponsors
(Rep. David E. Miller - Sandra M. Pihos - Fred Crespo - Robert F. Flider, Daniel V. Beiser, Milton Patterson, Esther Golar, Careen M Gordon, Wyvetter H. Younge, Elga L. Jefferies, Edward J. Acevedo, Elizabeth Hernandez, Linda Chapa LaVia, Richard T. Bradley, Tom Cross, James D. Brosnahan, Thomas Holbrook, Michael K. Smith, John D'Amico, Marlow H. Colvin, John A. Fritchey, Sara Feigenholtz, William Davis, John E. Bradley, Susana A Mendoza, Arthur L. Turner, Deborah L. Graham, Annazette Collins, Luis Arroyo, Jack D. Franks and Patricia R. Bellock)

Last Action
DateChamber Action
  8/28/2007SenatePublic Act . . . . . . . . . 95-0509

Statutes Amended In Order of Appearance
New Act
30 ILCS 105/5.675 new
105 ILCS 5/27-13.3 new

Synopsis As Introduced
Creates the Internet Safety Education Act to inform and protect students from inappropriate or illegal communications and solicitation and to require school districts to provide education about Internet threats and risks. Creates the Internet Safety Education Alliance under the authority of the Office of the Attorney General. Amends the State Finance Act to create the Internet Safety Education Fund. Amends the School Code to mandate the provision by every public school of instruction and discussion on effective methods by which students may recognize and report inappropriate, illegal, or threatening communications on the Internet on or before the start of the 2008-2009 school year.

Senate Committee Amendment No. 1
Deletes reference to:
New Act
30 ILCS 105/5.675 new

Deletes everything after the enacting clause. Amends the School Code to add a provision concerning an Internet safety education curriculum. Provides that each school may adopt an age-appropriate curriculum for Internet safety instruction of students in grades kindergarten through 12. Sets forth recommendations regarding minimum hours of instruction and curriculum topics. Provides that a school may submit the curriculum for review to the Office of the Attorney General. Effective immediately.

DateChamber Action
  2/9/2007SenateFiled with Secretary by Sen. Dan Kotowski
  2/9/2007SenateFirst Reading
  2/9/2007SenateReferred to Rules
  2/21/2007SenateAssigned to Education
  2/23/2007SenateAdded as Chief Co-Sponsor Sen. A. J. Wilhelmi
  2/23/2007SenateAdded as Chief Co-Sponsor Sen. Ira I. Silverstein
  2/28/2007SenateAdded as Chief Co-Sponsor Sen. Susan Garrett
  2/28/2007SenateAdded as Chief Co-Sponsor Sen. Linda Holmes
  3/8/2007SenatePostponed - Education
  3/13/2007SenateSenate Committee Amendment No. 1 Filed with Secretary by Sen. Dan Kotowski
  3/13/2007SenateSenate Committee Amendment No. 1 Referred to Rules
  3/14/2007SenateSenate Committee Amendment No. 1 Rules Refers to Education
  3/14/2007SenateSenate Committee Amendment No. 1 Adopted
  3/15/2007SenateDo Pass as Amended Education; 010-000-000
  3/15/2007SenatePlaced on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading March 20, 2007
  3/20/2007SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Matt Murphy
  3/20/2007SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Frank C. Watson
  3/20/2007SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Larry K. Bomke
  3/20/2007SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. John O. Jones
  3/20/2007SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Gary G. Dahl
  3/20/2007SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Don Harmon
  3/20/2007SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Jacqueline Y. Collins
  3/20/2007SenateSecond Reading
  3/20/2007SenatePlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading March 21, 2007
  3/21/2007SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Martin A. Sandoval
  3/21/2007SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Pamela J. Althoff
  3/21/2007SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. M. Maggie Crotty
  3/21/2007SenateThird Reading - Passed; 059-000-000
  3/21/2007HouseArrived in House
  3/21/2007HousePlaced on Calendar Order of First Reading
  3/21/2007HouseChief House Sponsor Rep. David E. Miller
  3/22/2007HouseAdded Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Sandra M. Pihos
  3/22/2007HouseAdded Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Fred Crespo
  3/22/2007HouseFirst Reading
  3/22/2007HouseReferred to Rules Committee
  3/28/2007HouseAdded Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. John E. Bradley
  3/28/2007HouseAdded Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Robert F. Flider
  3/28/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Daniel V. Beiser
  4/18/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Milton Patterson
  4/18/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Esther Golar
  4/18/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Careen M Gordon
  4/18/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Wyvetter H. Younge
  4/18/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Elga L. Jefferies
  4/18/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Edward J. Acevedo
  4/18/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Elizabeth Hernandez
  4/18/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia
  4/19/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Richard T. Bradley
  4/19/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Tom Cross
  4/24/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. James D. Brosnahan
  4/24/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Thomas Holbrook
  4/24/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Michael K. Smith
  4/24/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. John D'Amico
  4/24/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Marlow H. Colvin
  4/24/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. John A. Fritchey
  4/24/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Sara Feigenholtz
  4/24/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. William Davis
  4/26/2007SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Michael Bond
  4/27/2007HouseAlternate Chief Co-Sponsor Removed Rep. John E. Bradley
  4/27/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. John E. Bradley
  4/30/2007HouseAssigned to Elementary & Secondary Education Committee
  5/1/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Susana A Mendoza
  5/8/2007HouseDo Pass / Short Debate Elementary & Secondary Education Committee; 021-000-000
  5/9/2007HousePlaced on Calendar 2nd Reading - Short Debate
  5/24/2007HouseSecond Reading - Short Debate
  5/24/2007HousePlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading - Short Debate
  5/29/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Arthur L. Turner
  5/29/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Deborah L. Graham
  5/29/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Annazette Collins
  5/29/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Luis Arroyo
  5/31/2007HouseThird Reading - Short Debate - Passed 116-000-000
  5/31/2007SenatePassed Both Houses
  5/31/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Jack D. Franks
  5/31/2007HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Patricia R. Bellock
  6/29/2007SenateSent to the Governor
  8/28/2007SenateGovernor Approved
  8/28/2007SenateEffective Date August 28, 2007
  8/28/2007SenatePublic Act . . . . . . . . . 95-0509

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