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 Bill Status of SB0475  94th General Assembly

Short Description:  INS-CHIP COAL MINER CVG

Senate Sponsors
Sen. James F. Clayborne, Jr. - Gary Forby - William R. Haine - Deanna Demuzio - Mike Jacobs, Edward Petka, David Luechtefeld, Todd Sieben, Kathleen L. Wojcik, Adeline Jay Geo-Karis, Gary G. Dahl, Frank C. Watson, John O. Jones, Peter J. Roskam, Carole Pankau, J. Bradley Burzynski, Wendell E. Jones, Dave Syverson, Larry K. Bomke, Richard J. Winkel, Jr., Dave Sullivan, Christine Radogno, William E. Peterson, Pamela J. Althoff, Kirk W. Dillard, Dale E. Risinger, Dale A. Righter, Dan Cronin and Steven J. Rauschenberger

House Sponsors
(Rep. Dan Reitz - Thomas Holbrook - Daniel V. Beiser - Brandon W. Phelps - Tom Cross, Aaron Schock, Ruth Munson, Elizabeth Coulson, Gary Hannig, Patrick J Verschoore, William B. Black, Sandra M. Pihos, Patricia R. Bellock, Eileen Lyons, Suzanne Bassi, Mark H. Beaubien, Jr., Bob Biggins, Mike Bost, Rich Brauer, Robert W. Churchill, Shane Cultra, Lee A. Daniels, Joe Dunn, Roger L. Eddy, Paul D. Froehlich, Brent Hassert, Randall M. Hultgren, Roger Jenisch, Renee Kosel, Carolyn H. Krause, David R. Leitch, Sidney H. Mathias, Michael P. McAuliffe, James H. Meyer, John J. Millner, Bill Mitchell, Jerry L. Mitchell, Donald L. Moffitt, Rosemary Mulligan, Richard P. Myers, JoAnn D. Osmond, Terry R. Parke, Raymond Poe, Robert W. Pritchard, David Reis, Chapin Rose, Jim Sacia, Angelo Saviano, Timothy L. Schmitz, Keith P. Sommer, Ron Stephens, Ed Sullivan, Jr., Art Tenhouse, Michael Tryon, Ronald A. Wait, Jim Watson, Dave Winters, John E. Bradley and Robert F. Flider)

Last Action
DateChamber Action
  8/25/2005SenatePublic Act . . . . . . . . . 94-0677

Statutes Amended In Order of Appearance
215 ILCS 105/4from Ch. 73, par. 1304
215 ILCS 105/7from Ch. 73, par. 1307
215 ILCS 105/15

Synopsis As Introduced
Amends the Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan Act. Allows the Illinois Comprehensive Health Insurance Board to establish conditions and procedures under which the Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan may discount or subsidize premiums for unemployed or retired coal miners who are federally eligible and whose employer-provided health insurance coverage was terminated on September 28, 2004, and to accept funds appropriated for this purpose. Allows unemployed or retired coal miners who are federally eligible and whose employer-provided health insurance coverage was terminated on September 28, 2004 to be eligible for the Plan even though their premiums may be discounted or subsidized. Requires federally eligible unemployed or retired coal miners whose employer-provided health insurance coverage was terminated on September 28, 2004 to pay the discounted or subsidized premiums established by the Board. Effective immediately.

House Committee Amendment No. 1
Deletes reference to:
215 ILCS 105/4
215 ILCS 105/7
215 ILCS 105/15
Adds reference to:
New Act
215 ILCS 5/155.18from Ch. 73, par. 767.18
215 ILCS 5/155.18a new
215 ILCS 5/155.19from Ch. 73, par. 767.19
215 ILCS 5/1204from Ch. 73, par. 1065.904
225 ILCS 60/7from Ch. 111, par. 4400-7
225 ILCS 60/22from Ch. 111, par. 4400-22
225 ILCS 60/23from Ch. 111, par. 4400-23
225 ILCS 60/24from Ch. 111, par. 4400-24
225 ILCS 60/24.1 new
225 ILCS 60/36from Ch. 111, par. 4400-36
705 ILCS 105/27.10 new
735 ILCS 5/2-622from Ch. 110, par. 2-622
735 ILCS 5/2-1704.5 new
735 ILCS 5/2-1706.5 new
735 ILCS 5/8-1901from Ch. 110, par. 8-1901
735 ILCS 5/8-2501from Ch. 110, par. 8-2501
745 ILCS 49/30
30 ILCS 105/5.640 new

Deletes everything. Amends the Illinois Insurance Code. Makes various changes concerning medical liability insurance rates and regulation. Requires medical liability insurers to report medical liability insurance claims and specified information to the Secretary. Provides that, for a medical liability insurance rate increase filing, the Secretary may hold a hearing and receive testimony. Requires court clerks to provide information to the Secretary to verify reports made to the Secretary, and amends the Clerks of Courts Act accordingly. Amends the Medical Practice Act of 1987. Adds 2 members of the public to the Illinois State Medical Disciplinary Board. Provides that all members of the Disciplinary Board shall be voting members. Provides additional criteria for members of the Disciplinary Board who are physicians licensed to practice medicine in all its branches. Provides for appointment of at least 2 deputy medical coordinators, and not less than one full time investigator for every 2,500 physicians. Makes changes concerning discipline, disciplinary proceedings, records, disclosures, incidents to which the Act applies, and immunity. Requires the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to make available to the public a profile of each physician containing specified information. Amends the Code of Civil Procedure by: changing provisions concerning the affidavit and report based on the determination of a reviewing health professional; providing for payment of future medical expenses and costs of life care in a medical malpractice action under certain circumstances by purchasing an annuity; limiting recoveries from hospitals and physicians for non-economic loss in medical malpractice actions; providing that a statement that a health care provider is "sorry" for an outcome is not admissible as evidence under specified conditions; and changing provisions concerning expert witness standards. Amends the Illinois Good Samaritan Act to expand immunity from civil damages for services performed without compensation at, or upon referral from, free medical clinics. Creates the Sorry Works! Pilot Program Act under which hospitals and physicians may acknowledge and apologize for mistakes in patient care and offer fair settlements. Provides that, if the costs of cases handled under the Sorry Works! protocol by a hospital exceed the costs that would have been incurred otherwise, the hospital may apply for a grant from the Sorry Works! Fund. Makes other changes. Contains inseverability provisions. Effective immediately.

DateChamber Action
  2/16/2005SenateFiled with Secretary by Sen. Gary Forby
  2/16/2005SenateFirst Reading
  2/16/2005SenateReferred to Rules
  2/17/2005SenateAssigned to Insurance
  3/9/2005SenatePostponed - Insurance
  3/17/2005SenateDo Pass Insurance; 009-000-000
  3/17/2005SenatePlaced on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading April 6, 2005
  4/6/2005SenateSecond Reading
  4/6/2005SenatePlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading April 7, 2005
  4/7/2005SenateThird Reading - Passed; 050-002-000
  4/7/2005HouseArrived in House
  4/7/2005HousePlaced on Calendar Order of First Reading
  4/8/2005HouseChief House Sponsor Rep. David Reis
  4/11/2005HouseFirst Reading
  4/11/2005HouseReferred to Rules Committee
  4/15/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. John E. Bradley
  4/15/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Daniel V. Beiser
  4/20/2005HouseAssigned to Executive Committee
  4/28/2005HouseAlternate Chief Sponsor Changed to Rep. Dan Reitz
  4/28/2005HouseAdded Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. David Reis
  5/13/2005HouseRule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee
  5/25/2005HouseAlternate Chief Co-Sponsor Removed Rep. David Reis
  5/25/2005HouseAdded Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Thomas Holbrook
  5/25/2005HouseAdded Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Daniel V. Beiser
  5/25/2005HouseAdded Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Brandon W. Phelps
  5/25/2005HouseAlternate Co-Sponsor Removed Rep. Daniel V. Beiser
  5/25/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Aaron Schock
  5/25/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Ruth Munson
  5/25/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Elizabeth Coulson
  5/25/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Gary Hannig
  5/25/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Patrick J Verschoore
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. William B. Black
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Sandra M. Pihos
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Patricia R. Bellock
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Eileen Lyons
  5/26/2005HouseFinal Action Deadline Extended-9(b) May 31, 2005
  5/26/2005HouseAssigned to Judiciary I - Civil Law Committee
  5/26/2005HouseMotion to Suspend Rule 25 - Prevailed
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Suzanne Bassi
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Mark H. Beaubien, Jr.
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Bob Biggins
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Mike Bost
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Rich Brauer
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Robert W. Churchill
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Tom Cross
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Shane Cultra
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Lee A. Daniels
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Joe Dunn
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Roger L. Eddy
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Paul D. Froehlich
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Brent Hassert
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Randall M. Hultgren
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Roger Jenisch
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Renee Kosel
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Carolyn H. Krause
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. David R. Leitch
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Sidney H. Mathias
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Michael P. McAuliffe
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. James H. Meyer
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. John J. Millner
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Bill Mitchell
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Jerry L. Mitchell
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Donald L. Moffitt
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Rosemary Mulligan
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Richard P. Myers
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. JoAnn D. Osmond
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Terry R. Parke
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Raymond Poe
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Robert W. Pritchard
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. David Reis
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Chapin Rose
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Jim Sacia
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Angelo Saviano
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Timothy L. Schmitz
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Keith P. Sommer
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Ron Stephens
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Ed Sullivan, Jr.
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Art Tenhouse
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Michael Tryon
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Ronald A. Wait
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Jim Watson
  5/26/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Dave Winters
  5/26/2005HouseHouse Committee Amendment No. 1 Filed with Clerk by Judiciary I - Civil Law Committee
  5/26/2005HouseHouse Committee Amendment No. 1 Adopted in Judiciary I - Civil Law Committee; by Voice Vote
  5/26/2005HouseDo Pass as Amended / Short Debate Judiciary I - Civil Law Committee; 009-004-000
  5/26/2005HousePlaced on Calendar 2nd Reading - Short Debate
  5/26/2005HouseSecond Reading - Short Debate
  5/26/2005HouseHeld on Calendar Order of Second Reading - Short Debate
  5/27/2005HouseHouse Floor Amendment No. 2 Filed with Clerk by Rep. Karen May
  5/27/2005HouseHouse Floor Amendment No. 2 Referred to Rules Committee
  5/30/2005HouseSecond Reading - Short Debate
  5/30/2005HouseHeld on Calendar Order of Second Reading - Short Debate
  5/30/2005HouseAlternate Co-Sponsor Removed Rep. John E. Bradley
  5/30/2005HouseAdded Alternate Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. Tom Cross
  5/30/2005HouseAlternate Co-Sponsor Removed Rep. Tom Cross
  5/30/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. John E. Bradley
  5/30/2005HouseAdded Alternate Co-Sponsor Rep. Robert F. Flider
  5/30/2005HousePlaced on Calendar Order of 3rd Reading - Short Debate
  5/30/2005HouseThird Reading - Short Debate - Passed 068-046-003
  5/30/2005HouseHouse Floor Amendment No. 2 Tabled Pursuant to Rule 40(a)
  5/30/2005SenateSecretary's Desk - Concurrence House Amendment(s) 01
  5/30/2005SenatePlaced on Calendar Order of Concurrence House Amendment(s) 01-May 31, 2005
  5/30/2005SenateHouse Committee Amendment No. 1 Motion to Concur Filed with Secretary Sen. Gary Forby
  5/30/2005SenateHouse Committee Amendment No. 1 Motion to Concur Referred to Rules
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Edward Petka
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. David Luechtefeld
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Todd Sieben
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Kathleen L. Wojcik
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Adeline Jay Geo-Karis
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Gary G. Dahl
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Frank C. Watson
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. John O. Jones
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Peter J. Roskam
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Carole Pankau
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. J. Bradley Burzynski
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Wendell E. Jones
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Dave Syverson
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Larry K. Bomke
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Richard J. Winkel, Jr.
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Dave Sullivan
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Christine Radogno
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. William E. Peterson
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Pamela J. Althoff
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Kirk W. Dillard
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Dale E. Risinger
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Dale A. Righter
  5/30/2005SenateChief Sponsor Changed to Sen. James F. Clayborne, Jr.
  5/30/2005SenateHouse Committee Amendment No. 1 Motion to Concur Filed with Secretary Sen. James F. Clayborne, Jr.
  5/30/2005SenateHouse Committee Amendment No. 1 Motion to Concur Referred to Rules
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Chief Co-Sponsor Sen. Gary Forby
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Chief Co-Sponsor Sen. William R. Haine
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Chief Co-Sponsor Sen. Deanna Demuzio
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Chief Co-Sponsor Sen. Mike Jacobs
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Dan Cronin
  5/30/2005SenateAdded as Co-Sponsor Sen. Steven J. Rauschenberger
  5/30/2005SenateChair Rules 30 votes needed for passage.
  5/30/2005SenateHouse Committee Amendment No. 1 Motion to Concur Rules Referred to Judiciary
  5/30/2005SenateHouse Committee Amendment No. 1 Motion To Concur Recommended Do Adopt Judiciary; 006-004-000
  5/30/2005SenateHouse Committee Amendment No. 1 Senate Concurs 036-022-000
  5/30/2005SenatePassed Both Houses
  6/29/2005SenateSent to the Governor
  8/25/2005SenateGovernor Approved
  8/25/2005SenateEffective Date August 25, 2005
  8/25/2005SenatePublic Act . . . . . . . . . 94-0677

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