Rep. John E. Bradley

Filed: 5/27/2015





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2    AMENDMENT NO. ______. Amend Senate Bill 96, AS AMENDED,
3with reference to page and line numbers of House Amendment No.
43, on page 73, line 16, by replacing "amount" with
5"competitively neutral amount"; and
6on page 73, line 18, by replacing "purchasers" with
7"consumers"; and
8on page 73, line 22, by replacing "amount" with "competitively
9neutral amount"; and
10on page 74, below line 1, by inserting the following:
11    "Telecommunications carriers, wireless carriers,
12Interconnected VoIP service providers, and sellers of prepaid
13wireless telecommunications service shall have 60 days from the
14date the Commissions files its order to implement the new rate



09900SB0096ham004- 2 -LRB099 04130 JLK 36280 a

1established by the order."; and
2on page 74, below line 22, by inserting the following:
3    ""Seller" has the meaning given to that term under Section
410 of the Prepaid Wireless 9-1-1 Surcharge Act."; and
5on page 75, line 13, after "shall be", by inserting "collected
6by the seller from the consumer and"; and
7on page 75, line 17, by deleting "providers"; and
8on page 77, line 19, after the period, by inserting "The amount
9to be charged or assessed under subsections (c) and (f) is not
10imposed on a provider or the consumer for wireless Lifeline
11service where the consumer does not pay the provider for the
12service. Where the consumer purchases from the provider
13optional minutes, texts, or other services in addition to the
14federally-funded Lifeline benefit, a consumer must pay the
15charge or assessment, and it must be collected by the seller
16according to subsection (f)."; and
17on page 88, by replacing lines 21 and 22 with the following:
18"calendar month that is at least 30 days after the holder
19receives such ordinance. For any such ordinance adopted on or
20after the effective date of this amendatory Act of the 99th



09900SB0096ham004- 3 -LRB099 04130 JLK 36280 a

1General Assembly, the holder's liability shall commence on the
2first day of the calendar month that is at least 30 days after
3the adoption of such ordinance. The ordinance shall be sent
4by"; and
5on page 166, line 8, after "subsection (f)", by inserting "is
6in addition to the amount of the delinquency and"; and
7by replacing line 26 on page 166 through line 2 on page 167
8with the following:
9"this Section. Any penalty imposed under this subsection (g) is
10in addition to any other penalty imposed under this Section.".